30 Days of Vegetables

October – I love it. Ever since I can remember, October has been my favorite month: pumpkins, apple pie, fall foliage, haunted hay rides, cross-country season, Halloween costumes (and candy!), what’s not to love?

After Wednesday night’s fancy-pants dinner (so worth it), I buckled down and was economical from morning ’till night. I was up at 8am on Thursday  making pinto beans and brown rice on the stove. Yep, I know that’s weird, but I had plans to run after work so I wanted to do most of the prep work in advance.

I started off the morning with some green tea and then decided that I wanted coffee. I missed my morning ritual! I used 1/2 serving of coffee grounds and once I added my usual splash of 1%, it tasted more like coffee-flavored milk than anything else. But I actually kind of liked it. I think I’m going to start having 1/2 cups from now on and see how that goes…

Breakfast was another bowl ‘o overnight oats at my desk. Delicious, but it left me freezing cold! I think it’s time to switch to hot oatmeal.

overnight oats

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 6 oz plain, low-fat Stonyfield Farm yogurt
  • splash of 1% milk
  • 1.5 bananas
  • dried cherries
  • Tbs PB2
  • peanut butter chips (candy!)
  • sprinkle of cinnamon

I also packed a very wholesome lunch (using more of my free sample of Nature’s Pride bread).

I filled two slices of 12-grain bread with Sabra’s supremely spicy hummus (love.this.brand), mozzarella cheese, and spinach.

Spinach, hummus, and mozzarella sandwich

And a local MacIntosh apple with a wedge of laughing cow cheese on the side. Mmm, I always forget how much I love the combo of sweet apples + savory cheese.

MacIntosh apple with laughing cow

Afternoon snack was a couple adora calcium supplements (have to remind myself that these are vitamins NOT candy…) and salt & pepper pistachios.

pistachios x2


After dashing home from work, I threw on my running clothes and headed out the door. My goal: pick-up my race number and packet for Saturday’s 1/2 marathon. Ahhh! Can’t believe I am doing this. T-minus 24 hours.

Since I prepped most of dinner in the morning (yay rice & beans!), I was able to eat as soon as I cooled down from my evening 4-mile run.

Brown rice + pinto beans + sauteed spinach & onion + soy sauce = din-din

rice & beans

And for dessert, I had some hazlenut gelato topped off with a few stroopwafels (caramel wafer cookies). It may be October, but I will eat ice cream year round. And that’s a promise.


30 Day No-Meat Challenge Update: Well, yesterday marked the end of the 30 day no-meat challenge. I’m happy to say that not eating meat for a month was not very difficult. There were a few times that meat seemed appetizing (burgers grilling over an open flame smell pretty darn good), but I didn’t really crave it too much. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about eating meat from now on. I’m hesitant to use the label “vegetarian” because I really love all sorts of foods and I feel like that puts strict limits on my choices. Instead,  I might follow Christine’s example and occasionally eat meat when I dine out (but not purchase it or prepare it myself). But for the next short while at least I will remain meat-free, stay tuned for updates!

By the way, yesterday (October 1st) was World Vegetarian Day and I believe October is Vegetarian Awareness month. How timely!

Question: What is your favorite vegetarian dish? I need recipe ideas!



15 Responses

  1. Tofu scramble. It’s not only a dish: it’s a way to clean out your fridge, a source of complete protein, healthy fats and vegetables, and, dare I say, a lifestyle in and of itself.

  2. Good work on your veggie month. If you want a new challenge, try going vegan for a month. I’m easing back into it myself and its not easy to start with.

    I know you’ve mentioned a friend/blogging colleague who writes a vegetarian runner blog, but I can’t find it through internet searching. This is particularly disturbing because I’m a librarian. Anyway, could you post a link? Thanks!

  3. I, too, will not give up my ice cream no matter what the weather’s like :-)

    I really love my lentils. Usually I just have them snobby joe style, but I’ve ready about stuffing them into a hollowed pumpkin or squash and baking that for a nice fall dinner. Also I’ve been really into tempeh lately and I’d love to look for a good taco recipe that uses tempeh as the meat.

  4. Emily – I think you might be looking for http://www.NoMeatAthlete.com

    It’s a great site!

  5. Yay vegetarian month! I love experimenting with Indian recipes. My current favorite is channa masala (chickpeas with tomatoes). It’s fun to try out different spice mixes :)

  6. i am the same way – i eat a primarily veggie diet, but if i want meat (which probably happens maybe 1 or 2 times a month), i eat it!

    GOOD LUCK ON THE 1/2 MARATHON! this is my last internet for the weekend, so i am sending you good vibes, good luck and lotsa love girl! can’t wait to read your recap :)

  7. Congratulations on 30 days! I know what you mean about the cravings, especially at first. For the most part they’ve gone away for me, except for buffalo chicken. What can I say, I’m a buffalo sauce junkie.

    I think your possible new approach (allowing meat every once in a while, especially dining out) is a very healthy way to live, not just in terms of physical health, but in terms of happiness.

    Way to go on the meat-free month; I’m sure you’ve inspired for more people than you realize.

  8. I do the meat-in-restaurants-only thing, too. A great, very, very quick vegan dinner recipe that’s easy to vary depending on what you have on hand:

    1/2 block tempeh (I like flax tempeh), cubed
    1/2 large onion, minced
    handful of mushrooms, sliced
    1/2 bunch of kale, leaves torn and rinsed
    soy sauce (I use low-sodium tamari)
    hot sauce

    Heat a little oil over high heat and add tempeh and onions; once they start to brown, add the mushrooms. Once those look about half cooked (maybe 2-3 minutes) add the kale, soy sauce, and hot sauce and sautee until the kale is wilted, about another 2 minutes. Serve with a tiny drizzle of sesame oil.

  9. I also just finished my meat-free month, so I hope you don’t mind that I linked to this post so my readers could see TWO recaps of this type of challenge!

  10. good luck this weekend! homemade black bean burgers are great…so are stuffed peppers stuffed with non-meat items (blogged about this recently)…also recently made a yummy eggplant lasagna…and there are tons of great meatless soups!!

  11. Have you thought about making a half-caf coffee. If you are worried about the caffeine but still really love the taste of rich coffee just buy some decaf and substitute half of your normal amount with that.

  12. Oh great. On world vegetarian day I went out and had a cheeseburger! Ha ha! Trust me to be clueless! I hardly ever seem to eat meat these days as well…sigh.
    I’m glad the month of no-meat went well for you. I feel like I would have the same experience. I rarely crave meat. Sometimes I crave certain dishes (chilli, lasagne, etc) but nothing that could not be vegetarianized easily enough.

    So exciting that your race is tomorrow!!! Good luck – I know it’s been tough for you to come back from injury but you seem to have done so well! Can’t wait for the recap!

  13. Stuffed acorn squash is my absolute favorite!

  14. Lentil soup is amazing and so veggie awesome! :) i like your take on the whole meat thing, an i just might follow your path!

    Good luck with your race girl! Your going to do awesome!


  15. […] something with chicken! Now if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may remember my 30-day Vegetarian Challenge. At the end of the month I announced that while I wouldn’t prepare or consume meat at home, I […]

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