Fairway Finds

I made a visit to the Upper West Side Fairway recently. The upstairs is a hidden gem! The lines are always much shorter and the aisles are full of organic and natural products. Some of the highlights of my shopping trip include:

  • Single serving bags of pita chips (cinnamon sugar & plain)
  • Crispy Delites baked apple chips (quite healthy – 105 calories, 3 g of fiber)
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Clif & Lara bars
  • Amy’s Kitchen frozen goodies (tofu scramble, veggie burrito, pizza)
  • Bananas, lemons, limes

GroceriesGroceriesMy mom was nice enough to pick me up some Snicker’s Marathon protein bars and Clif Shot bloks. Now that my long run mileage has increased, these will be very handy!Snickers Marathon Protein Bars & Clif Shot Bloks

And last, but not least – A Lycoming College “Official Irish T-Shirt” from my sister. I will wear it on St. Patty’s Day :-)Irish T-Shirt


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  1. I didn’t know you were Irish!

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