Tuesday: fiber filled me up

Tuesday morning was slow going after Monday’s night at the bar, but a cup of coffee and a good breakfast woke me up :-) I started the day with a strawberry chobani, blueberries, Kashi honey sunshine bar, and a calcium supplement.

Cho and Blue

granola bar + calcium

I brought some leftover iceburg lettuce to work and mixed it with a cafeteria salad. You can’t really tell from the photo, but this container was overflowing with veggies, beans, feta cheese, and a bit of tuna. Afterwards, I was so FULL. Actually I was too full. Must have been all the water and fiber! 


Around 5:30pm, I finally felt a little hungry for a snack, so I had a Kashi crunchy almond granola bar. When I went to the gym an hour later, my tummy was not happy. I don’t know what was going on, but I felt overly full again! Fortunately I felt OK enough for a a little run on the treadmill. I ran 1 mile without pain and then switched to the elliptical for 25 minutes. I went back to the treadmill for another s-l-o-w mile of running. Felt ok! When I finished I did a little stretching and some of Alma’s single leg squats.

Kashi Crunchy

After a much-needed shower, I decided to make some din-din. I started off with an orange (very juicy!)


And my old standby of peanut butter, honey, and banana on hemp bread. This is so good, but I think I’ve been making it wayyy to often.

PB & Banana

My un-air conditioned apartment was feeling pretty toasty, so I broke out the Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bars. Yum! I’m not crazy about the name (don’t really like it when foods are labeled “skinny” or “slim”), but these are delicious! Creamy chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate drizzle for only 100 calories.

Skinny Cow

Need healthy and nutritious snacks on the go? Check out this article from Real Simple. 

Curious about the no-calorie sugar substitute called Stevia? Read up on the origins of this plant-derived sweetener here.


5 Responses

  1. I’m right there with you on the skinny/skim tag. Although I don’t like the word skinny altogether, it has such a negative connotation to me. I’ve been wanting to try those truffle bars, I’ll have to grab a box the next time they are on sale. :)

  2. Hey there, what do you think about Truvia? It is derived from Stevia and I think the flavor is much better!

  3. I love the Skinny Cow truffle bars!! I’m sorry that you felt sick at the gym. Your salad looks amazing though!

  4. Single leg squats are the best! As for Stevia, I use Trop 50 (which has less sugar because it uses Stevia) in my smoothie every day. It tastes slightly different than regular OJ, but you can’t tell in the smoothie. Still, even though Stevia is natural, something seems not-quite-right about somebody messing with the OJ nature intended, so I think I’ll probably switch back soon.

  5. PB+B is always a winner! I eat that anytime of day, always! Fabulous choice :)

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