Spinning My Wheels

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Timestamp: 2009-07-29 14:16:56 UTC

Well, summer has finally made an appearance in New York City. As I left my air-conditioned bedroom on Tuesday, I was blasted with a wave of heat and humidity. I won’t complain though – this summer has been way too rainy in my opinion!

I was running around like a mad woman all morning, so breakfast was a little on the light side: coffee, cherries, and a Fage 2% Greek yogurt. And of course, I had my daily Adora calcium supplement! I like Adora because it tastes just like chocolate :-)

Frida coffee mug


Around 1:30pm I decided to take a break and head outdoors. It was a bit hot and sunny, but eating my lunch away from my desk is so worth it. I read a few pages of my book (The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb) and enjoyed the usual salad.


  • romaine, carrots, onions, mushrooms
  • spoonful of broccoli in pesto sauce
  • spoonful of roasted beets
  • spoonful of wheatberry salad
  • 1/3 cup chickpeas
  • feta cheese
  • whole grain croutons
  • 2 Tb balsamic vinaigrette

I know this must get boring to see day after day, but I really do love the salad bar at work! It’s so easy to meet my veggie quota for the day when I don’t have to worry about washing, prepping, or storing salad ingredients. And the prices are pretty affordable too!

My afternoon snack was a little early (I think I was stress-eating), but tasty and fairly healthy. I mixed about 1/4 cup trail mix with 1/4 cup dried apples. Yum!

trail mix

After work I high-tailed it over to a 45 minute spinning class at my gym. I wore my heart rate monitor and really tried to focus on keeping my heart rate up. I have mixed feelings about the instructor for this class. She plays awesome music, but she’s kind of  crazy. Once I went to a spin class the day after a 20-mile long run and she cranked up the resistance and told me I wasn’t working hard enough. Yo, chill lady. All I wanted to do was cross-train. But in some ways it’s good. I know how to push myself while running because I know my limits, but I ‘m not as familar with biking. When the instructor piles on the resistance or checks my heart rate monitor, I silently curse her, but I  get a much harder (and better) workout! I followed spinning with a 30 minute abs class (my abs are a bit sore today, but my neck is what’s really hurtin’!)

I took a photo of me in the cycling studio after class. I have very muscular quads and bike shorts really highlight that fact! I used to feel self-conscious about my big leg muscles, but now I am at peace with them. They’ve carried me through two marathons, long walks, lunges, many flights of steps, and 9 years of ballet. Thank you legs!!


Hehe, I was getting weird looks snapping this photo.

After some stretching, and a shower, I headed downtown to meet some friends for dinner On the subway, I had 1/2 an Amazing Greens bar to hold me over. I really liked this bar the first time I tried it, but now it seems too sweet. I think the dates + chocolate coating are a bit much for a pre-dinner snack. Maybe it would work better as a dessert?

amazing greens

Agnes, Catherine, her brother Antoine, and I met in Washington Square Park and then roamed over to Dojo.  I love this place! The menu is extensive and there are a ton of vegetarian options. The service is a little slow, but the prices are quite affordable.

I enjoyed the union square sandwich – grilled portabella mushroom, onions, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, avocado, and mozzarella on whole wheat bread. Yum! Avocado makes everything better.

Catherine and her brother are studying English in NYC for a few weeks, so it was very interesting to hear about their travels and time in the city. I always forget how much there is to do and see in New York  –  I feel so lucky to have it all right outside my door (or a subway ride away…)!


Agnes, Catherine, Megan

Catherine and Antoine

Dessert was a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, of course. The perfect cure for a hot and humid July night.

ice cream, of course

Wednesday will be another busy day:

  • Blog
  • Work
  • Lunchtime gym visit
  • View potential apartments with Alma
  • Catch up on emails
  • Laundry
  • Clean kitchen and living room floors

Question: What is your least favorite chore? Mine is definitely laundry!! Although maybe I would dislike it less if I had a washer/dryer in my building….

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12 Responses

  1. I am so excited to win…I already e-mailed you my address. Nerdy? I know.

  2. My least favorite chore is definitely doing the dishes and cleaning my bathroom!

    I went a spinning class today and I took a short break to drink some water and the instructor was like “this isn’t recovery time but ok” I thought it was really rude!! Other than that, I loved the class! But I agree with you, your instructor doesn’t know what other types of training you’re doing or what your body can specifically handle so they really shouldn’t judge you when you’re going at the pace that is right for your body!

    I love seeing your daily salad bar salads!!

  3. Ugh… I hate unloading the dishwasher. I don’t know why, but it’s just incredibly boring!!

    I have muscular thighs too… and I’m not as comfortable with them as you are. You go, girl!


  4. Your salads always look fantastic! I’m super jealous at the variety of veggies you have on your work salad bar! My salads always end up kind of limited because I only buy what I will use that week.

    My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom.

  5. yayyyyy catherine!

  6. Ooo I’ve always passed by Dojo but have never dined there. After seeing that sammie I definitely will! I’m a bit self conscious about my muscular thighs as well, but it is quite amazing what they’ve helped me accomplish;)

    My favorite chore is actually laundry haha but I guess it’s because I do have a washer-dryer in my apartment. My least favorite chore would be vacuuming, though it is a great workout!

  7. I actually LOVE laundry – but a year ago this wasn’t the case!! I finally have a washer and dryer in our condo, but until a few months ago it was drag it outdoors, down 4 flights of steps, into the dingy apt dungeon, back up 4 flights of stairs, etc etc……

    Now I hate mopping our hardwood floors which I just, well, don’t do, haha. Vacuuming is enough right?

  8. You are 100% right! Mint chocolate ice cream on a warm summer night?! DIVINE! :)

  9. i like your breaking glass moment… that’s pretty cool! i admire you :)

  10. Yay apartment hunting! Isn’t it so tiring?! I get exhausted! Where in NYC are you looking?

    I like your spinning pic :) no instructor has ever pulled something like that on me! I think I’d like it in a way though since I am prone to NOT try as hard as I could in spinning – it’s so hard!

    Love you salads – just wish I had that at work!

  11. I know what you mean about the Amazing Grass bars. I love their powders in smoothies, but the bars are just way too sweet. And with the greens, it just doesn’t work. It’s like a too-sweet salad.

    I like your idea of wearing a heart monitor during spinning. I went to a few classes and I didn’t really like the arbitrary “go faster now” instructions. I think having different HR thresholds for fast, slow, medium pace would make it a lot more fun.

  12. i say show off those legs girl – isn’t it amazing how viewing something like your legs can change when focusing on what they CAN and have DONE for you? i try to remind myself of that when i feel icky about my bod too!

    yay for ice cream and salad (which i would eat everyday in a perfect world) and that frida mug – which i see all the time but always forget to say how much i love it!

    happy apt hunting!

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