Yoga for Runners


Today was a scheduled rest day from running, so I decided to do a 20 minute Yoga for Runners session. You can download this class for free from The site has a bunch of free 20 minute sessions as well as longer classes that you can purchase. The 20 minute audio session was an intermediate level class and if you’re unfamiliar with yoga poses, I recommend downloading the pose guide for reference. I’m trying to add more yoga and stretching into my routine.  My muscles and tendons are so tight from running! Perhaps it will even help my IT band/hip/hamstring issues, sigh. I timed my practice so that it coincided with the official start of spring (7:44am EDT). It was a nice way to start the day. Afterwards I did some push ups and core exercises.

My 5th session of active release technique with the sports chiropractor is scheduled for tonight, although at $95 per visit, I’m hoping it’s my last! I’m scheduled to run the Colon Cancer 15K (9.3 miles)  in Central Park on Sunday. The plan is to run 8:10 per mile (marathon pace) and see how it feels. Total mileage for the day will probably be around 12-13.  Hopefully my gimp leg cooperates.  Alma and I have one more long-long run planned (21 miles on Saturday March 28) and then the taper begins!!!


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