It was too early for a brawl


This morning I woke up around 6:30am and high-tailed it to the Dunkin’ Donuts across from Nate’s apartment. I always drink my coffee with just milk. Today, when I got to the front of the line, I ordered my coffee as usual.
Megan: “I’d like a small coffee with milk, please”.
Cashier: “How many sugars?”
Megan: “No, sugar. Just milk, please.”
Cashier: “NO SUGAR?!?”
Megan: “Umm, no thanks.”
After I say this, the cashier speaks rapid Spanish to her co-worker while giving me meaningful glances. All I catch are the words sin azucar and flaco. I already know that “sin azucar” means without sugar so I was determined to google “flaco” ASAP. This is what I found out:



Gah! I’m not sure whether to be angry that the Dunkin’ Donuts employees were so blatantly judging me or to laugh because the whole situation is just so hilarious. I mean really….the woman acted like I was from another planet because I like my coffee with just milk. For all she knows, I could have been diabetic. Oh, Washington Heights. This neighborhood is full of surprises. I’m going to consult my Spanish for Dummies book and come up with an appropriately scathing remark. Even if I’m too chicken to ever use it.


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  1. was it the larger woman with glasses? she’s my favorite (i like the way she says ‘vanilla cream’). probably good you stuck to your no sugar, cuz ‘one sugar’ means sickeningly sweet at that dd.

  2. Oh Megan, she’s just jealous! :-)

  3. They were probably even more shocked that you never ordered a donut!!!

    Also, I have had coffee from Dunkin Donuts before. And I have had to stop them from putting sugar in as they totally load it up. They make it so sweet I am bouncing off the walls! So now I just do it myself.


  4. SO funny. Figure out how to say “I run marathons” in Spanish.

    PS-I love your blog, ive been a lurker for a little while and I just had to comment on this hilarious post. Hope you didn’t feel offended by their rude comments.

  5. You’re skinny because you don’t load your cofee with sugar (and I guess the whole running marathons thing plays a minor role)! Since when did it become a crime for you to be healthy? Aw I miss you Megs!

  6. But wouldn’t they have said flaca, referring to a female? Hmm… maybe they were referring to the coffee, like calling it “skinny” like they do at Starbucks! Was is skim milk? I’m kidding, they were probably talking about you.

  7. that’s what the Spanish workers called me too, when I was working in Olive Garden! but they like their women with voluptuous with curves. Still, what business is it of theirs that you don’t want sugar? how rude…

  8. ahhh lol!

    too funny… if you were in washington heights then it was prob dominican ladies and in our culture café sin azucar is akin to denying your love for cervesas and the ‘virgín’ lol

    seriously my grandma and great grandma pour in a bunch in the pot and pass around sugar cubes to ‘fix’ it (but at 70 and 89 i just smile)

    p.s. l-o-v-e ur blog!

  9. For some reason this post hit me the wrong way.

    What does the word FLACA have to do with Washington Heights being “full of surprises?” It is interesting to me, since I grew up in that area.

    Flaca just means a thin person. And is not said as an insult, she must have been trying to identify you, that’s all.
    I don’t think it was rude.

    Also, not all Latina women are voluptuous with curves, and some of them also run, and may not use sugar.

    just my two cents.

  10. Wow I was just looking for a Dunkin’ Donut logo for one of our Fundraising Discount cards

  11. Hey Megan,

    I am an owner of few Dunkin Donuts in Conn. I have quite a few spanish girls working for me. Flaco means skinny. I am fairly fluent in spanish. Our policy is not to speak spanish behind the counter unless the guest does not speak english. Speaking other languages around people is rude and promotes mistrust, it should not be done. Im sure these crew members meant no ill will but this happens with language barriers. My wife and I are avid runners(5k and 10k’s). I am in training for a marathon but have not reached that goal. I hope this doesnt negatively affect your view of Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately too many people in this country are overwieght and sometimes jealous of us “Flacos” hehe drink your coffee however you like it.

  12. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your comment! I definitely still visit Dunkin’ Donuts :-)

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