Adventure to Governor’s Island

Sunday morning began bright and early because I had plans to meet up with Alma for a run. I sipped on some coffee and made a quick breakfast as soon as I woke up. My pre-run fuel: a slice of whole wheat bread with almond butter and a smashed banana. Yum!

Banana toast

Around 10am I met Alma at the northwest corner of Central Park for our run. I ran for about 45 minutes and felt pretty good. My right leg/butt was tight, but it didn’t give me too much trouble. I stayed active and walked a lot throughout the remainder of the day, so that helped keep the muscles loose! After my sunny, sweaty run, I made a Starbucks stop and treated myself to a Grande non-fat latte with a caramel drizzle on top. Yum! Milk has protein and carbs – I’m totally counting this as post-run recovery fuel :-)

starbucks iced latte


I followed my latte with an apple as Nate and I were waiting in line for the ferry to Governor’s Island. Hooray for weekend adventures! Although this destination had been on my radar for awhile, the recent NY Times article on the place encouraged us to finally seek it out. We boarded the FREE ferry that took us on a 7 minute ride across the harbor. Upon disembarking it was like we were in another world! This island is located off the coast of Manhattan and served as an Army and Coast Guard outpost until the mid-1990’s. Now it belongs to the National Parks Service and is open to the public from May to October. The island is covered with trees, grass, shaded benches, artist’s workshops, bike paths, and has beautiful views of downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn and New Jersey shorelines. If you’re near NYC, I highly recommend it!

Nate thought it would be funny to capture me slathering sunscreen all over myself. I didn’t want to get burnt!


Governor's Island

Governor's Island

Governor's Island

A ship

Governor's Island view

Statue of Liberty


At the fort

Around 2pm, Nate and I ventured over to Water Taxi Beach for some lunch. We split a kielbasa on a roll. My favorite part of the meal was the very extensive topping bar! I loaded my half of the sausage with tomato slices, raw onions, relish, spicy ketchup, and mustard. I could really taste the garlic in the kielbasa – very yummy!

Water Taxi Beach

Condiment bar


Later on in the afternoon, Nate and I tried our luck at a food truck. We split the tuna salad club sandwich. We asked for wheat bread, but received white bread instead, boo. But other than that, the sammie was OK. I liked the addition of bacon! Around 3:30pm, we said our goodbyes to Governor’s Island and hopped on the ferry back to Manhattan.

Food Truck

Tuna club


Goats and Sheep

I was sweaty, hot, and in need of some refreshment! I enjoyed a small cup of chocolate Tasti D-lite topped with fresh raspberries as I caught up on some reading in Central Park. After I showered and reconvened with Nate, it was beer + food time!

Tasti D

We ventured back to the Pony Bar and ordered up some of the delicious craft beer they have on tap. I ordered the Shipyard Brewery Summer Ale and Nate ordered the day’s selection of cask ale – Shipyard Brewery’s Pugsley IPA. I really enjoyed my beer – very light and refreshing. Nate’s was very hoppy and bitter – just how he likes it! I knew I needed to put a little something in my tum after drinking that pint of beer, so we ordered some sandwiches. My roast chicken sammie came on a toasted baguette and was accompanied by parmigiano-reggiano cheese, spicy remoulade, and tomatoes. I was served homemade potato chips and tangy pickles on the side. It was fabulous!!

Beer on tap

Shipyard Brewery Pugsley's IPA


Nate ordered the italian cold cut sandwich – coppa, salami, prosciutto, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a tarragon vinaigrette. We both couldn’t stop raving about these sandwiches!!! Pony Bar really does things right – they have a small, but quality food menu and an amazing selection of beers.

Pony Bar

Check out this neat article to learn about the condensed history of beer.

My day was so full of running, walking, sun, good food, and activity that by 10pm on Sunday night I could barely keep my eyes open. I slept like a rock :-) Hooray for fun weekends!


10 Responses

  1. What a fun weekend! I love all the pics!

  2. I love hearing about your NY shenanigans! It’s so good to see all the little spots you hit up. That sandwich does look really god – I love that, when a place knows to just keep it simple and keep it good!
    I’ve never tried Tasti D-Lite…not a midwestern thing apparently!

  3. And by god, I meant good…obviously. It’s early ok!

  4. Congrats on the good run. I am obsessive about sunscreen too! My fave is the Neautrogena spray can since it isn’t gooby but at 70SPF is just as effective as the lotion kind!

  5. It looks like you had a blast on Governor’s Island! I have never been there, but I am doing a swim race in September that begins on the island. Tasti D-Lite is SO good, by the way;)

  6. Awesome recap of the island!!

    I’ve never been and now will definitely throw the idea out to friends. There really is so much in NYC and it’s so easy to get in a rut and go to the same places when you live here (at least for me!)

    -Mel (

  7. oh my gosh – your mini-vacay looks amazing! i’ve heard of governor’s island but have never been. next trip to NYC, i might have to hit that up!

    ahhhh….NYC…how i miss thee?

    if you know anybody hiring there, let me know. i would move there in a heartbeat :)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday! I’m glad you had a good run and I think the latte counts as recovery fuel too ;-)

  9. This looks like such a fun day!! Glad you had fun. I am craving Starbucks so bad right now!! I’m going to get some in a little while!

  10. gahh I am dying to try tasti D-lite!! Im so jealous!
    sounds like you had a fun day!

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