Monday 09/01/2008 or the day I turned 24

Max Brenner dark hot chocolate mix.
Snickers’ “marathon” protein bar.
Belgian dark chocolate spread, caramel apple butter, and pumpkin butter. Yum!
My gifties! From Nate. I had two of the Boston chocolate chip cookies (they’re vegan!) before bed…..
B-Day presents- all wrapped up :-)
Veganomicon cookbook, heart shaped cake tins, and a cupcake tester!
Kitchenaid stand mixer. Oh, the fun I will have!
Dinner: Blockhead’s! Corona light with lime, chips and salsa, mini whole wheat spinach burrito with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. Yum! Rice pudding sample for dessert.
Snacks: Sorry no photos! Iced tea and a carrot-raisin-pumpkin muffin from Think! coffee in the village. Later – peach yogurt from Ronnybrook Farms (local dairy).

Breakfast: DD iced coffee, apple, promax protein bar (tastes like a candy bar!)


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