Reunion in Dumbo

Happy Monday! I can’t believe the weekend is over, but I guess I shouldn’t complain. It was a fun couple of days! Saturday evening featured a reunion with my 3 of my college housemates (hi Jess, Agnes, and Anj). We started the night at Jess’s place in Brooklyn Heights. Anj has a birthday coming up, so of course wine & cake were in order! Anj made this mini-cake. Isn’t the fondant frosting and decoration cool?

Wine & Cake

Anj cuts the cake

Leaf cake by Anj

After an hour or so of catching-up, we headed out to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass). This is a really cool area of Brooklyn with cobbled streets, artsy bars, and beautiful views of Manhattan. Our destination restaurant/bar was called Superfine. The interior featured a long bar, a section with tables & chairs, and an orange-felted pool table. Nate joined us at this point and we all grabbed drinks and settled in for some good conversation. I drank a pint of Hoegaarden and really enjoyed the light wheat-y flavor and the lemon slice. I like it when my drinks come with fruit!



Agnes & Jess

Me & Nate

Jess & Anj

Girl Talk

After leaving Superfine, we took in some views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. It was a perfect night – calm, breezy, and around 70 degrees. Ahhhh.

Agnes & Megan

BK Bridge

The View Uptown

Manhattan skyline

After we finished up in DUMBO, we found ourselves at a 24 hour diner called Happy Days. Agnes and I shared a plate of crispy diner fries, but I must have been too tired to snap a photo. Shortly after 1am, Nate and I hopped on the 2 train and began the long journey back to Inwood. I was a sleepy girl by the time we got home, but spending the night reuniting with my college roomies made it 110% worth it! Now if I could just get them all to move to NYC permanently….


2 Responses

  1. I’m so excited to hear you say that about New Haven! Honestly, I hadn’t heard great things about it and was kinda just assuming I’d spend most of my free time in nyc or boston….but as long as it has good pizza, I’ll be happy: )

  2. Oh how I miss NYC!

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