You are what you eat

Tina from Carrots ‘n Cake featured a photo of my fridge contents as part of her guest blogger series. Thanks Tina!

I had planned on getting up at by 6:45am on Wednesday, but next think I knew, Nate’s alarm was going off and it was almost 8am. I grabbed a cup of joe from my neighborhood coffee cart and headed to the subway. The commute was crazy this morning – a track fire on the 1 train line and a smoke condition/electrical fire on the A train line. Scary stuff – especially after Monday’s DC Metro collision. Luckily, I made it to work safe and sound! My coffee wasn’t that great, so I only had a few sips. I was expecting to want more coffee later in the day, but I didn’t! And no headache or anything. Woo-hoo.

Breakfast was more delicious, dark, sweet cherries, Stonyfield vanilla yogurt, and 1/4 cup Bear Naked Protein granola.

Breakfast of Champs

I had a Dr. appt right after work, so my lunch hour was the only time I had to visit the gym. I did my usual “super set” strength routine with a 10lb weight, squats, abs, push-ups, and ended with 10 minutes on the elliptical. It was a quick workout (30 minutes total), but it left me feeling invigorated for the afternoon ahead. I’ve been wearing an IT band strap which seems to be helping and the Dr. suggested I also get a thigh/hamstring sleeve. With all this gear, I’m going to look like the bionic woman! Anyway, lunch was eaten at my desk and was the usual salad from the cafeteria. Now, I want to clarify – when I get salads for lunch, they are not puny, little side salads. The salad bar is pay-by-the-pound and I usually get about a pound of food. In addition to the veggies, I make sure to get protein and carbs in the form of beans, tofu, cheese, croutons, pasta salad, etc. Today’s creation featured roasted broc, hummus, homemade pita chips, and white bean & artichoke salad. Yum!! The homemade pita chips were salty and delish.

Pile of hummus and cheese


Snackies were a chocolate brownie clif z bar and some prunes around 4:30pm. That’s peppermint tea in my mug – not coffee!! :-)

Made for kids


p.s. Look at the stash of dried fruit that my mom sent me last week. The dried strawberries were amazing – Nate and I both think they taste just like fruit roll up. Thanks Mama!

fruit from my mama

After my Dr. appt (now he wants to try acupuncture and give me a thigh sleeve…) I headed home to make din-din. I dipped some leftover bread (was keeping it in the freezer) in a mixture of 1 egg, 1 egg white, cinnamon, and vanilla. I topped my yummy french toast with peanut butter, maple syrup, and berries (defrosted). For whatever reason, this french toast turned out perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – SO good!

Leftovers never looked this good

PB French Toast

I finished the last of my maple syrup tonight and I tipped the bottle upside down and drank the last little bit. I didn’t have very good table manners tonight :-) But it was delicious! Nothin’ better than sweet, real maple syrup.

Maple syrup

For dessert, I decided to make some homemade chunky monkey “ice cream”. I got the idea from a Self Magazine blog. I added a frozen banana, splash of milk, dark chocolate chips, and some pecans to the blender. The result was cold, creamy, sweet, and delicious! The taste was very similar to chunky monkey. Unfortunately, it’s not that photogenic…

Chunky Monkey...almost

After a few hours of laundry (ugh) I finished off the remains of my bag of raw pecans and a few more dark chocolate chips.

Trail mix

And finally, my Boston Marathon Finisher Certificate arrived in the mail today. Hooray! Have great Thursdays everyone :-)

Boston Marathon Finisher


5 Responses

  1. i just got my boston finisher’s certificate too! a great bday present from us postal! ;)

  2. yeah for mom packages – they are the bestest! i love me my peppermint tea too!

  3. I was going to make that “mock ice cream” today myself! Looks so good (and I wish I had dark choc chips instead of milk choc!)

  4. oh…how i love dried fruit…your momma is uber cool.

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