Happy Hour on the Hudson River

Happy Saturday! It’s beautiful and sunny here in New York and I can’t wait to go out and enjoy it :-) But first, a recap of Friday! After my morning coffee, I ran for about 25 minutes and then came back and stretched. The legs were feeling so-so. Sometimes I’m not sure if I need more time off or if I just need to run more. Since April, I’ve basically only run one day a week!

Anyway, after my run I snacked on 1/2 banana – the other half was sliced into my lunch sandwich!

Quick breakfast

Breakfast # 2 was a Fage 2% yogurt with PB2 mixed in. It was protein packed for sure! I also managed to get powdered PB2 EVERYWHERE. Oh my.

Fage and PB2

Lunch began with a bowl of super-sweet cherries. I got these from Whole Foods and they were the most flavorful bunch I’ve had all summer!


I enjoyed an almond butter and banana sandwich on hemp bread while reading my newest issue of Cook’s Illustrated. I’ve had this sandwich combo for lunch 3 x this week – trying to save a little $$!


The warm sunny made my almond butter and banana ooey-gooey and delish!

Almond Butter and Banana

Beautiful summer day in the city.


Afternoon snack was a coconut cream pie lara bar and prunes x 4. I like dried fruit!

lara bar


I could not wait for the clock to hit 5:30pm! Finally, the weekend could begin! I bounded out of my office building and started walking west. Nate and I had plans to have happy hour/dinner over looking the Hudson River. I walked for about 40 minutes or so until I arrived at the Pier i cafe. This place is part outdoor bar, part outdoor cafe. Nate and I found a table for two and promptly ordered up some food and drink.

I started off with a Sam Adams Summer Ale



And Nate paced himself with a diet coke –


Even though I had a portabello burger last night, the veggie burger looked so good that I just HAD to get it :-) Unlike frozen, pre-formed patties, the veggie burgers at this place were definitely homemade and hand-formed. My veg burger was topped with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, and situated on a grilled bun. This burger was stacked so high that I could barely open my mouth wide enough to take a bite! Alongside, I had some seasoned fries – the fresh parsley made them extra special. I ate about 75% of this meal – I skipped the top half of the bun and split some fries with Nate. By the time we finished I was full, but not over-stuffed.

Veggie Burger and Beer

Veggie Burger

Nate ordered a really yummy (and healthy!) looking Southwest chicken wrap. Accompanied by a salad. I was very proud of his healthy choice :-)

Southwest Chicken


After dinner, Nate ordered a Victory Pilsner beer. I tried a few sips, but it was a tad too bitter for my taste.


We chillaxed and enjoyed the weather for a few hours, then checked out the view from Pier 70. That’s the GW Bridge in the distance!

GW Bridge

By the time we got home it was after midnight (and nearly 5 hours since we ate dinner), so a little ice cream was in order. A sweet ending to a fun Friday!

ice cream cone


5 Responses

  1. yummm that veggie burger looks delish, and i love that you finished off your wonderful friday with ice cream! just perfect!

  2. I’ve never gotten a veggie burger at a restaurant. I’ve only made them at home. That one looks really good though! What a great date place!

  3. Seasoned fries sound boss. Especially with a Sam Adams, though I must admit I’m not the big fan of the Summer Ale that everyone else seems to be.

    Just like Rebecca, I’ve never tried a veggie burger in a restaurant. It just scares me to not know what’s in them. But if it’s hand-formed, then it must be just tasty stuff.

    I didn’t realize you had only run once a week since April. You didn’t get hurt at Boston I don’t think, was it right after?

  4. That’s so funny, I almost went to Pier i cafe last night too ( I live right up the street from it)!!!! I almost always order the veggie burger but I usually request it on top of salad, delish:) Their lobster rolls and grilled salmon are also quite good.

  5. NMA -I initially got injured in January, but still tried to train for the Boston marathon in April. I was able to finish the marathon, but those 26.2 miles really beat me up. I decided to take time off after the marathon. However, whenever I tried to start running again this past May/June/July I experienced a lot of pain & discomfort (which is why I only ran about once a week). I’ve tried a lot of things over the past few months and I think my muscle fibers healed back together kind of wonky. I’m hoping that with constant stretching and strengthening I can smooth out the knots and start to run normally again. Perhaps that explains why the more active I am, the better my legs feel? Inactivity seems to make the pain worse. Phew! That was a long-winded answer to your question :-)

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