NYRR Colon Cancer 15K Recap

16 miles total.

Today’s 15K had a late start (10:15am), so I had plenty of time for coffee, banana w/ peanut butter, and 1/2 clif bar.

15 minutes warm-up once I arrived in Central Park.

15K run in 1:08:46 – started off slow, legs felt pretty good, but my hip was noticeably tight and a bit painful. Started feeling better after about 2-3 miles, so I picked up the pace. The rest of the run felt “comfortably hard”. I pushed it a bit on the last downhill mile, but definitely not all out. I was really, really surprised (and happy!) with how good I felt – not just my leg/hip, but my general fitness level. Besides the 5k that I ran at 7 min pace a few weeks ago, I haven’t done any workouts since mid-January and most of my regular runs have been slow (9 min pace). I can’t wait until my hip/leg/IT band is back at 100% Perhaps the hundreds of $$ I am spending on the sports chiropractor may not be a complete loss…

About 50 minutes of cool-down after the race (5 mins immediately after finishing, 45 mins with Ani and Alma a bit later). Felt ok until about mile 13 and then I started feeling very lightheaded and dizzy. I had a good breakfast, so I think it was mostly from dehydration. Note to self: drinking a large mug of coffee is probably not sufficient pre-race liquid. Must, must, must do a better job with eating and drinking enough. I’ve been feeling dizzy and lightheaded a lot lately and it would be very embarrassing if I ended up passing out somewhere…

ALSO – I later found out that I placed 3rd in my age group??? And CPTC ladies won today’s women’s race. Yay.

4 weeks until Boston!!


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