Jesse’s Orange Dinner

Jesse's Orange Dinner

Jesse just cooked a fabulous looking (and vitamin A packed) dinner! It included-
Glazed salmon, baked butternut squash, baked sweet potato, and a salad with carries for the orange! :)

This dinner is so packed full of vitamins and other good things – it’s a nutritionist’s dream! The salmon contributes  protein and omega 3’s, the butternut squash, sweet potato, and salad provide loads of vitamin A and fiber, and the red wine is full of antioxidants! Way to go Jesse!

Did you know? During WWII, British fighter pilots began using radar, but didn’t want the enemy to know they had the new technology. So, they spread the rumor that their increased accuracy at night was due to an increase in carrots in their diet.


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  1. Yums!

    Ha interesting fact =)

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