Breakfast and Lunch – April 1st

I don’t usually photograph every meal of the day (I always forget my camera!), but I thought I’d try it out and see how it goes. Each day is different, but I try to follow the following schedule:

  • 6:30am coffee, pre-run snack
  • 9:30am breakfast
  • 1:30pm lunch
  • 4pm afternoon snack
  • 8pm dinner

I didn’t sleep very well last night – lots of  strange dreams. Before I knew it, my alarm clock said 6:15am. Ugh! I started the day with a large cup of coffee with milk – in my Frida Kahlo mug :-) I had plans for a run with Alma at 8am, so I also had a few bites of a pure bar (sorry no photo!)Frida coffee mugOnce I arrived at my desk, I chowed down on the apple, orange, and baggie of Kashi Heart 2 Heart that I brought from home. Usually I prefer a hot breakfast (oatmeal!), but I knew this morning was going to be crazy…BreakfastAs much as I love the office salad bar, I knew I should use up some stuff that I had in my pantry. For lunch, I brought some brown rice with sauteed onions and soy sauce along with some steamed edamame.LunchMy afternoon snack was a yummy strawberries and cream Wallaby yogurt along with a key lime pie Lara Bar. I might need to find some chocolate later….Snacks II

EDIT: Just had some roasted almonds and a piece of dark chocolate!

Stay tuned for dinner!


2 Responses

  1. I am seriously loving your Frida Mug =)

    I have found that using my cell phone camera to take pics is so much easier sometimes. The quality of the pics are not that great but when you are on short on time it gets the job done.

  2. heyyyyy lady!

    nice mug! lookin’ gooooooooooood
    you forgot to specify that it’s a frida mug directly from frida’s very own private residence.

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