Healthy Living Summit – Day 1

Friday was another early morning and I started it off with coffee, of course. I headed out the door for a quick 20 minute run and felt surprisingly good. After stretching and showering, it was off to work!

Frida coffee mug

Breakfast was an Oikos greek yogurt, blueberries, and a cute little Tupperware of Kashi Go Lean Crunch


Later on in the morning, I had some prunes and dried apricots and my first “green grass” beverage. I received a sample packed of Green Defense and thought that Friday would be the perfect day to try it out. With all the traveling I have planned for the next week – I need all the energy I can get! I mixed the packet with ice cold water and while I can’t say it tasted good…it definitely made me feel energetic!

Dried fruit

Green Defense

I left work at 1pm (half-day, woo-hoo!) and met Nate to take the 2pm Bolt Bus to Boston. Lunch on board was peanut butter, jelly, and banana on hemp bread with carrots and Fig Newmans on the side. It felt like the kind of lunch I used to eat in grade school. Well, maybe not the hemp bread… Our ride took nearly 5 hours because for some reason we went through the Lincoln Tunnel in to NJ and then back into Manhattan via the GW Bridge! An hour into the trip, we were still in New York City. Luckily I was able to watch a movie on the bus (Revolutionary Road – I liked it!) and snacked on a few more prunes throughout the afternoon. Finally, finally around 7pm we arrived in Boston. After a quick hotel check-in and change of clothes, I was ready for the cocktail party!

Carrots and sandwich

Fig Newman's



The Healthy Living Summit cocktail party was held at The Rustic Kitchen, a cute Italian bistro next to the Radisson Hotel. I started off with a glass of pinot grigio, a bit of salad, and a square of Portobello mushroom pizza.

Brick Oven

Appetizer and wine

As I mingled with the other girls, I snagged another small square of mushroom pizza. I also tried an appetizer comprised of beef tenderloin, truffled mashed potatoes, and toasted baguette. Interesting!


AppetizerSo excited to meet Meghann and Tina!

Meghann, Megan, and Tina

Healthy Living Summit attendees – Megan, Sarah, and Amelia.

Cocktail party

After a few hours of chit-chat, it was time to meet up with AnjaLi – one of my senior year housemates. Around 9:30pm, I met Anj, Janet, and Janet’s boyfriend Seth. We settled down at an outdoor Indian café and ordered drinks. I ordered the mini version of the basil-ginger vodka gimlet. The drink had big pieces of ginger in it – yum!

Basil Ginger Gimlet

Nate joined us after awhile and ordered an Indian-inspired lamb pizza. I tried a small piece and am happy to say that it was excellent! The masala sauce really gave the pizza an interesting pop of flavor.


Lamb pizza

Janet, Megan, Anj

Megan and Nate

After a long night of chatting and drinks, it was time to head back to the hotel. Nate and I got a case of the midnight munchies and each had a few bites of a Snickers bar from the vending machine. A candy bar at a Healthy Living Summit!!? Yup, my motto is everything in moderation :-)


Stay tuned for Day 2!


8 Responses

  1. The pizzas at the summit look so good!!!!!!

  2. I’m still so impressed that you made it to the hotel, changed and looked so lovely and composed when we met at the cocktail party! I’m so glad we had a chance to chat in person and I look forward to part 2 of your recap! :)

  3. That bus ride sounds like a nightmare! I’m surprised because usally Bolt buses are pretty reliable. I’m glad you had fun at the summit though! That picture of you and Nate is so adorable:)

  4. You and Nate are too adorable for words.
    His indian inspired lamb pizza sounds rocking! I would LOVE that!
    So exciting that you were at the Summit – can’t wait to hear more.

  5. That’s a cute photo of us! :)

  6. Hi Meghann,

    Everyone looked like they had such a great time on the weekend. Wished I was there. Are the Newmans Fig newtons really good? I have been wanting to buy a pack but not sure.

  7. Hi Megan, I am so glad I was able to meet you at Rustic Kitchen. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog … you are an amazingly talented runner!!!! Please please come to the next NYC blogging event.

  8. Cute recap! It was great to meet you Megan :)

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