Cardamom Peach Pie

It’s peach season here in the Northeast and ripe, juicy peaches are available in abundance. When I saw a recipe for Peach Cardamom Pie in the August issue of Bon Appetit magazine I knew I had to bake one for myself. I followed the directions exactly (no whole wheat flour substitutions this time…) because baking is so finicky. I think the result came out beautifully! The egg wash on the crust gave the pie a nicely browned finish and the absence of a bottom crust made it just a teeny bit healthier. Plus I used local, organic peaches. Mmm, pie! But let’s rewind – before I started my baking project, I fueled up with some coffee and a bowl of yogurt-y goodness. I chopped up an apple and added 1 cup low fat plain yogurt, 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch, 2 Tbs Smucker’s Naturals peanut butter, and a dollop of homemade peach jam. Kept me full for nearly 5 hours!

Cereal bowl

I don’t have a food processor, so I always cut my butter into the flour with two forks. This works better than your hands because the heat of your fingers would melt the butter too much. You want to use super cold butter for pie crust because when the pie gets in the oven, the heat creates pockets of steam in the cold butter, and this results in a delicously flaky crust.

Cutting in the butter

I use a wooden rolling pin and a mat specially made for rolling out dough – prevents sticking! Chilling your rolling pin and using plastic wrap between the pin and the dough can also prevent sticking.

Rolling out the dough

Peach filling – I liked that this recipe only called for 1/3 cup of sugar. It allowed the naturally sweet flavor of the peaches to shine through.

Peach filling

I used a heart cookie cutter to cut out the dough shapes. Then I brushed the crust with a beaten egg and sprinkled sugar on top.

Peach Cardamom Pie

After 45 minutes the crust was golden brown and the pie filling was bubbly! Is there anything better than the smell of a fresh, homemade pie?

Beautiful pie

Peach Cardamom Pie

After I completed my pie project, I took a long walk (~4 miles) to the Fairway supermarket in Harlem. It was quite hot and sunny today! I ended up buying mostly cool and refreshing groceries –

  • seltzer
  • dark, sweet cherries
  • little tomatoes
  • fresh, local mozzarella
  • Fage Greek yogurt
  • Breyer’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream (mostly for Nate…)

Fairway visit

After my long walk, I needed a snack! I sliced a banana and added 1/2 cup of yogurt, Tb PB2, and some trail mix to a bowl. This was a good combo of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Yum!

Yogurt with banana and trail mix

Around 4:30pm, I met Agnes for an iced coffee with whole milk and a few hours of girl talk. I made it back home JUST as it began to pour. I kind of like summer thunderstorms :-)

iced coffee

As I started to prepare dinner, I snacked on two Wasa crackers with TJ’s white bean hummus.

hummus and wasa

Dinner was a new creation that I’m going to call Caprese Pasta. I boiled about 1/2 box of shell pasta, sauteed 1/2 onion and 3 garlic cloves in olive oil, and then when the pasta was finished cooking, I added the onions/garlic,  pint of cherry tomatoes, a sprig of chopped basil leaves, and about 6 oz of diced fresh mozzarella. I drizzled olive oil on top and added some salt and freshly cracked pepper. Mmm, it tasted like summer! Luckily I have leftovers :-)


Caprese Salad

Later in the evening, Nate came over to tell me all about this morning’s triathlon (1st in his age group!) and we enjoyed some of my Peach Pie with vanilla ice cream. The cardamom gives this pie a decidedly “grown-up” taste, so if you’re not into pungent spices, you might want to omit to cardamom or replace it with cinnamon. The cardamom and peaches do pair deliciously with vanilla ice cream, though :-) I’d make this again in a heart beat!

Lawsuit over Sodium

The popular restaurant chain, Denny’s, is being sued over the high salt of its food. Some dishes contain more than twice the daily recommended limit of sodium and many health studies have linked high salt intake with high blood pressure and stroke. It’s no secret that a lot of restaurant food is unhealthy, but what do you think about lawsuits? Should food companies and restaurants be held accountable or should the choice be left up to the consumers?  I think as diners we have the right to choose to eat something un-healthy if we wish, but I also think we should know what we’re getting ourselves into. An ice cream sundae or a plate of fries might be obviously un-healthy, but what about the nearly 1,200 calorie spinach and shrimp salad from Applebee’s? I think that foods like that make calorie and nutritional counts on menus essential. Personally, I think all restaurants should post comprehensive nutritional info (including sodium) and then consumers should be allowed to make the appropriate choice for their diet. What are your thoughts??


17 Responses

  1. That pie is not only beautiful but it sounds delish!

    I would love to see nutritional info on resturant menus. It can be very difficult to know what the best choices are when there are hidden calories in a dish.

  2. After seeing Super Size Me, I definitely think that the restaurants should be held accountable for how healthy their menu items are, especially if they don’t list nutritional information on their menus/websites! I was absolutely floored when they started posting calorie content on the Cheesecake Factory menu. The restaurant should be ashamed of themselves. You’d think that if they knew they’d be posting calories, they’d try to make some of their meals healthier! I don’t think it’s fair that one can go out to a restaurant for a fun time and not be able to find a single healthy thing on the menu. Places like McDonalds and Denny’s are what is making Americans obese! I could rant about this for hours but I’ll leave it at that

    I love the heart shaped dough!! I hope the pie was wonderful!

