Just Beet It

Hooray, we’re half-way through the week! Actually, I’m a little more than half-way through my week because I’m leaving the office at 1pm on Friday :-) My Wednesday began the usual way – coffee with milk and a few minutes to check my email. However, when I started to pour my coffee I noticed that the water was clear. Ugh, I had forgotten to add the coffee grounds! I emptied the pot and started again. Finally, finally I was able to get my caffeine fix.

Frida coffee mug


Breakfast was the usual container of Fage 2% Greek yogurt, dried cranberries, and Heritage Grain flakes. Have I mentioned how much I love this combo?

I fit in a quickie lunchtime workout at the gym – 30 minutes of elliptical intervals (1 minute hard, 4 minutes easy) followed by 3 x 10 push-ups and lunges. I was quite sweaty and ready to eat by the time I finished.

Lunch was my usual salad from the cafeteria:

  • romaine lettuce, carrots, red onion, mushrooms
  • roasted red pepper
  • white bean salad (about 1/3 cup)
  • feta cheese
  • whole grain croutons
  • 2 Tbs balsamic vinaigrette
  • 2 Tbs roasted beets (brought from home!)


I love the cafeteria at work – I was able to get this big, gorgeous salad for around $4. You definitely can’t get a deal like that anywhere else in midtown Manhattan.

Afternoon snacks were 1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s Almond, Peanuts, Dried Raspberries, and Chocolate trail mix and 2 squares of Newman’s Own Organics dark chocolate. I’m certainly fulfilling my dark chocolate quota!

trail mix

dark chocolate

I had an appointment with the sports medicine doctor after work. I’m getting so frustrated with this injury – it’s been nearly 6 months already!! I just want to be able to run like I used to  :-( Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and it’s really hard to recongnize that I can’t go as fast as I used to or want to. An easy pace for me now-a-days is 10:oo per mile, but before the injury I was easily able to run at 8:00 pace (or faster). I’m trying to stay positive (I’m young and healthy), but sometimes I feel like my leg/hip/butt is going to bother me for the rest of my life. Ugh, sorry to be a downer! Just a little frustrated today.

I needed a subway ride snack. Do you like the grimy subway platform in the background? Yes you do!


By the time I got home I was a hungry girl – dinner was inspired by Molly Wizenberg a.k.a. The Orangette. I toasted up a hunk of  french baguette, slathered it in butter, and ate it with sliced radishes and sea salt. Whole grains be damned – there’s nothing like a hot piece of french baguette with melt-y butter! Don’t worry I didn’t eat that whole stick of butter, just a Tablespoon or so :-) Alongside, I had 1/2 small zucchini and some hummus. And then a Wasa cracker with a bit of almond butter and homemade peach jam. What a random dinner…


ab & j on wasa cracker

Of course my night ended with something sweet: mint chocolate chip ice cream with Annie’s graham bunnies all sprinkled on top.

ice cream!

I found these *positive thinking* articles on RealSimple.com and thought I’d share:

Small helpful gestures, with big impacts.

How to make positive changes in your life.

Question: What do you think is your best healthy habit? Mine is a love of vegetables :-)


7 Responses

  1. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite! You lucky duck!

    I guess my healthiest habit is my love of exercise? I do love to run.

  2. I love your simple baguette/radish dinner, tres francais!!! My healthiest habit would definitely be my love of fruits, vegggies, and exercise:)

  3. Yum, I never thought to put Annie’s bunnies on my ice cream.

  4. My healthiest habit is that I inhale a carton of blueberries a day (haha exaggeration). But seriously, blueberries are my favorite food ever and I just have to eat them at least once a day. I also work out (cardio) almost every day. It’s just become a part of my everyday life.

    Your coffee machine story made me smile! I hate when that happens!! I’ve put laundry through the machine without adding detergent! Don’t feel bad!!


  5. love me a buttered baguette…there are very few things that are as tasty as that. oh wait – roasted beets! LOVE them too!

    good luck with the injury – send you good vibes!

  6. It sucks when things go wrong with your body. Makes you feel all vulnerable and breakable doesn’t it? Like you said, you’re young, you’ll recover. Sending out happy thoughts…

    My healthiest habit is probably that I love fruits and vegetables and crave them super badly if I’m missing them from my diet at all. Faves = blueberries, bananas, broccoli!

  7. My best habit is reading the ingredient list on products. It’s so easy to buy anything that’s “healthy” but they can be loaded with preservatives and artificial things. The ingredient list doesn’t lie so if you recognize everything on there, it’s a good product.

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