Sunday 8/31/08

Photo of the Farmer’s Market raisin bread loaf.
Nike Human Race 10k @ Randall’s Island – 6pm tonight!

Breakfast: Coffee, OJ, banana, peanut butter, whole wheat bread with smart balance and raspberry preserves, Farmer’s Market raisin bread (2 slices).
Snack: Mom’s homemade fudge (not pictured). Pre-race/long run fuel. Obviously.


Saturday 8/30/08

Dinner: apple (not pictured), whole foods salad – spinach, bell pepper, celery, sesame broccoli, chickpeas, cranberries, baked tofu, blue cheese, and a splash of miso dressing.
Late night: whole wheat bagel with cream cheese (1am – was starving!)
Breakfast: coffee, banana, peanut butter, vita muffin, calcium supplement.
Snack: Dunkin’ Donuts latte lite (while walking to Farmer’s Market, sorry not pictured!)
Lunch: No picture – out with my mom at the Park View Diner :-) Grilled portobello mushroom with fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, and pesto mayo on whole wheat. French fries on the side!

Peachy Pink roses in my make-shift vase :-)

Lunch, Dinner, & Cupcakes!

Lunch was an office pizza party – veggie pizza, salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and a small scoop of cheesy baked ziti. yum!

Snack: Chocolate vitamuffin a spoonful of PB while waiting at the bus station for my mom.

Dinner: Fred’s (puppy dog-themed!) Restaurant on the UWS. I had a great salad: spinach, red onions, wild mushrooms, grilled apple slices, pecans, blue cheese tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. I also had some great sourdough bread with sweet butter (x2). The presentation of the salad was very aesthetically appealing. The greens were mounded in the center and everything else was carefully arranged on top. It reminded me of a little mountain :-)

Dessert: Magnolia Bakery pink frosted cupcake! A smidgen of mom’s peanut butter blondie.

Breakfast 8/29/08

Breakfast: The usual coffee w/ fat free half-n-half, apple, OJ, and a promax protein bar. We’re having an office pizza party for lunch!

Late night

The Central Park Track Club workout went pretty well – 2 miles warm-up, 1.4m “pick-up”, 3 x 600m hill charges (600m recovery), 3 x 400m short hills (400m recovery), 2-3 miles of cool-down. Total: somewhere between 9 and 10 miles

Afterwards I was wiped out. Refuled with some OJ and 1/2 pb sammy on the subway. Zico coconut water and a red velvet cupcake when I got gome. Yum!

Thursday 8/28/08 – Busy Day!

New Peanut Butter Review: I’ve been buying Trader Joe’s PB for a few months now (can’t beat the $1.29 price!), but I was at Whole Foods yesterday and decided to give that brand a whirl.
Price: $2.19 for 16oz jar
Description: All natural PB – Just peanuts and salt!
Consistency: The oil seperates to the top, so a good stir is necessary upon opening.
Taste: Yum! Very rich and peanut-y. I like this a lot better than TJ’s brand.
Grade: A

Post-workout: OJ and 1/2 pb sandwich on whole wheat

Snack: Cranberries and Fage 2% yogurt

Lunch: A BEAUTIFUL salad made with: mixed greens, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, chickpeas, cranberries, blue cheese, and fat free honey mustard dressing. Sorry no photo – use your imagination! A caramel nut brownie luna bar on the side.

Breakfast: coffee with half-n-half (at home), Dunkin’ Donuts caramel iced coffee with milk (at work), nectarine, raspberry light n’ fit yogurt, 1/2 cup Kashi heart2heart, and a cran-bran vitamuffin.


Edy’s Slow-Churned Cookies & Cream bar (the last one!)