Sabatini’s Pizza

I’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately, so I was up early, early on Saturday morning. After the usual coffee and a clif bar, I joined Alma on the first part of her long run. We ran in Central Park and it was sunny and hot enough to run in just a sports bra! I’ll get my vitamin D anyway I can – my recent blood tests showed that I’m deficient. eek!  I ended up running about 8 miles in 1 hour, 16 minutes. Yahoo! This was my longest run since April’s Boston marathon. I definitely can’t run as fast as I was able to go this past winter/spring, but I was very happy with today’s effort. After some stretching and re-hydrating, it was time for a real breakfast!

clif bar

Love in a bowl: 1 cup of non-fat greek yogurt, sliced banana, slice peach, scoop of peanut butter, and a scoop of jam.


After a shower and a mad dash to the bus station, I caught the 1pm bus to Wilkes-Barre. On board, I snacked on a fresh Jersey peach, one of Angela’s Glo Bars (so chewy and delicious!), and a sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine.

Jersey peach

Glo Bar

Kashi Honey Sunshine

After a long, but uneventful bus ride I arrived in Wilkes-Barre. I immediately headed up to the AT&T store to procure a new phone (!!!). I came thisclose to getting the iphone, but was put off by the mandatory $30/month data plan. Around 6pm, my family and I headed out to dinner at a local pizza place that I L-O-V-E: Sabatini’s Pizza

New phone! The Samsung

Sisters at Sabatini’s:

Megan and Rachel

Rachel and Eric:

Rachel and Eric

I started off with a side salad with french dressing


And then the table shared an order of crispy fries:

French fries

I’m really glad that we had some appetizers, because it took awhile for our pizza to come out. But when it finally did arrive at the table, it was SO good. I love the whole wheat crust at Sabatini’s. It’s thin and chewy and reminds me of fresh dough that you’d whip up in your own kitchen. We ordered the whole wheat pizza with onions. I ate quite a few yum slices.


Sabatini's pizza

Sabatini's pizza

After stuffing my tum with pizza, I returned home and took a little walk. And then it was time for wine! Joe, Ali, and I split a bottle of Riesling while chatting on the outside deck of a local bar. It was a lovely night, but I could definitely notice a bit of fall chill in the air.


I didn’t get home until well after midnight and I was in need of a snack. I ended up having some cheerios with a spoonful of peanut butter on top. It wasn’t exactly what I was craving (couldn’t decide what I wanted), but it did the trick and filled me up.

Vegetarian Challenge Update: Saturday was Day 5, still going strong!

Question: Do you have a favorite food/restaurant that reminds you of your childhood? For me, it’s weekend pizza nights with my family!

Are fruit loops a healthy breakfast choice?

Staying hydrated on Long Runs

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10 Responses

  1. Wow, that pizza makes me want to go get some expensive vegan cheese and go all-out. There’s a great vegetarian pizza place in NY called Viva Naturale that I definitely suggest!

    So many foods are so nostalgic for me…BBQ definitely, my mom used to love doing that in the summer. But ordering pizza is right up there. I used to sit and stare out our front window, waiting for the delivery car to pull up…

  2. MMM whole wheat pizza doe is amazing! Glad you enjoyed, enjoying good food with family is the best! :)

    hope you have a wonderful labor day!

  3. yay for 8 miles! good for you girl! that is seriously awesome.

    mmmmm pizza! looks like you are having a good weekend – keep enjoying!

  4. Aw yay! Thank you for posting the pic of me and Erick. I love Sabatini’s pizza

  5. That’s awesome they offer a whole wheat pizza. I feel like a lot of places are still a bit slow on the uptake for that.

  6. that pizza looks so good, i’ll have to check out sabatinis!

  7. That pizza looks so good; I love how pizza places are starting to offer WW crusts! Yay for being health-minded!

    Great run, too!

  8. FYI: Kinnikinik makes gluten-free pizza crusts that are both healthy and delicious.

    Question (favorite food that reminds you of childhood): I was a Seventh Day Adventist as a kid, so all of my childhood food was vegetarian. My favorite lunch at my Adventist private school was taco stack-y-ups… On the bottom you put Fritos; next you have kidney beans; next a bunch of grated cheese; then veggies like lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives, etc… Yummy in the tum-tum-tummy!

  9. I ran 8 miles this weekend too! Yay us! Ha ha.
    That pizza looks pretty dang good I must day.

    Fish and chips will always remind me of England but also of the special Friday nights when my family would get them as take away and eat round the table with lots of extra salt and vinegar on the chips (fries)….sigh.

  10. I love Sabatini’s! It is the one place where I will completely forget about counting calories or anything else, then I’ll do 10 miles on the stationary bike to make up for it :) They’ve started something new with the beer, alternating drafts on a regular basis. It’s hard to beat a pitcher of Killian’s and a large Sab’s with pepperoni..mmm…

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