Assorted 9/14/08-9/17/08

A picture perfect gala apple from the farmer’s market :-)
Oats, Cranberries, Almonds, & White Chocolate, yum!
City Girl, Country Girl cookies from whole foods – SO good.

Sunday dinner: brown rice, kidney beans, and spinach!

Long Run report: 4:45am wake-up, coffee & breakfast at home, and then a cab ride to Queens – arrived by 6am. 16 minute warm-up, Queens 1/2 marathon starts promptly at 7am, 20 minute cool-down afterwards. Total: 17 miles


Mile 1: Sweat. Mile 2: Sweat some more. Mile 3: More sweating. Mile 4: Is it raining or is are those sweat droplets from the guy in front of me? Mile 5: Feeling a little hungry. Mile 6: Gatorade up my nose at the water station. Mile 7: Smells like old person bad-breath. Hope it’s the long island sound and not me. Mile 8: Coffee flavored gel, less awful than I expected. Mile 9: Gotta pee, maybe I should stop. Mile 10: Only 3 miles left, I can wait. Mile 11: Feeling ok. Mile 12: Ready for this to be over. Mile 13: Yay, done (well, almost.)
Felt a little out of it and sick after my cool-down. Probably dehydrated/low blood sugar. I drank SO much water/gatorade during the remainder of the day. I also probably spent too much time on my feet (walked across Central Park to the subway, walked ~2 miles to meet Agnes for coffee, laundry, errands, etc).


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