Sala 19

Sala 19

On Saturday evening I met up with Agnes for some wine, tapas, and girl talk. Agnes chose Sala 19 as our destination and it did not disappoint. We arrived around 8pm and seated ourselves at the bar. The atmosphere of the restaurant reminded me of a wine cellar – dark and rustic. I liked it! I started off with a full-bodied glass of red Rioja.


Sala 19 menuI perused the tapas menu as I sipped my wine.  I decided to order the Vegetal Tostas – a piece of toasted baguette topped with marinated vegetables. Light, refreshing, and delicious! The veggies really shone through in this tapas dish – I could taste the individual pieces of zucchini, tomato, etc.

Tostas Vegetal

Agnes ordered the cheese plate which featured crusty bread, four distinct Spanish cheese, marcona almonds, and quince paste. She was kind enough to share and I can happily attest that all of the cheeses were rich and flavorful. The soft cheese on the far left was the mildest, followed by a subtly-nutty cow’s cheese on top, a hearty blue cheese on the right, and finally an herb-y sheep’s cheese. We never found out the names of the cheeses, so the descriptions are based on my own tastings, not fact :-) The crusty bread served as an excellent vehicle for the creamy cheese and the quince paste paired well with sharp blue. Yum!

Cheese Plate

Crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside

We also ordered a bowl of olives (which I forgot to photograph – this pic is from google images) and the bartender gave them to us on the house! In addition to the usual black and green olives, I sampled a caper berry for the first time. It didn’t contain a pit, so I ate the whole thing. It was salty and meaty, but less bitter than an olive.


Cheers to wine and a girls night out!


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  1. Nice meal. I love tapas, oh, and red wine too!

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