2009 Central Park Triathlon

Sunday had an early start – Nate’s alarm went off at 5:30am and mine beeped shortly thereafter. The 2009 Central Park triathlon was being held in NYC today and it was Nate’s last race of the season. To fuel myself for some serious spectating, I started off with strong coffee, a banana, and blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt.

Frida coffee mug


I was very glad for the extra protein in my morning yogurt – for nearly 3 hours I was walking, jogging, and cheering as I spectated the triathlon.

The 400m swim was held in Lasker Pool –

The Lasker Pool

Go, Nate, Go! The bike leg was 12 miles (2 laps of Central Park).

Nate on his bike

The run was a hilly 5k.

Run out

Run Finish 1

Nate’s dad participated as well. It was fun to have two people to cheer for! The lay-out of the course allowed spectators to see the entire swim, all of the transitions, two points on the bike leg, and the run start/finish.

Mark on the run

Nate was fourth overall (1 hour, 59 seconds) and first in his age group. Woo-hoo! The official results will be posted on this site.

Awards Ceremony

Zico coconut water was available for the athletes. I love this stuff, but Emily and Alma were not big fans….

Zico taste test

Emily and Alma

After the race, I headed to my gym to do a little strength training and shower. A box of coconut water and some pistachios held me over until lunch.

Zico coconut water and pistachios

We went to one of my favorite places – The Popover Cafe – for lunch. I love the big, flakey popovers that are served with strawberry butter.


Mine arrived hot from the oven – check out how hollow the popover is inside!

Popover with Strawberry Butter

I ordered the Bistro salad for my entree – the salads are HUGE at the Popover Cafe. I think I ate a whole garden’s worth of arugula. Atop my green mountain, I had roasted pears, red onion, goat cheese, and pecans. With some mustard herb vinaigrette for dipping.

Bistro Salad

I’ve found that dipping my fork in dressing before each bite provides the perfect amount.

Bistro Salad with Dressing

Even though I was stuffed after lunch, I made room for a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. My early morning wake-up was starting to make me sleepy….

iced coffee

Despite my afternoon caffeine fix, I still managed to take an hour long nap when we got home. It was just what I needed! After some blog work and errands, I started to get hungry for dinner. I sliced a tomato and some fresh mozzarella and made a panini on the George Foreman grill. With a little EVOO on the plate for dipping, of course!

Tomato and mozzarella

Dessert was another peanut butter brownie (Nate added walnuts, swirls of Smucker’s Natural, and Newman’s Own Organic pb cups to brownie mix!) and a bit of vanilla bean ice cream. I may have gone back to the pan for some more nibbles of brownie :-)

PB Brownie

Question: What sport do you think your body is best suited for? Do you have a swimmer’s shoulders? A runner’s legs? The height of a basketball player? After years of trying (and failing) to play ball sports, I’m pretty sure I’m meant to be a runner or cyclist :-)


10 Responses

  1. I love your blog, because you eat ice cream every single day, and I am pretty sure I do too. :D

  2. The popover looks AWESOME! Congrats to Nate on a great race :)

  3. i’ve always been a softball player o and a runner! haha. i was never good at anything else. LOL

  4. I love running but I definitely don’t have a runner’s body (I’m a little ahem, top heavy). LOL. I was definitely built to be a softball player (I played fastpitch for many years), I have pretty big hands (to grip the ball with) and was very fast running the bases back in the day.

  5. Just yesterday I saw the zico coconut water for the first time in the supermarket, I thought that flavoured coconut water was interesting. My sister said that she has seen it before. I’m not sure if I want to taste it now after seeing your friends reactions though.

  6. YAY! Go Nate!! That popover looks delicious! And omg Strawberry Butter? Where is this cafe? I must go!

  7. Mmm those brownies look amazing! I think my body is definitely best suited for running/yoga. I’ve done a number of sports (volleyball, basketball, track, softball) but I think these two are the best for me :)

  8. HI! I love your blog. I’ve never seen a popover before. Those look so good… and big!

  9. Yay for Nate and his dad!! It looks like they did awesome. Also yay for the Popover Cafe, which is totally awesome:)

  10. Congratulations to Nate and his dad! I can’t wait until I can do a triathlon. But only after Boston…

    I have never really figured out what sport I’m made for (maybe none!). My guess would be something like wrestling, even though I have no interest in it.

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