Nike Human Race – Just DON’T Do It

After the run, I tried the new Powerade Zero (strawberry flavor). So cold and good! Then I ate some Fage 2% with a peach and dried cranberries. Later on, I had Kashi crackers with cheddar cheese and some baked potato wedges with ketchup. Before I went to bed I had my last Magnolia cupcake.

To make my “homemade french fries”, I washed a potato and cut it into even wedges. Then I put the wedges in a plastic bag (gallon size) with a tsp of olive oil and some salt. Shake bag until wedges are evenly coated. Bake on a greased cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven until crispy and golden brown (25-35 minutes).

Nike Human Race 10K: Ugh. The 4 mile warm-up to Randall’s Island went pretty well, but upon arrival at the starting line it was madness. 10,000 runners (plus spectators and other sports teams) were crammed on to a 3 mile diameter island. The race started about 30-40 minutes late and the course was very narrow and mostly concrete/gravel. Things moved along ok, until mile 5.5 when we came to a COMPLETE STOP. As the walkers finished lap 1 and runners finished lap 2, a foot bridge became seriously clogged with people. This cost me about 3 minutes. After finishing (51 minutes, ugh!!!) I was really pissed. To add on some mileage, I ran across the tri-borough bridge and through Harlem (in the dark…eek) This brought me to about 12.5 for the day.


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