Newman’s Own Organics Giveaway!

I’ll admit it – I have a serious sweet tooth. As much as I love fruits and veggies – I can’t live without my chocolate and cookies! Luckily, Newman’s Own Organics makes a line of organic (and better for you!) snacks that I can feel good about indulging in. Not to be confused with the seperate company called Newman’s Own, Newman’s Own Organics was started by Paul Newman’s daughter Nell back in 1993. I love the company’s slogan – Great tasting products that happen to be organic. Nell Newman explains the slogan: “It really says a lot about us. We’ve seen in recent years that people want to know more about the food they eat, not just how many calories a product contains. It’s becoming more important to them how ingredients are grown and processed on the way to their grocers’ shelf. Once people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged `health’ foods, we feel they’ll seek them out.” Indeed! I want my cookies to taste good and be good for me :-)

Sally from Newman’s Own Organics sent me a ginormous sampling of products and I think it’s time to share! I will be sending one reader a package full of Newman’s Own Organics goodies – chocolate, pretzels, cookies, etc.

To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post naming your favorite snack food. You have until tonight at 11:59pm to enter. I’ll randomly select the winner and announce on Wednesday!

Newman's Own Organics

Now, on to my Monday! Breakfast was an interesting affair. I chopped up a peach and added it on top of 6oz low fat, plain yogurt. On the side I filled a ziploc with 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch. To make things a little more interesting, I decided to add some cinnamon to the peaches. As I was sprinkling away, I noticed that the cinnamon smelled a little odd. I looked at the bottle and noticed that I had been using CUMIN instead of CINNAMON. Oh goodness. I thought about chucking the bowl and starting over, but it actually tasted pretty good! The yogurt and cumin produced a slightly middle-eastern flavor. I’m not sure I would do this intentionally, but I’m glad my breakfast was still edible!


Lunch was enjoyed outside before the thunderstorms started. The highlight of this salad was the piece of yogurt-curry chicken that I added on top. Yum!

  • romaine, carrots, onions, mushrooms
  • sugar snap peas
  • a few grapes/strawberry halves
  • yogurt-curry rubbed chicken
  • 1/4 cup kidney beans & chickpeas
  • feta cheese
  • whole grain croutons
  • Tbs balsamic vinaigrette


Afternoon snack was a mixture of things – dried apple, dried raspberries, nuts, chocolate chips, and a few Newman’s Own Organics chocolate alphabet cookies. Note: If you mix cookies and dried fruit together in a container, the cookies will get soft. Unless you like stale cookies (ahem…Nate), be forewarned.


My yoga plans were postponed so instead I headed to my gym. I contemplated taking a SHRED class, but I just wasn’t feeling a boot-camp style workout. Instead, I completed 35 minutes of elliptical intervals (2 minutes sprint, 5 minutes easy) followed by 3 x 10 push-ups, tricep dips, lunges, abs, and planks. Took less than an hour, but I felt like it was a very solid effort.

I was feeling tired, hot, and blah by the time I walked through the door. Luckily an ice cold diet coke and leftovers made me feel a million times better.



Dessert was peach pie and vanilla bean ice cream. I think the pie was even better on day 2 – the cardamom and peaches had time to meld together, delicious! I could not stop stealing extra spoonfuls from the pie plate :-)

Pie with ice cream

Check out this NY Times article about alternative sports medicine –  Gina Kolata and I could be hamstring injury twins!

8 Ways to top a pizza.

101 Simple Salads for the Season.

I love you, Mark Bittman, but you’re totally stealing my thunder.


60 Responses

  1. alphabet cookies are my favorites!! all flavors! :D

    i am getting a bunch of peaches from my parent’s tree today — i just may have to make that peach pie, it looks delicious!

  2. Great idea to do the Newman’s giveaway!! Your leftovers look amazing, btw :)

  3. I love oreos! Sadly the are not a health food…oh wait! Newman O’s are!

  4. I’m with Whit, I try not to buy them but I LOVE Oreos – only dipped in milk though – wow do I love them, I could go through an entire bag of them!!!!!

  5. Apples dipped in almond butter! Mmm!!


  7. Hmm..I LOVE dipping carrots and pita chips in red pepper hummus! :)

  8. Oh I love Blue Corn Chips with hummus or Mary’s Gone Crackers!!

  9. Great giveaway. My favorite snacks used to be milky way bars and reeses cups, but now I would have to say dried fruit, esp mangoes and dates

  10. Trail mix – it’s a weakness!

  11. Peanut butter filled pretzels…the best!!

  12. Triscuits topped with a little spread of cream cheese and a dollop of salsa – thrown into the microwave for 5 seconds. Yum.

  13. Frozen dark-chocolate-covered bananas. Soooo tasty!

  14. Oooh – I would loooove to win this one! My favorite snacks are bananas and raisins….a big step up from the Hostess cupcakes I used to eat!!

  15. I really love snacking on cherries. I’ll eat a whole bag if I’m not watched!

  16. One of my favorite snacks would be cookies and cream ice cream made using Newman’s mint-oreo cookies! I also love any fruit with almond butter;)

    That’s so funny about using cumin instead of cinnammon, I’m glad it was still edible!

    I didn’t even know there was a Central Park triathlon, that’s so cool! I wonder if it is too late to sign up….

  17. Great giveaway! I love bananas dipped in peanut butter. Once in a while I let myself have my non-healthy favorite, Cheetos.

  18. So excited about the giveaway! My new favorite snack is Larabars. I also love greek yogurt with fruit and/or granola.

  19. my favorite snacks rotate a lot, right now I’d say chopped veggies and Sabra’s hummus. Any excuse to eat a ton of hummus really.

