Hot Yoga in August

Friday a.m. update: Just went for a 25 minute run. Had some pain at the top of my knee (need to work on stretching out those quads!) and some twinges in my upper hamstring. I guess I need to remember that running is not an easy activity and some aches and pains are inevitable. I feel like I’m in pretty good cardiovascular shape, but my musculoskeletal system needs to get used to running again. I stretched a little bit after the run, but need to dedicate myself to more stretching throughout the day!
Now, back to Thursday morning…
I had plans for hot yoga after work, so I tried to concentrate on hydrating with lots of water and fruit. Breakfast was the usual coffee w/ milk, a big container of cantaloupe & sliced banana, and an oikos vanilla yogurt.
I had a lunch date for 1:30pm, but around noon I needed something to quiet my hungry tummy. My mom sent me a container of individually wrapped prunes and they came in handy! I had prunes x 4.
Nate met me at my office for lunch and we enjoyed a yummy cafeteria meal. I put together my usual salad.
  •  romaine, shredded carrots, red onion, mushrooms
  • 1/3 cup pinto bean salad
  • whole grain croutons
  • feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup Mediterranean Bulgar salad
  • Tbs balsamic vinaigrette
  • Taste of pasta salad
The afternoon went by soooo slowly. Around 5pm I fueled up for hot yoga with a white chocolate macadamia nut luna bar. Mmm, this tastes like a healthy candy bar.lunaI was lucky enough to have two dates for hot yoga – Katie and Agnes. Yay! After a sweaty 60 minutes, Agnes and I headed West to search out some din-din. We ended up at the Zen Palate, a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. All of the food is vegetarian (most is vegan) and their mission really emphasizes healthy eating & a healthy body. Check out the Our Food page for more info! The menu featured some very interesting combo plates, but I was craving salt so I ordered the portobello mushroom burger and yam (sweet potato) fries. Wednesday’s eats were kind of light on the produce, so this veggie feast really hit the spot. My grilled portabello mushroom was nestled in a whole grain bun and topped with a thick slice of tomato, lettuce, shredded carrots, alfafa sprouts, mustardy-chickpea spread. Yum! The flavors all worked really well together. On the side I enjoyed crispy, salty sweet potato fries with ketchup. French fries are my fav way to replace electrolytes :-)
Zen Palate
Portabello mushroom burger
Sweet Potato Fries
After dinner, I took advantage of the beautiful evening and walked a mile or so uptown. Before hopping on the subway to head home, I stopped in Blockbuster and rented Revolutionary Road (with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio). I think the film might be a little depressing, but I still want to watch it. Has anyone seen this movie? Thoughts?

Hope your Friday’s are off to a good start – it’s a beautiful sunny and crisp day in the city!

Some food for thought:

Make your workout more effective

Get the most nutrition from your veggies


7 Responses

  1. individually wrapped prunes who knew those would come in handy around my house also. :)

  2. Hot yoga is the best. And I’m so glad you stumbled upon Zen Palate – that restaurant is stellar!

  3. I’ve never tried hot yoga… I really want to. It sounds so much fun and that feeling after sweating everything out feels so good!

  4. I’ve seen Revolutionary Road, and read the book. Kate Winslet makes its worth it, but be prepared for real-life-depression… it’s heartbreaking.

    Question for you! I live in NYC too, and I’m looking for new running routes. I live in Midtown and run a lot along the Hudson and in the Park… do you have any good spots I should try out in other places around the city!??

    p.s. love Zen Palate…

  5. Those fries look amazing!! Everybody keeps talking about hot yoga! I need to try it even though I’ll probably die from sweating!

  6. Yum, Zen Palate is sooo good! There used to be one on the Upper West Side (where Fatty Crab is now) but sadly it closed:(

  7. OMg that burger looks AMAZING! i’ve been meaning to think up a good recipe for a mushroom burger! yummy!!!! hope ur having a good weekend! :)

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