College Graduation – 2 Years Out

Last night I was looking through some old photos and I realized it had been exactly two years since I graduated from Wesleyan University (May 27, 2007).  A lot has happened in the time since commencement – 1 internship, 2 jobs, 3 cities, 2 marathons, and my first apartment! Since I’m feeling nostalgic I thought I’d post some photos from 2007 and a few from 2008 (when I went back to Wes to watch Hannah graduate!).

44 Home – This is where my housemates and  I lived from August 2006 until May 2007. It was a great house!

                              44 Home Ave

Cookout/BBQ at Hannah’s Parent’s House – May 2007.

Senior Picnic at Hannah's

Ever since freshman year AnjaLi and I vowed that we would go “drinking through the rooms” which means: as a senior you go back to your freshman, sophomore, and junior dorm rooms and have a drink to reminisce. Somehow we ended up making a pit stop in the stacks of the library :-)

Library Antics

     I look sad in this photo, but there’s actually a funny story behind my facial expression. After a few cocktails at the Senior Formal I pushed the wrong button and deleted almost all of the photos that I had taken during Senior Week! Nate thought it would be funny to capture my reaction.

                                           Deleted all my photos

Nate and I at the Senior Formal – May 2007.       

Senior Formal

Night Before Graduation Tent Party – May 2007

2007 Tent Party

Cross Country/Track Team Photo – Graduation Day 2007.


                                44 Home housemates – look at our giant cake!!

Graduation Day!

In May 2008 I went back to Wesleyan to watch my very good friend Hannah graduate.

Megan & Hannah

This babka cake featured prominently during my visit.

Babka Cake

A weekend of many cakes – May 2008!

Hannah Graduates!

Night Before Graduation Tent Party – May 2008 (I think it’s funny that it’s so similar to the 2007 photo.

Tent Party 2008

(Future) President Obama was the 2008 commencement speaker – the security detail was crazy during the graduation ceremony. This photo is kind of blurry, but I felt lucky just to be in the audience. Hannah’s mom was very clutch in procuring seats and providing sunscreen and snacks. It was a very fun day!

Obama speaks at 2008 Wesleyan Commencement


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