    I’ve been wanting to try those Newman’s own Oreos. To be honest I don’t like regular Oreos at all (the one sweet I CAN turn down without fail) so I’m curious if these are better.

  20. My favorite snack food is air-popped popcorn with kelp flakes and nutritional yeast. I haven’t had any in a long time though! Summer snacks are fruit, fruit, and more fruit.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Love Newman’s :)

  21. i love almond butter and bananas – great giveaway!

  22. Thanks for this giveaway, I’d love to try these products.
    I love hummus with anything, but usually I eat yogurt and a Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pie bar everyday :)

  23. My favorite snack is Greek yogurt with berries! I’m with you on the sweet tooth, though and would love to try the Newman’s Own products! : )

  24. I’m torn between sweet snacks and salty snacks. For me it’s always a battle between chocolate chip cookies and tortilla chips.

  25. dark chocolate peanut butter cups! mmm…

  26. My favorite snack has to be apples with soy butter…so good , I always try to have both in the apartment at all times!

  27. I love doritos…but for a healthier snack, I love dried cereal.

  28. One of my favorite snacks is thinly slicing a sweet potato and then I bake it in the oven. I don’t usually add EVOO, S and P but you can always add it. The potato slices become so crispy!!Delicious!!!

  29. My favorite snack is apples or bananas with peanut butter!

  30. Totally LOVE cereal for my snacks…and nut butters of course…

  31. Check out my two giveaways right now!

  32. Pretty much any dry cereal is my go-to. Favorites include Lucky Charms (I know, I’m terrible) and most recently- Peanut Butter Puffins!

  33. Fig Newman’s are my favorite snack food – I try to by them infrequently because I can eat the whole package in a day!

  34. I love multigrain chips, any brand but mainly sun chips. As a kid I always licked the cream out of the Oreos and threw away the cookie.

  35. I was totally planning on linking to that Mark Bittman 101 salads thing! Psychic!!

    Your breakfast shenanigans made me laugh – at least it still tasted good!!

    My fave snack has to be chips and salsa – it just can’t be beat! Although I do have a super sweet tooth too and that stash looks AMAZING!!

  36. Frozen grapes!

  37. Ohh! Newmans Organics!

    I think my all time favorite snack is air popped popcorn with a touch of EVOO and nutritional yeast. Love me some nutritional yeast. Paired with a fizzy water–yep, that’s my 3 o’clock!

  38. love when you provide links to interesting articles, keep it up! :)

    my fave snack is probably homemade kettle corn….SO good! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  39. What a great giveaway! :D

    My favorite snack is a bowl of cereal with milk. I could eat it for breakfast every day but it’s just not that filling so I save it for snack times. :D

    Either that or a banana with almond butter. :)

  40. My favorite snack food is greek yogurt. It’s so cool and creamy it feels like a decadent dessert

  41. As a fellow long distance runner (injury-laden too!), I need to temper my cravings for cake, cookies and ice cream with something equally sweet and satisfying. Lately, I’ve gotten into FREEZING BANANAS and either whipping them up into ice cream-consistency in the food processor or eating them whole on top of graham crackers smothered with natural peanut butter, raisins and even a few chocolate chips as an extra indulgence.

  42. Currently my favorite snack is hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers-so good. I have to say I have not tried any Newman’s products so I would LOVE to, but I do feed his organic line of dogfood to my pup Lacy!!

  43. Homemade Salsa and tortilla chips! So refreshing in the summer…

    And if I’m hiking I love dried papaya. So good… and instant energy boost to keep my energy up until my next meal.

  44. I’ve been your blog daily for about a month, but have never commented–I guess this is a good time to start! Those snacks look delicious! I typically have a piece of fruit for a snack (peaches are the best), but I also like Pirate’s Booty for a little something salty.

  45. My favorite snack has to be popcorn. If you’re in a sweet mood, you can make kettle corn or sprinkle a little cocoa powder on butter popcorn. If you’re in a salty mood, then you can have butter, or sprinkle a little black pepper. Mmm delish!

  46. I love fresh FRUITS and veggies :)

  47. I love Fig Spread with melted cheese on Wasa Crackers..I also love chocolate graham crackers topped with PB and some honey for a snack!

  48. My favorite snack is greek yogurt with blueberries and Kashi Crunch on top. Yum!

  49. Wasa crackers with some PB2 and frozen sliced bananas on top.

  50. sunflower seeds and raisins!

  51. I just took Day 1 of the Bar Exam. I need some treats.

  52. My favorite snack is peanut butter! Straight from the jar or slathered on any food item.

  53. Newmans has such great stuff!!! I love the Fig Newmans. Mmmmmm!!!!

  54. My favorite snack is almond butter slathered on a slice of trader joe’s quinoa bread.

  55. I love cucumbers with greek yogurt and red onions-yum!

  56. My favorite snack would be a tie between apple with peanut butter or a “yogurt bowl” – yogurt, granola, and dried fruit. I love the Newman’s products – hope I win!

  57. I love to make “phony pizzas” on melba toast.
    Lay the toasts on tin foil. Put on Newman’s Own Sauce, mozarella cheese and basil and into the toaster oven we go till it’s brown and bubbly.
    Even the part that sticks to the tin foil is delicious!
    It’s my way of fooling myself into thinking I’m eating healthy and lowfat, when I know it’s all just fun!

  58. Anything with peanut or almond butter!

  59. My favorite snack food, Kashi TLC Trail mix bar and fruit. Yum.

  60. i know i am totally late, but i LOVE ice cream for a snack. does that count? oh well, love it anyways and Newman’s Organics!

    that pie looks BOMB!

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