    And I love Fairway! I also love Dinosaur BBQ across the street lol.

  3. p.s. I listed your blog as one of my faves in my most recent post!!

  4. I had to comment on having nutrition facts on restaurant menus, it’s something I’ve thought a lot about.

    While I think personal accountability is super important with ones health (read: suing Denny’s for too much sodium is ridiculous in my opinion), when you see “spinach salad” listed on a menu I don’t know anyone that will assume that it’s over half of a days worth of calories! This meal, and the others on the hungry girl page that you linked to-thanks for that by the way!- make the case that nutrition facts should be included on menus.

    Of course there are a bunch of drawbacks as well (restaurants losing customers, higher cost, etc.).

    Really interesting topic for sure!

  5. Your blog is so inspiring- I love how you eat healthy foods but still fuel your body with what it needs for you to run. (aka pasta and pie!! yum!!)

    Regarding the Denny’s thing; sodium doesn’t make you get high blood pressure on its own- foods with lots of sodium usually are full of fat, sugar, and artificial ingredients as well. Restaurants are just trying to make money, and it is up to the diner to make choices on what to eat. If you think a restaurant’s food is unhealthy, then DON’T EAT THERE. =)

  6. Your pie is beautiful! And that pasta sounds just like some that I made yesterday…I love seeing twin eats on the the blogs!

    Also – congrats to Nate on the tri! That’s seriously amazing!!

    On the subject of restaurant accountability, I think that the current laws in operation in NYC are smart – any restaurant with more than a certain number of outlets nationwide (i.e. chains!) have to show nutrition info. I think this is good because a lot of people are sadly misinformed about how ‘healthy’ the food they are purchasing is. I think we can make such better decisions if we are well informed.

    I was in NYC recently and loved being able to make those properly informed decisions. Plus it’s just super interesting to know! Places like Denny’s make me sick! Ugh.

  7. 1. That’s the most awesome pie ever. The personal touch with the top is incredible

    2. I completely agree with the nutritional information. I feel like, if I go to a restaurant where I’m looking to avoid fatty/sodium laden dishes, I have to go to their website, study and memorize all the nutritional information, and plan it before I actually get there–such a hassle. Overall, though, I think that’s just made it more common for me to eat at home and, when I do eat out, it’s usually a very homey, authentic place where I don’t have to worry about that.

  8. I think it’s absolutely shameful that restaurants sell food with such outrageous nutritional content. I think restaurants and chains like Starbucks, McDonalds, Panera, etc. should post their calorie counts on the menus but I also think it is the individual’s responsibility to make smart food choices and not eat out so often. I hope NYC legislation spreads to every city in the States!

  9. I’m in favor of nutrition info on menus because I usually try to look it up before I go out (such a hassle!). I also think it would force chains to whip their menus into shape because people would stop order the worst offenders.

    The downside, though, would be if you ordered something higher in calories or fat or whatever than the other people you were dining with (food competition can be nasty!). People should’t feel judged when they want to enjoy a night out. Its an interesting issue to be sure!

    Hope your injured legs are getting better! Just visualize that you’re a Tour de France rider in your cycle class haha!

  10. That pie looks delicious! I love uptown Fairaway, especially the walk-in freezer;)

  11. yum to the pie! A buddy and i went on a berry picking mission today and failed. So I already had pie on the brain.

    As for food policy, my hunch is that from a public health standpoint, changing the farm bill, and the regulations around school lunches, would make a greater impact than anything specifically targeting the restaurant industry. That said, it sure would be nice to have healthier options in restaurants. Heck, just making portion sizes smaller and charging a bit less would make me happy.

  12. that pie is simply amazing! gorgeous and i am sure it tastes amazing – i love cardamom! is that enough amazingness? if its not, that white bean dip is also amazing. i love it!

  13. Yummy peach pie–that looks delish…I am obsessed with Fairway…it’s amazing, isn’t it? By far the best spot to shop, hehe..

    Great blog; keep up the great posts!

    Have a good night.



  14. […] dessert Nate and I finished off the last of the peach cardamom pie, served with vanilla ice cream, of […]

  15. I love what you did to the crust of that pie, so seriously awesome.

  16. I completely agree about putting nutritional info on the menu. It is ludicrous the items that menus advertise as “healthy.” PLEASE. 1200 calories? Ew.

    This is why I hate eating out!! Hidden calories galore. It’s like they’re trying to kill us. Or make us fat, at least. What is it with American restaurants, namely, fast food? Well, unhealthy is cheap, I suppose.

    My grandma was Swedish and I love cardamom! I want to find a great cardamom recipe to bake in a jar and sell in my shop–

    Have you ever baked in a jar?

  17. american restaurants usually serve foods that are high in protein and also in saturated fats ~

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