Eggland’s Best Event

Eggland's is the BestLast night I attended “Breakfast for Dinner” at the Beacon Restaurant. The event was organized by FoodBuzz and sponsored by Eggland’s Best eggs. My evening began with a mimosa and some networking.

Table Setting

I shared a table with some other food bloggers and it was so nice to put a face with a (blog) name. My dining companions for the evening included Sarah from Tales of Expansion, Missy from Missy Maintains, Jennifer from The Mama Chronicles, Kerry of French Food Revolution, Maya of My Feasts, and Bart from Eggland’s Best Quality Control team. It always amazes me that there are other people who like to document their eating, cooking, and baking adventures! I felt right at home among the other food bloggers as we photographed our delicious eats. The omelet bar and breakfast buffet were beautifully arranged and my post-marathon hunger had me drooling in anticipation.

Breakfast Spread

Omelet bar

The chef prepared me a made-to-order omelet with spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, chives, and a sprinkle of cheese. I rounded out my breakfast with some fresh fruit, a piece of bread, and a mini croissant. It was all very delicious! I felt like the protein in the eggs really helped repair my post-marathon muscles. I went back for another plate – mixed greens, onion, smoked salmon, and a dollop of creme fraiche.

Breakfast for dinner

Salmon salad

While eating, the nice folks from Eggland’s Best talked to us about their product and the egg industry in general.
Some interesting facts that I learned:

  • Eggland’s Best uses a superior type of feed for its chicken (i.e. no gross vegetable by-products! EB feed is 100% vegetarian). As a result, EB eggs have 19% less cholesterol, 25% less saturated fat, 3 x more omega 3’s, 10 x more vitamin E, 3 x more Iodine, and 25% more Lutein than ordinary eggs. What a super food!
  • Brown eggs and white eggs are nutritionally identical. The breed of chicken that produces brown eggs is less skittish and nervous, so it is the breed most often used for cage free and organic eggs. White chickens tend to pile up and peck at each other, so they do better as caged chickens (conventional eggs). I always thought brown eggs were healthier (like brown/whole wheat bread), but that is not necessarily the case!
  • Have you ever wondered why eggs aren’t refrigerated in Europe? Apparently chickens cover their eggs with a special coating after they lay them. This coating is not washed off in Europe (and some other countries), thus protecting the inside of the egg from bacteria. If the egg is washed, this protective layer is removed and the egg shell membrane becomes open to bacteria. This is why washed American eggs must be refrigerated.
  • Finally, did you know that it’s best to hardboil eggs that are a few weeks old (v.s. very fresh eggs)? As an egg ages, the white and yolk shrink away from the sides of the shell. This minor shrinkage makes it easier to peel the shell off.

Thank you Eggland’s Best for a very informative and delicious evening. I see a lot of yummy frittatas, souflees, and egg salad in my future!

Hooray for freebies :-)EB freebies!


5 Responses

  1. oh wow that sounds like a great event! glad to see you had such a great time =)

  2. All of that food looks so delicious!

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  4. […] night we had a lengthy discussion about eggs and baking. I’m fascinated by eggs! Here is some of what I learned from my Cake & Desserts […]

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