Not to be confused with last week’s blog birthday, today is my actually birthday :-) I’m 25! To celebrate, I’ve compiled a post of all my favorite things.

Sunny, Autumn days.


Crinkle-cut fries and a black & white milkshake from the Shake Shack.

Fries & Shake

Long runs (sometimes even ones that last for 26.2 miles).


Ice cream.

mint chocolate chip ice cream

My housemates from senior year of college.

Graduation Day!

Salads from the office cafeteria.


Baking birthday cake.




The beach.



Frida coffee mug

Cozy-ing up with a good book.


Question: What are some of your favorite things?


32 Responses

  1. Happy birthday!!! My favorite things include sushi, swimming in lakes, apple picking on a crisp fall day, running in Central Park with friends, and eating gelato from Grom on the Upper West Side:)

  2. Happy Birthday! Celebrate with all the things you love!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day – you certainly have perfect weather for it!!

    Some of my favorite things: exercise, long walks outdoors, sushi, coffee, vacation, cooking. And of course friends & family :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!!

    Some of my favorite things are fall weather, curling up with a good book, running with friends, snuggling with my husband and listening to great music.

  5. Happy, happy birthday! I can agree with most of your favorite things, but I’ll just downgrade the running to walking–especially nice on one of those sunny fall days you mentioned!

  6. Happy Birthday! My favorite thing in the world is spending time with my two boys.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!!!!!! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day and you do all the things that you love!


  9. Happy Birthday! 25 years in a row, that’s impressive :)

    Hope it’s a nice cool day! (unlike the 100+degrees it is here in Texas!)

  10. Happy Birthday! Some of my favorite things are fall, sushi, green tea, and spending a whole day reading or watching sports.

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a fantastic one!

    My favorite things are my dogs, spending the day with my husband, wine, ice cream, diet coke, long walks with friends, and sleepy saturday mornings.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN! ahhh, 25 (that’s what i will turn this year)! i hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy all your fave things – especially the cake!

    my fave things? ice cream, books, running, making french toast, farmer’s markets, comfy sweaters, fall, friends, family and FUN!

  13. Happy Birthday to you! It’s my sisters Bday too. Favorites include Summer time, boats, beach, running, Ice cream from Nonas Homemade (local place), Red Sox, Patriots, Hot cocoa in the winter, red wine, nieces & nephews and hanging with friends and LATTES

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! A beautiful fall day is one of my favorite things too! Love the colorful leaves, the sunshine, and the slight breeze..perfection! I also love a really good movie, and a night with great friends. Oh, and who doesn’t love a good nights rest. Oh sleep, how I love and miss thee.

  15. Wow Happy Birthday!!! It’s a lovely almost-Fall day in NYC for ya!

    Favorite fall things:
    Foliage, obviously.
    Oversized sweaters you can crawl into!
    Candy corn, daily.
    Marathon running!!
    apple picking, apple cider donut eating… they go hand in hand
    Football on Sundays
    and you hit the Shake Shack spot on! Black and White milkshakes are my favorite!

  16. Happy birthday!! I second the autumn days, running, ice cream (coconut milk, that is), salads, the beach, and books!

  17. Happy birthday! My favorite things would be friends, family, and food(and obviously alliteration)

  18. Happy Birthday! My favorite things include family and friends, cookies, sleeping late and being in Maine!

  19. Happy birthday! Some of my favorite things are chocolate ice cream, Fall (especially when the leaves change), Halloween, volleyball and traveling to tropical locations! :)

  20. Happy birthday!

  21. happy birthday!! live it up today! as for my favorite things…

    -dinner with friends
    -quality long runs
    -mexican food
    -walking around the city
    -sunny days
    -dance parties

  22. Happy Birthday!! I loved this post! Adorable puppy, fantastic cake, wonderful salads and all the photos were just great!

    travelling and seeing new locations is one my absolute favs. and frosting. :)

  23. and raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens??
    happy bday!

  24. happy birthday! i have lots of favorite things. they are: visiting breweries, running with friends (and alone), eating delicious food (in-season fruit, treats from jacques torres, dinosaur bbq, and on and on), good books, fall weather, the obx, my apartment when it’s sparkly clean, and sandwiches from pb&co (i guess that counts of food…but it’s so good, it deserves a spot of its own). hope you’re celebrating!

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yay for 25! I am so pleased that you included Frida mug, ice cream and can we just talk about that puppy for a second? What the eff is that about?! TOO CUTE!

    My favorite things (ooh this is so fun!):
    – being by the ocean
    – oreo cookie milkshakes
    – nights spent cooking and drinking wine
    – travelling to far-flung places
    – reading an amazingly good book
    – dance parties
    – running
    – sunshine
    – my best friends from home
    – cake (I hope you get to have some!)

  26. Happy Birthday! I love your list.

    My favs:
    –my old college campus in indiana
    –walks runs or hikes with my friends
    –watching tudors w/my hubby (showtime series)
    –reading (i read a book a week)
    –happy suns (the kind that smiles but isn’t 10 million degrees)
    –when the colts win a football game

  27. favorite things? Megan I. Kretz.

  28. Happy, Happy birthday! :D

    Favorite things:

    —fall days!
    —cool mornings
    —apple picking
    —long walks
    —long runs :D
    —black labs
    —cozy rainy days

  29. Just found your blog through others, love it as a runner myself!
    Happy Birthday and can’t wait to come back and read more from you!

  30. Happy B-day!!

    Favorite Things: I have a lot, but to narrow it down, here are a few:

    cuddling with my hubby
    eating good food!
    running with friends
    running in the snow
    riding my bike through cute little german towns
    good wine, cheese, and bread in Europe!
    reading a good book while it pours outside
    crisp fall air with the smell of fireplaces going
    fall leaves

  31. Happy Belated Birthday!! I just saw your post today!! Hope it was a good one!

  32. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Loved this post! :)

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