Portuguese Dinner

On Saturday evening, Nate’s parents treated us to dinner at a place called Adega Grill (adega means wine cellar in Portuguese). The restaurant is located in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ which is well-known for its Portuguese population. As we walked down Ferry Street, nearly every store and restaurant had Iberian influence. The atmosphere of the Adega Grill was very cool – grapevines featured prominently in the decoration and some tables were accompanied by cozy sofas instead of chairs. After perusing the impressive menu, we made our selections and were not disappointed. The portions were huge! Our take-out containers must have weighed 10 lbs each.

My selection:

Gambas Recheadas

Broiled prawns stuffed with crabmeat served with Spanish potatoes and steamed seasonal vegetables. The Spanish potatoes were very yummy – they tasted like a cross between a french fry and a potato chip. And the stuffed prawns with crab meat were delicious! I loved the saucy tomato flavor of the crab meat mixture.Prawns stuffed with crab meat

Side Dishes

Nate’s choice:

Paelha Valenciana

A pan of slowly cooked Paella Valenciana; saffron rice and select seasonings with lobster, shrimp, clams, sea scallops, New Zealand mussels, chicken, Portuguese chouriço sausage, and cubes of pork. Nate was a fan of all the protein in this dish!

Paella Valenciana

Up close

Thanks again Mr. & Mrs. Huddell! :-)


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  1. That looks DELISH!

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