Eggland’s Best at Midtown Loft


After work on Thursday, I walked to Midtown Loft for an event sponsored by Eggland’s Best. The folks at EB are always so generous – remember the blogger dinner I attended back in April? Hooray for eggs! The event was described as:

A “Power Hour” with award-winning fitness pro Cathe Friedrich.  Eggland’s Best and Cathe are teaming up to help Americans harness the powerful pairing of healthy eating and fitness – just in time for summer!


Cathe was available for fitness Q & A (she led a cardio class earlier in the afternoon) and plenty of Eggland’s Best goodies were available for sampling. An array of sparkling waters, juices, and coffee were offered along with a create-your-own omelet bar. Yay!

Create your own omelet

Buffet of veg

veggies galore

Deviled eggs


Salmon and capers


In addition, Barbara Seelig-Brown cookbook author and host of the cooking show Stress Free Cooking developed three special egg recipes for the buffet spread. Barbara’s yummy creations included Lemon chiffon with berries, roasted vegetable souflee, and open-faced spinach and egg sammies. Barbara and I chatted about recipes for a few minutes (one of my favorite topics!) and I’m excited to try out her stuffed french toast recipe in the near future. You can find the recipe in Barbara’s Fall 2008 newsletter!

Lemon Chiffon w/ berries

open faced spinach & egg sammies

Recipe created by Barbara Seelig-Brown

I had plans to meet Nate for dinner + beers at 8:15pm, so I only sampled one of the sandwiches, but it was a good choice! A slice of hard-boiled egg was arranged atop a mini-toast and topped with fresh-from-the cob corn and spinach. I think I detected a drizzle of olive oil as well! This little snack was the perfect pre-dinner appetizer.

Pre-dinner snack

Before I left, Eggland’s Best loaded me up with a bunch of goodies: Cathe’s Buts & Guts workout DVD, a resistance band, Barbara Seelig Brown’s Stress Free Cooking book, silicone egg poachers, a spatula, EB stuffed egg, coupons for FREE eggs, a USB drive.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but since I’ve been using Eggland’s Best eggs, I’ve really noticed a difference. EB eggs have a much thicker, yellow yolk and they impart a richer flavor into my egg dishes and baked goods.  And the best part is:  Eggland’s Best uses a superior type of feed for its chicken (i.e. no gross vegetable by-products! EB feed is 100% vegetarian). As a result, EB eggs have 19% less cholesterol, 25% less saturated fat, 3 x more omega 3’s, 10 x more vitamin E, 3 x more Iodine, and 25% more Lutein than ordinary eggs. What a super food!


2 Responses

  1. how awesome! I wish we had events like that here!

  2. healthy eating should be our top priority since there are many junk foods and foods with no nutritional value these days ‘”.

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