Sunny Sunday

Rachel and I were up bright and early this morning. Before we headed downtown, I enjoyed a quick breakfast of Stonyfield Greek yogurt, banana, 1/2 cup peanut butter granola, and a calcium supplement.


We arrived at the South Street Seaport around 10:30am and retrieved our (free!) bicycles. The New York City Downtown Alliance is offering free 2.5 hour bike rentals all summer long. Pick-up is at the South Street Seaport, but you have the choice of dropping the bikes off a few other places. Check out this web site for more info. We rode our bikes along the greenway for about 45 minutes and it was a lot of fun! We took in some great views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the weather was sunny and perfect.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

After we returned the bikes, my stomach started to growl. Time for lunch! We walked about a mile or so to the LES and arrived at our planned lunch spot, 88 Orchard. However, the place was super tiny and crowded. We decided to try a funky little cafe across the street. The Wall’s slogan is “Healthy Food for Busy People” and it was delish! Rach and I split a honey-sweetened lemonade and I chose the portabello mushroom sandwich for lunch. The whole wheat bun was topped with grilled portobellos, tomato, basil pesto, and melted manchego cheese. The pesto was suberb and this was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in New York. Rachel enjoyed a bison burger. Two thumbs up!

Lunch at The Wall

Up close

We proceeded into Chinatown and decided that we needed to stop at the famous Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. At this point, the sun was shining in full force and I needed something to cool me off. I chose a kiddie cone of Zen Butter (Sesame Seed flavored ice cream!).


Zen Butter

It’s no secret that this place is one of my favorite spots – Nate and I stopped there during our foodie tour of Manhattan.

As the afternoon wore on, we walked through Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, and ended in the W. Village. I re-hydrated with an unsweetened mint green tea while I picked up some goodies (a new stainless steel frying pan, placemats,  and salt & pepper grinders!) from Crate & Barrel. Oh how I love that store. By 4pm our feet were very tired, so we hopped on the subway and headed back to my apartment.

Mint Green Tea

After a refreshing shower, I snacked on some cherries I got from a street vendor – 2 lbs for $4.00 What a deal!!!


By 6pm our day full of activity had us ready for dinner – I called the local Indian Restaurant and ordered in. My plate (yes, it’s a paper plate with an easter bunny) contained whole wheat naan, brown rice, chicken tikka masala, cabbage, onion chutney (red container), and coriander sauce (green container). It was delicious as always and I really enjoyed the whole wheat naan and brown rice. I washed it all down with an iced cold diet root beer.

Indian Food

It’s been a long day, but I have some over ripe bananas that are calling my name so I might bake some banana bread. Have a great Memorial Day!


3 Responses

  1. Megan,

    Your lunch time sandwich looks delicious! I really am going to have to try grilling some portobello sometime. Looks like an awesome (and yummy) day all around!


  2. You sure did pack a lot into one day! Your Indian meal sounded fab!

  3. I am glad you two had a such a great day!

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