Pancakes and Paninis

Sunday morning = sleeping in, a big mug of coffee, and pancakes! After a solid 8 hours of sleep, I made my way to the kitchen and opened up a new bag of coffee beans. A few weeks ago, Nate’s cousin Danny was nice enough to give me some bags of whole bean Starbucks coffee. This variety of bean is called the Gazebo blend and is perfect for iced coffee. I was feeling impatient, so I drank mine hot, but I have plans to make a big pitcher of iced crack coffee later this week!

Morning coffee

I used my FiberOne mix (plus milk) to make Nate and I some fluffy pancakes. I added sliced banana, almond butter, and maple syrup to my stack. Mmm, it was so delicious! Despite being indulgent, I feel like this breakfast had a good mix of fiber, protein, and healthy fats.



Feed me. I’m hungry!

hungry girl

After a few hours of blogging, reading, and general bumness (ahhh weekends), I was ready for lunch. Part one was sliced zucchini and the last of my white bean hummus.


Part two was a vanilla Chobani greek yogurt with some of my olive oil granola.

yogurt & granola

After I fueled up, I headed downtown to the gym. I’m still not running, but I wanted to do something that resembled a long run. I hopped on the elliptical and sweated it out for 90 minutes! My knee/IT band felt a little twinge-y at a few points, but when that started to happen, I pedaled backwards or lowered the resistance. I think it’s all about finding the right incline and resistance that works for my legs. I stretched and foam rolled after I was finished and then looked for a snack ASAP. I settled on a white chocolate macademia luna bar (my new fav flavor!) and an apple. Then I was off the the grocery store to do a little Sunday night stocking up.

luna bar and apple

After my errands, I got started on dinner. Since I had leftover fresh mozzarella and basil in the fridge, I planned a meal around them. I picked up some vine ripened tomatoes and used the last of the whole grain + omega 3 bread to make paninis on the George Foreman Grill. I added a drizzle of olive oil to each sammie, but it wasn’t really necessary. The George Foreman makes perfectly crisp sandwiches – no butter or oil required! I added a bit of deli turkey to Nate’s sandwich, but I kept my traditional. Fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, and olive oil on toasty bread. Does it get any better?? And this was super easy to clean up – perfect for when you’re still in lazy, weekend mode :-)

Pannini Prep



Can you guess what dessert was??!!

ice cream cone

Question: What’s your favorite sandwich combo?


10 Responses

  1. I love it. Pancakes: epic. 90 minute workout: epic. Paninis: epic. Consider me impressed! What kind of elliptical machine does your gym have? I’ve been rocking LifeFitness, but the Precors are calling my name…

  2. Love this day! Sounds perfect to me! Pancakes are always a winner, especially at weekends and so is settling down to blog reading and news catch-up!

    That panini looks scarily good too. And Macademia in a Luna bar? YES PLEASE!

  3. What a lovely day! I recently went from vegetarian to vegan and I havent’ yet tried the basil-mozz-tomato combo with vegan cheese and now I’m super inspired to do so!

  4. I love tomato, basil, and mozzarella. It’s one of those things I have to have other people make for me, though. They’re always so much more generous on the mozzarella and olive oil and it comes out great

  5. tomato/basil/mozz = match made in heaven :) especially when melted, yum!

  6. That panini sounds delish! I like my sandwiches simple: turkey, cheese, lettuce, and a smear of honey mustard on toasted wheat bread. Is Chobani yogurt an acquired taste?? I just can’t get into it!

  7. I tried the Fiber One Pancake mix and didn’t like it too much! It tasted too cardboard like for me. :-(

    90 minutes on the elliptical!! My gym’s ellipticals kicks you off after 60 minutes. Does yours do that too and you just start over from 0 minutes again??

  8. I love making whole wheat pancakes from scratch, so good and so easy. :)

  9. That’s my fav Luna Bar flavor too. It seriously tastes like a candy bar! Sounds like you had yourself a lovely Sunday…and sundae! haha..

  10. the panini + ice cream = best combo.

    holy crap woman – 90 minutes on the elliptical? i commend you! i get bored after 30 :(

    happy tuesday!

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