Fire House

Thursday morning was an earlyyy one – alarm went off at 6:25am. I stumbled out of bed and groggily made my way to the subway platform (stopping for at the coffee cart first , of course!). I had a doctor’s appointment at 8am, so there was no time to waste. All went well with my appointment and I actually made it to the office 30 minutes early. As I got caught up on emails, breakfast was eaten: 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, and Heritage Grains flakes.


Work. Work. Work. Trying to be productive. Anyone else notice that there motivation dwindles as the weekend draws closer?? At lunchtime I  braved the very cloudy skies to return some library books. The library is about a 15 minute walk from my office building – it felt good to stretch my legs! Let me just say – The New York Public Library is the best deal ever!! I’m a pretty quick reader, so it doesn’t make too much sense for me to spend $15 on a book I’ll finish in a week or so. Hooray for free books!

I returned the following:

Next Up: Wally Lamb’s The Hour I First Believed

Lunch was my usual cafeteria salad:


  • romaine, carrots, onions, mushrooms
  • ~1/3 cup Pinto & Black Bean Salad
  • Feta cheese
  • whole grain croutons
  • 1 Tbs balsamic vinaigrette
  • Spoonful of pesto pasta salad (with fresh mozzarella!)
  • Some leftover roasted beets

After some meetings I decided to break out my peanut butter cookie lara bar. How can dates + peanuts + salt taste so amazing?!! I love that these count as a whole serving of fruit. This photo is prettier than the one I took (thanks  for the photo!)


I made it through the rest of the afternoon and then headed to my gym for a spinning class.

I warmed up with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then made my way over the the cycling studio. To avoid bothering my hamstring, I kept the resistance low and focused on a fast cadence (turnover). I finished up with some ab work and foam rolling. After pedaling my heart out, I was very ready for din-din. A refreshing shower and a short subway ride later, Nate and I landed at the Fire House Tavern on the Upper West Side. I love this place! I came here with my mom, sister, Nate, and Hannah after running my first marathon – NYC Marathon 2008!


Check out the cool firehouse-themed decor:


Nate had requested Friday off of work, so he started the weekend early and enjoyed a Geary’s Pale Ale. I had a few sips – I liked it! I was worried it would be too bitter (like an IPA), but it was very smooth.

Geary's Pale Ale

Taking a sip




For my entree, I ordered the veggie burger platter. I love the veggie burgers at Firehouse! I could see actual pieces of edamame, carrots, and peas in my burger. To make it a little healthier, I ate my burger without the top of the bun (white bread = empty carbs) and used ketchup/hot sauce instead of cheese or mayo. I also gave my coleslaw to Nate (he’s a bigger fan of it than I am). I made quite a few healthy swaps, but I still ate all of my waffle  fries. Love them!

veggie burger

Close up of my plate – topped with iceburg lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a pickle.

up close

When we got back to my place, I broke out the extra special treat I snagged from the cafeteria at work: a piece of Reese’s peanut butter cup pie! Thank goodness I have someone to share desserts with – this was very rich. But OMG delicious!

Reese's pb cup pie

Want to get buff? Read this article on 15 Ways to Get More Fit.

Are you making these 6 common workout mistakes?

We all know that eating Mediterranean style is healthy, but read up on the best choices you can make the next time falafel, feta, or olives are on the menu.

Question: What is your favorite type of cuisine (chinese, italian, mexican, indian, etc)?

Happy Friday!!


8 Responses

  1. haha – we asked the same question today! Mine is a split between Indian and Mexican but I love thai too! Argh, so many to choose from!

    Your cafeteria salads always look so good woman! And waffle fries? Amazing. I was also loving the fry-action last night!

    And by the way…you and nate are adorable!

  2. Mmmm Larabars are so seriously good. I’m in love.

    I also love the public library, my county here in WA has a library system and I love their online functionality so I can place holds on books, renew my checkouts, and see where I am on the hold list. :)

    I loved the Queen of Babble series too. :)

  3. mmmmm that pie. oh my.

    Cheesy is my middle name. Thank you for asking.

  4. Yum! That burger looks so good!! I am a big fan of Mexican and Chinese though I try to eat it in small doses. Oh, and I LOVE Italian food. :-)

  5. How was American Wife, Megs? If’s been on my list. Maybe I’ll pick it up when I finish Mansfield Park.

  6. I love the library!!! I am a fiend for books. Of course, I miss living in Boston, where I had access to so much reading. I live in a smaller town now, down in Florida. The library here is so teeny, tiny. :-( I still go and still check out lots of books – but since there’s so much I want to read that they don’t have, I have had to buy a lot of books.

    And your eats look yum!!

  7. Oooooh Italian food is the best!

  8. I just read This Hour I First Believe by Wally Lamb too! At first I really liked the book but then I felt like it dragged on and on.

    Fire House Tavern is such a fun place ( I live pretty close to it) and it’s a great place to meet up with friends:)

    In terms of my favorite cuisine it would definitely be Japanese!!! In second place would either be Indian or Greek.

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