Battling the Brrr

Congratulations to Anne!

chocolate hazelnut chobani!! it would be like eating protein-packed nutella. a dream come true!

I loved her idea for nutella Chobani! Anne – send me an email ( with your mailing adress and I’ll make sure Chobani sends you the goods.

I’m not sure what time of year the weather thinks this is, but yesterday was absolutely ridiculous. It was 39 degrees with pouring rain and a nasty headwind when I left the office. Yikes. However, the promise of hot veggie pizza lured me downtown. I met a lovely blog reader (Hi Courtney!) for dinner at Viva Herbal Pizzeria. This place had a serious range of choices – everything from regular mozzarella & tomato to mushrooms, spinach, and hemp seed on spelt crust. I ended up choosing the Santa Cruz slice – spelt crust topped with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, mozzarella, and soy sausage. Yum! But Courtney got something that looked even better (I think I might need to return to Viva Herbal…) – her slice was topped with delicious greens, miso tofu, and pesto.

Viva Herbal


Once I made it home (my hands barely survived the walk/subway ride sans gloves!) I cuddled up under a blanket, popped in season 1 of Mad Men, and enjoyed another helping of my Maple-Cinnamon Apple Crisp. With a dollop of yogurt, of course! The greek yogurt is such a great sub for whipped cream – I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner.

Apple Crisp

I had a lot on my mind and did a lot of tossing and turning before I fell asleep last night.  Ugh, it was not fun waking up when my alarm went off.  Luckily, I made it to the office on time and celebrated Friday with some more apple crisp. I added some honey flavored Chobani to pump up the protein and staying power. I was skeptical of the honey flavor (I tried TJ’s greek yogurt with honey last weekend and was not a huge fan), but it really surprised me. The yogurt wasn’t too sweet – it actually reminded me of a subtle vanilla flavor. It paired perfectly with my cinnamon-y apples. Yum!

Apple Crisp and Chobani

Later on in the morning I snacked on a chocolate vita top. I was the lucky recipient of a whole BOX of these earlier in the week, yay! These healthy muffin tops and brownies each contain 100 calories, 5-6 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein. They’re also packed with vitamins and don’t contain any weird artificial flavorings, colorings, or fake sugars. In fact the first 5 ingredients are: water, whole wheat flour, organic evaporated cane juice, egg whites, and cocoa.


This little snack held me over well and I managed to squeeze in a spin class during my lunch break. I have the biggest crush on the instructor. I want the instructor to be my best friend – he’s amazing! My favorite quote from class: “Halloween is coming up. Get your workout in. Otherwise you’ll look awful in that costume.” Haha, tough love. After 45 minutes of cycling and the fastest shower ever, I was back at my desk ready for LUNCH. Since it’s Friday and I was sooo good about packing my breakfast and lunch all week, I bought a salad from the cafeteria. Yay! I missed you, vegetables.


In the mix:

  • arugula and romaine lettuce
  • slice onion, shredded carrots, mushrooms
  • roasted acorn squash
  • kidney beans, white beans, black beans
  • wild rice & cranberry salad
  • feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

And a serving or so of sour cream & onion pop chips:


I had plans to meet Katie for hot yoga right after work, so in addition to tons of water, I snacked on a Kashi crunchy granola bar. Love these!

Kashi Crunchy

Yoga was good (and hot) – it’s been too long since I’ve been to one of these classes! However, since the weather is freezing outside, I had to bundle my sweaty self up with a bajillion layers.

Once I got home and showered, it was time for some dinner. I started off with some baby carrots and hummus as I prepared the main dish.

Carrots and hummus

After seeing Caitlin’s Eggs in a Hole, I knew I had to have some of my own! I used a glass to make a small hole in the bread, placed it in a lightly oiled frying pan, and then dropped the egg in the middle. After a few minutes, I flipped it over. I added a lil’ mozzarella cheese for good measure.

Egg in a hole

egg in a hole

Delish, but I was still hungry. Spinning class + hot yoga = feed me, feed me.

I heated up the last of my sunshine falafel burgers and topped it with some hummus and hot sauce on toast.

sunshine falafel burger

I did some stuff around the house (so.many.dishes.always) and then started off the weekend with some Hulu TV a delicious slice of pumpkin cheesecake. Yum!

pumpkin cheesecake

Ok, off the bed for me. I’ve gotten an early wake-up call tomorrow :-)

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11 Responses

  1. MMmm anne’s so right, that would be a great chobani! That cheesecake looks incredible

  2. Mmmm nutella chobani does sound delicious!!

    And for serious, what was UP with the weather today?!?! I moved to NYC and thought I’d get a more mild climate compared to Boston. Not so far!!

  3. i looove viva herbal. used to live two blocks from there — it was dangerous.

  4. This weather is awful, for real. What would you wear if you were running in this? Do you generally avoid going out in this, and opt for indoor workouts on a treadmill or spinning? Thanks!!!

  5. I tried TJ’s honey greek yogurt too and was also not a fan. :( TJ’s blueberry flavor was much better.

  6. The recipe page looks great!! :)

  7. This weather is ridiculous!!! I still want to be able to wear flip flops in October!! The apple crisp looks so good!! BTW- were you at Trader Joes earlier today? I could have sworn I saw you, and I wanted to introduce myself, but it with all the chaos, if anyone who stopped would have blocked the walkway, tand here would have been a lot of ticked off people!

  8. Megan! I’ve missed you! Just spent some time catching up on your last week. Firstly thank you SO much for guest blogging for me. I seriously am considering an NYC trip just for you + levain…
    Love all your baking prowess and that you bake stuff to EAT IT. I mean, I get that people just love to bake for the sake of it but you are a girl after my own heart aka you eat what you make. Word.
    I got the same stash of vitatops a while ago so I”m interested to hear what you think overall. I am not a big fan to be honest.

    Okay, don’t want to write an essay but I’m glad to have your posts back in my life! Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Fitnesschoccohalic – I’m in Pennsylvania this weekend, so I don’t think that was me in Trader Joe’s yesterday. Hehe, but maybe I have a look-a-like in NYC! I do love TJ’s though. I was looking at my bank account online the other day and every other transaction was for a grocery store…Eeek.

  10. Angharad- You are so sweet! Thank YOU for letting me do a guest post on your blog. Your photos are always so mouth-watering – I think you need to give me some photography tips :-) I hope your trip to the lonestar state was fab, can’t wait to hear all about it! I think the vita tops are definitely an interesting phenomenon. I go through phases with them. I think the key is eating them warm. They’re no replacement for NYC bakery goodies though! Come visit meeeee!

  11. […] spent some time chatting with my family and then made them eggs in a hole for breakfast. I think they enjoyed […]

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