Olympic Granola

The folks at Olympic Granola were nice enough to send me some samples of their gourmet granola bars. The flavors of bars are divided into three varieties: Trail Bars (Chocolate Peanut, Roasted Almond, Almond Chocolate), Coffee House Bars (Espresso Almond Chocolate, Mocha Mint, Turtle Mocha, Green Tea Zest), and the Sunshine Bar (Lemon Chamomile).

Olympic Granola

Olympic granola

On our road trip to Pennsylvania, Nate and I sampled the Lemon Chamomile bar. I was a little skeptical – I’m more of a chocolate fan when it comes to energy bars. How would chamomile tea and lemon taste together?? I’m happy to announce that I was pleasantly surprised. The bar was moist and crumbly in a good way. Unlike super hard granola bars that hurt my teeth and get crumbs all over the place, this was very easy to eat on the go. Upon first bite I noticed the individual pieces of oat, sunflower seeds, almonds, etc. The nutty almonds, savory seeds, sweet honey, and zesty lemon all blended together quite well. For comparison – the taste sort of reminded me of a Lemon Zest Luna bar.  A few days later I ate the chocolate chip-peanut variety – amazing! It was 10 x more nutritious than a cookie, but tasted just as good (better, actually!) :-) These 3 oz babies were also very nutritionally dense – 390 calories, 7 grams of fiber, and 10 grams of protein per bar. Paired with a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of fruit, these bars would make a very filling and energy packed breakfast. I think they would also make excellent hiking or camping snacks!



8 Responses

  1. Yum they look delish! :)


  2. i’ve seen these but have never tried them – the lemon chamomile sounds delightful!

  3. Lemon chamomile sounds delicious! I’d never heard of this company – have you seen their products in the city??

  4. They sound super yum – never heard of them before! Hope all went well on the road trip :( – been thinking of ya!

  5. I`m not a fan of coffee/coffee flavors, so the Sunshine Bar sounded absolutely wonderful! It looks like a nice change from the typical chocolate ones.

  6. Those look really good! The coffee house bars sound amazing!

  7. I’m having a hard time picturing how big 3 oz is. That’s a really high calories count (to me) for a bar.

  8. These bars are great. We are bringing them to the BWCA this weekend! They should pack well.

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