October 22, 2008

Per Nate’s request, Chocolate Chip Cookies were my weekend baking project. Back in July, the NY Times ran an article describing the art of the “perfect chocolate chip cookie”. I halved the NY Times recipe and used whole wheat flour instead of bread flour. Despite the modifications, the cookies turned out well. My only change for next time might be to use milk chocolate chips rather than semi-sweet. I think that the key to this recipe is the refrigeration period between mixing the batter and baking the cookies. Refrigerating the dough allows the egg and butter to soak in to the flour and brown sugar – producing more depth in flavor and a better texture. I baked 12 cookies after 12 hours in the fridge and definitely noticed an increase in caramelization and chewiness. I left the remainder of the dough in the fridge for 36 hours and have frozen it for future use. I can’t wait to bake them and see if the cookies are even better!
Cookie dough in my fridge:

And just for fun – last Friday I packed a really spectacular breakfast and lunch (or at least I thought so!)
breakfast: apple, Pure Protein bar, hardboiled egg white
lunch: roasted mushrooms, whole wheat pumpkin macaroni and cheese
snacks: yogurt, raisins, banana bread

Home made banana bread! I used Cooking Light’s classic banana bread recipe. I modified it a bit by using 1/2 whole wheat flour. This turned out really well – moist and delicious!


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