Candle 79

My day without coffee ended up going pretty well (although I did have a cup of english breakfast tea before lunch). I didn’t notice any major changes in how I felt, so I’m not sure I’m going to give up coffee completely. I think I might try and limit it to a very small cup in the morning.

Afternoon snacks were identical to Tuesday: salt and pepper pistachios and chocolate covered cranberries. Yum!

Finally, the work day came to a close and I headed up to the Upper East Side for a yummy dinner.

After hearing about all the creative and delicious dishes at Candle 79, I knew I had to try it for myself as soon as possible. A few years ago I had dinner at the affiliated Candle Cafe, but I always considered Candle 79 the mecca of vegetarian restaurants. Everything at Candle is vegan and a lot of care is taken in making sure the ingredients are locally sourced and in-season. I loved the cozy, two-story restaurant. Wish I could dine here every week!

Candle 79

I met Katie at the restaurant for our 7pm reservations and since she is friendly with the management, we were given the star treatment! We started off with a little appetizer of yellow heirloom tomato topped with a green (cilantro?) sauce. The tomato looked like sushi at first, but I can guarantee that it was definitely just a very juicy tomato.

Heirloom Tomato Appetizer

Sorry for the blur – when I’m hungry, my patience for photography flies out the window.

After a long deliberation over the menu choices, I settled on the special for the day (are you ready for this??): slices of grilled tempeh (fermented soy beans) stuffed with spinach and potato on a bed of green beans and slivered almonds. And then it was topped off with green apple matchsticks, pomegranate seeds, and a sweet potato puree sauce. Ahh! It was almost too beautiful to eat. But luckily I DID dig in and it was fabulous – I loved the Autumn themed ingredients (pomegranate, apples, sweet potato). I also really enjoyed the tempeh. I rarely make tempeh or seitan at home, so it was a nice treat to have someone else prepare it for me.

Candle 79

Grilled Tempeh Special

Katie ordered the seitan piccata and gave me a bite – I loved the savory caper sauce! And the texture of seitan (textured wheat gluten) is amazingly similar to chicken…

Seitan Piccata

I’ve heard very good things about  the desserts at Candle 79 (and we all know what a huge sweet tooth I have…), so obviously I had to try one. Katie and I split the summer berry crumble: fresh berries, strawberry sauce, almond shortbread crumble, topped with lemon chamomile ice cream.

Summer Berry Crumble

Last night was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and celebrate the beginning of fall. On my walk home from dinner, the air definitely had a chill in it – I think jacket and scarf weather has arrived!


10 Responses

  1. I’ve heard of that restaurant but you make it look so good! I’d love to try that some day

  2. Ohhhhh yes. Evan, please, I would gladly accompany you even though I have no idea who you are. Any excuse to eat at Candle works for me…

  3. holy yummola! i love how that dish has tempeh! yay for the arrival of jacket and scarf weather!

  4. That place looks great! I love jacket and scarf weather!

  5. YUM! That looks amazing! That might have to be my first big NYC food splurge :) I love fall!

  6. this restaurant looks lovely, and totally would be on my list of places i want to go if i make it NYC ever! your dishes look amazing! :)

  7. mmm everything looks so good. I love the fall themed meal and that dessert looks like heaven! glad you enjoyed :)

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  9. Oooohhhh this place looks good! Especially love the look of your entree – so many different ingredients!

  10. this restaurant looks so great – i have to try!

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