Waiting in line at the DMV

After my 1.5 drinks and a midnight bedtime, I was not a happy lady when my alarm went off at 6am on Friday. Ugh. Luckily, once I made coffee and walked to the subway, I was feeling more energetic. Despite feeling a little tired, I was super excited for my morning running date with Karina. We met in Central Park around 7am and hit the road for a nice, easy 6 miles. The weather was pretty perfect for late summer running – mid 60’s and sunny. My hammy felt pretty good throughout and my knee/IT band only gave me the usual twinges. By the time we finished, I was feeling good, but STARVING. After chugging some water, I bought an overpriced luna bar from my gym’s juice bar and gobbled it up. Note to self: must eat something before morning runs that are 5 miles or longer. Lately I feel like I’ve been on a blood sugar roller coaster – I’m a lot more sensitive to hunger pains and crankiness. When I arrived at my desk, I immediately chowed down on a Wallaby maple yogurt, sliced banana, and a serving of Mesa Sunrise. Felt much better afterwards!

luna bar

post-run fuel

Fast-forward 2 hours later…I’m hungry again. Contemplating the protein content of my own arm, I snacked on pomegranate-blueberry applesauce. It was yummy, but did nothing to fill me up. Around noon, I broke into a bag of Stacy’s pita chips. Thankfully these held me over until I could grab some real lunch. My office closed at 1pm, so I skedaddled out of there and down to the cafeteria ASAP.


Stacy's pita chips

Cafeteria lunch du jour:

Lunch al fresco


  • Romaine, carrots, red onion, mushrooms, kidney beans
  • Whole grain croutons, cranberries, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette
  • Tastings of wheatberry salad, Mediterranean couscous, and edamame

I enjoyed my lunch al fresco and then walked the mile or so to the Herald Square DMV. Good god. This place is a nightmare. I knew it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience, so I did some online research before I went. First of all, if you ever have to visit, AVOID the information ticket line at all costs. You will stand in line for 20-30 minutes, be given forms to fill out, and then told to stand in the next line. Advice: print out your forms from the internet ahead of time and save yourself some frustration. After bypassing the first line, I situated myself in the Driver’s License/ID card line where I proceeded to stand for 2 ½ hours. Seriously. I felt really bad for some of the elderly people that were in line – they seemed to have trouble standing on their feet for that long. Also, there were 2 restroom stalls for the entire facility. And no vending machines. Don’t come here hungry!

Finally, finally I get to the front of the line, hand in my forms, and my photograph is taken. Then I receive a ticket and am told to sit down and wait until my number is called. Another hour passes. I’m hungry. I have to pee. It’s almost 6pm. When my number is finally called, I sprint to the counter and sign for my temporary license. Gah! I won’t even get the real deal for another 2 weeks (assuming Albany – the state capital – doesn’t screw things up). 4 hours and $65 later I exit the DMV in a daze. I need a drink. If they set up a bar inside the DMV office, they’d make a fortune. Maybe even enough money to hire some more employees.

On the verge of slugging the next tourist who got in my way, I hunted down a Mr. Softee truck and ordered myself a twist with rainbow sprinkles. Ahh. Thank goodness. Do I look stressed in this photo?

Mr. Softee

Once I arrived home, I managed to be fairly productive – our kitchen now resembles a place where food can be prepared and consumed. Yay, unpacking! Around 9pm, I was starting to get hungry. And lo and behold I decided to make something other than peanut butter and jelly on toast. A small miracle, really. I found a large bowl and filled it with mesclun greens. Next I sliced up a peach, added some walnuts, and raisins, a few Tbs of jalapeno hummus, a cup of low-fat cottage cheese, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and a crumbled Dr. Kracker seed bread. Yum! This combo sounds odd, but I love the contrast of flavors and textures. If you’ve never tried cottage cheese and hummus on greens, I highly recommend it – very creamy and delish!

Mish-mosh salad

Up-close salad

Vegetarian Update: Well, Friday was day 4 and to be honest, I haven’t really had to alter my diet at all. Alma heated up some turkey chili that smelled really good, but other than that, I haven’t found avoiding meat to be difficult at all (ahem…probably because I eat pb&j every day…). However, I’m visiting my family in Pennsylvania this weekend, so passing up Mom’s meatloaf might be a challenge. Wish me luck!

Think children should be eating fresh, local food rather than mystery meat? Sign Slow Food International’s  Time for Lunch petition and show your support for healthy school lunches!

Question: What did you eat for lunch in elementary/middle school? When I was 11, I ate pizza lunch-ables for 100 days straight. Oh my.


11 Responses

  1. awww lunch-ables were the best! i used to love the nacho ones! hahaha…I ate sandwiches alot! haha typical school lunch!


  2. What a terrible DMV experience!!! Not to make you feel bad, but I went recently to the one near Penn Station and was in and out in about 20 minutes.

    Growing up, my mom always made us sandwiches – usually deli turkey. I still love turkey sandwiches!

  3. Wow! Super long wait at the DMV. I hate having to go there! It’s always such a long wait and the people at ours aren’t very nice!

    When I was growing up I either had pizza or PB&J. My Mom always packed PB&J when she made my lunch. Once in a while I bought and it was always pizza.

  4. I remember the dreaded lunchables, and skippy on white bread. tsk tsk, I hope kids nowadays are fed better and the petition works

  5. I got my learner’s permit at the Herald Square DMV and it was SUCH a nightmare, I waited on line for 5 hours!!!! I don’t understand why they cannot figure out a way to make it a more expedient process:(

  6. Oh my god! Your DMV experience sounds beyond hellacious and yet you sound remarkably calm about the whole thing! I would be freaking out!! 4 hours? Good god indeed.

    Yay for making a non-PB&J dinner (even though I kinda support those 100%)! Ice cream…essential after stress..or just essential in general!

  7. Wow, that totally sucks with the DMV, I;m moving to Iowa tomorrow from MN and have to go and get a new license, but Iowa won’t compare to NY!
    Passing up mom’s meatloaf would be tough!

  8. nyc dmv = HELL ON EARTH!! never fun.

    run in central park + ice cream = heaven!

    a little balance is best, eh? :)

  9. I agree with the bar in the DMV idea. I used to have to go for my boss! lol That’s what happens when you’re an office assistant.

    If Albany messes up your license, let me know, and I’ll run down there and set em straight! ha I live in Albany.

  10. My mother made us lunch every single day up to my last two years of school when I said I wanted to buy lunch instead (worst mistake of my life), eh I was young. They were good lunches too although sometimes (alot) I would switch with someone who bought lunch.

  11. i had almost the EXACT same experience at the herald square dvm two weeks ago. i don’t think anyone can truly know how horrible it is unless one has experienced it one’s self! 4 hours of my life that i will never get back! i was thinking i needed a drink afterward too!

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