20 miles!

20 miles with Alma, woo-hoo! We began our run at 110th and Broadway and headed south into Riverside Park. We followed the bike path all the way down Manhattan to Battery Park. Ate 3 Clif Shot Bloks at 1 hour mark – very chewy! Once we hit Battery Park we started our way back up the island by running on the path parallel to FDR. Around 1 hour, 45 minutes we stopped at a Rite Aid for a Gatorade. Alma and I split it (and took turns carrying) – I was very thirsty by this point and the gatorade tasted so good! We continued along the East River until the path ended around 34th St. From here we began running on the shoulder of FDR (lots of traffic, yikes!) Around mile 15 I hear police sirens – a cop car was pulling us over! Apparently we were NOT supposed to be running on the shoulder of the highway. The policeman was pretty nice, but he made us get in the back of the car and he drove us to the next exit (about a 1 minute drive). I was really worried that he was going to fine us or take us into the station, haha. I would have been pissed if we had to cut our long run short in order to get fingerprinted :-) Anyway, we started running again on York Ave near 60th St. From here we continued north west to Central Park where we ran clock-wise and finished at 110th and CPW. My IT band felt pretty tight for the first few miles, but loosened up after about 30-40 minutes. I felt great for the middle part of the run, but started to feel fatigued and a bit light-headed after 2.5 hours. I’m really glad I was able to complete 20 miles despite my gimp hip/IT band/piriformis/hamstring. Hopefully a few more sessions of ART with the sports chiropractor will make a big difference. 6 weeks until Boston!


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  1. I hired that cop to try to scare you straight! Did I actually need to arrange an arrest in order for you to give up this ridiculous lifestyle? Exercising is bad for you! Don’t make me get the FBI involved.

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