The Lion’s Head Tavern

Despite a late night of un-packing and blogging, I was able to wake up in time for coffee and a pre-work run. It helped that this was the first sunny Monday since…hmmm…April?? I’m lovin’ the sun!! I ran for about 25 minutes and while I was a tight in the usual places, I wasn’t in pain. Progress, I say! Afterwards, I stretched and stretched some more until it was time to shower and head to work.

Breakfast was blueberries and vanilla Stonyfield Farm yogurt with a Kashi chewy granola bar and a calcium supplement. Basic, but filling.

yogurt with antioxidants

granola bar + calcium

Although my leg felt OK during my run, it really started bugging me while sitting at my desk. I wish I didn’t have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day :-(

Around noon I decided to go for a little walk to stretch my legs. I ended up walking for about 45 minutes as I made trips to the library, pharmacy, and Banana Republic (50% off sale!).

When I got back to my lunch it was time for lunch. I made a salad with a bunch of ingredients that I had in the fridge at home: lettuce, tomato, olives, 3 egg whites, Newman’s Own lite balsamic vinaigrette, salt, & pepper. It was filling, but a little boring. I miss my creative cafeteria salads, but I’m trying to save a little money. On the side I enjoyed some Kashi TLC crackers and a Babybel cheese.

salad for lunch


Around 4pm, I needed to take a little break from my desk, so I decided to get an iced coffee. I added some half ‘n’ half and ate a vanilla almond biscotti on the side.

coffee and cookie

After work, I headed downtown to meet Nate. We did some errands near his office while I snacked on an apple. I think this photo was taken mid-bite!


Around 8pm, we headed to The Lion’s Head tavern to meet some friends for $3 beers and 25 cent wings!

Lion's Head Tavern

Cheap Beer Here

I started off with a blue moon.

Blue Moon

After our table shared an order of fries, I moved on to a Raspberry Hefeweizen. It was yummy – reminded me of raspberry iced tea! The other beer that I’m holding is Nate’s. I’m going to have to regulate on that silly facial expression of his. It’s making an appearance in every photo that we take!

Raspberry Hefeweizen

The best part of the night was the 25 cent hot wings with blue cheese dressing! Nate and I split an order of 20 (Megan portion = 6, Nate portion = 14). Yum!



Check out Nate’s bandaged arm – he experienced a pretty nasty bike crash during the Philly Triathlon this past weekend. The arm bandage and wrist splint are nothing compared to the scrapes on his back and the stitches in his leg. Despite the crash, he finished the race – maintaining a 6 minute per mile pace for the 10K even with a busted up leg.

Nate and Charlie

The Lion’s Head is a little dive bar near Columbia University – it’s a good choice for a low-key evening and decent prices. Although the wings took quite awhile to come out of the kitchen, I’d definitely recommend this place.  Beer + hot wings may not have been the healthiest dinner choice, but this is why I make it a habit to eat healthy breakfasts and lunches. In my book, spending time with friends and indulging in a little bar food is one of the best parts of being young and living in New York City. I’d never trade that for a salad :-)



8 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun night to me! I love a good hot wing. My BF went to undergrad at Columbia. I will have to ask him if he ever went to Lion’s Head.

  2. megan – looks like a really fun time. I’m not a beer fan, but I’d be all about the wings. An iced coffee sounds good right now. It’s warrrrrm.

  3. Yay for hot wings!!!

  4. banana republic sale + biscotti + beer = a fabulous day. yeah for cheap eats and hanging out with good friends, which is all good for the soul :)

  5. Don’t worry about eating bar food! You had a fun time! I’ll be visiting my alma mater next week with my hubby and you KNOW I will be having entirely too much bar food and drinks, but I’m gonna enjoy every bite and sip :)

  6. Don’t worry about eating bar food! You had a fun time! I’ll be visiting my alma mater next week with my hubby and you KNOW I will be having entirely too much bar food and drinks, but I’m gonna enjoy every bite and sip! :)

  7. Two things:
    1. Next time I come to New York, we need to go here. You know I don’t like beer but I loooooove cheap hot wings.
    2. I think Nate might be the terminator or some sort of robot. 6 minute mile after needing stitches?! Holy crap!

    And a third thing, agreed that you need to regulate that face!

  8. Jen- yes! we can definitely go to the Lion’s Head Tavern if you come visit me :-) Bachelorette party in NYC, perhaps?

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