Jersey: The Diner, the Shore, the Garden State Parkway

On day 4, we were up early again for some exercise. After the requisite coffee, I headed out for a 35 minute run on the boardwalk. I felt great! I really picked up the pace at the end and finished strong. After my run, I walked for about 20 minutes to cool down.

Coffee on the porch

Once I returned to the B&B, I downed a big glass of water and a juicy apple.

post-run Megan

After Nate returned from Attila Gym and we showered and packed up our bags, we said goodbye to the Holly Beach Bed & Breakfast.

Our next stop – a New Jersey diner breakfast! I was really craving an omelet and the Las Vegas diner delivered.

New Jersey Diner

I ordered the spinach and feta omelet with homefries and whole wheat toast.

Spinach and feta omelet


Nate ordered the sausage and cheddar omelet (Nate – where are the veggies???)

Diner omelet

My run made me one hungry lady – I ate every single bite :-)

Licked clean

After a few more hours of beach time, we hit the road and headed back to the city.

Nate drives

At a rest stop I bought a strawberry-banana Odwalla smoothie. This smoothie has a lot of sugar, so you might not want to drink it every day, but it’s a  pretty good rest-stop find.

Odwalla smoothie

On the train back to the city, I broke into my fudge stash. Check out the yummy flavors: Snickers (on top), Cookies ‘n Cream, and Chocolate Chip. The shop where I bought this smelled SO yummy. Everyday they use fresh whipping cream and make the fudge on-site.


My big brunch coupled with a long day of travelling kind of killed my appetite. But once we arrived back at my apartment, I knew I should eat something filling. I toasted up the last of my French Meadow Bakery hemp bagels and topped it with peanut butter, berry jam, and a banana. Yum!


The beach was fun, but now it’s back to  my regular workday schedule. Happy hump day!

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5 Responses

  1. MMMMM i love fudge! makes me want to got o Mackinac City! :)

  2. ohhhh that omelet and chocolate goodies look amazing! yay for a fun vacation – hope you and nate get to spend lots of time together before he has to leave :(

    happy day to you!

  3. I love reading your recaps because I am so familiar with the Jersey Shore that I feel like I’m there with you!! That omelet looks fantastic!

  4. Sounds like you had such a cool time at the beach! Hurray for that! Nice that you managed to get some decent exercise in as well – that feels so good on vacay doesn’t it? It’s like you can feel doubly happy about all the free time and indulgences.

    Love the look of that omelet too – I’d have murdered it as well!

  5. Yum I love fudge too!!! I loved going to Mackinac Island as a child.

    Have a great week!

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