Weekend Highlights

Alma and I met for our long run this morning and after last weekend’s 20 miler, 13 miles felt like nothin’. Haha, ok I take that back. 13 miles is still a serious long run, but the weather was beautiful (sunny and a high of 64 degrees!) and my legs (especially the right one) felt ok. The run took us about 2 hours and I decided to walk a bit afterwards – my legs tighten up if I sit down right away. It finally feels like spring, yay! After my run and walk, I was starving. In fact, I’ve been SO HUNGRY all day. Luckily, my kitchen is stocked full of yummy foods! I don’t have photos of everything (my post-run apple and latte seemed a little boring), but this cinnamon raisin bagel with mascarpone cheese NEEDED to be on the blog. Mascarpone is an italian creamy cheese (often used in tiramisu). It has a consistency that reminds me of cream cheese, tastes a little sweet, and melts like butter – yum! Perfect when slathered on a hot & toasty cinnamon raisin bagel :-)

cinnamon raisin with mascarpone cheese

Target find #1 : Girl Scout Samoa Cookie ice cream (!!!)Girl Scout cookie ice cream

Target find #2: The Peanut Butter recall has ended! Clif bar has rolled out their peanut butter flavored energy bars once again. The packages say “new batch of peanuts” on them. Oh, chocolate chip-peanut crunch, how I’ve missed you.PB returns!

Finally, when I was supposed to helping the boy find dress shoes at DSW, these little beauties ended up in a shopping bag. I love shoes! Unfortunately, they don’t always love my bank account. BUT, I’m considering these an investment in my career. A good pair of heels makes me feel like a million bucks. Oh! And notice my sparkly, clean floor. That took some serious elbow grease yesterday afternoon :-)



2 Responses

  1. mascarpone cheese on bagel! wow! that takes bagel and cream cheese to a whole new, RICHER level! I’ve got to try that too! you’re a genius!

  2. I bought the samoas ice cream back in april :)
    <3ed it

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