Daily Double

Monday morning started off with some decaf coffee. Eh, don’t think I’m ready to go sans caffeine just yet. I was dragging on my commute to work!

Breakfast was a strawberry chobani greek yogurt, chopped bosc pear, and an apple berry vita top smeared with a little peanut butter. I cropped my head out of this photo. Decaf Megan was not looking cute.

pear and chobani

vita top

After a few hours of work, I was ready for a fun snack: Clif z-bar Spooky S’mores flavor. I’ve had this flavor in the past and wasn’t super impressed, but I LOVED it this time. Tasted just like s’mores.


It was sunny, so around noon I went for a little walk. Nothin’ exciting to report, just stretched my legs a bit. And then it was time for LUNCH. I really need to go grocery shopping, so I bought my lunch instead of packing it. My salad contained lots of little tastes – I think I tried nearly everything on the salad bar! I especially loved the roasted purple potatoes :-)


I thought about buying some sunchips, but decided to have a few handfuls of Kashi Honey Sunshine instead. I keep this box in my desk drawer for snack attacks. It’s a healthier (and cheaper) alternative to chips.

kashi honey sunshine[source]

Later on in the afternoon, I was craving something s-w-e-e-t. I whipped up a cup of hot chocolate (using half skim milk, half water) and had a few dark chocolate bites along with it.

hot chocolate

I hit up the gym after work (hooray for finally getting good use out of my health club membership!). I started off with 50 minutes on the elliptical. To keep from getting too bored, I alternated speeds every few minutes. For example: I would pedal easily for 5 minutes, sprint for 2 minutes, and then slow back down again. I still had a lot of energy after my elliptical sesh, so I headed over to the treadmill and ran 4 miles in about 35 minutes. By the time I made it home and sat down to dinner, it was after 9pm. Where did the day go?!

I had already begun to devour my plate by the time I took this photo – I was HUNGRY!

Black bean veggie burger with laughing cow cheese, arugula salad with a dollop of hummus, and some quinoa with hot sauce. A little rando, but I think I hit most of the food groups!

veggie burger

Dessert was the last slice of caramel apple walnut pie. So good.

apple pie

And then a little while later I popped up some stove-top popcorn and sprinkled it with chili powder. I had plans to get up wayyy early on Tuesday (spin class!), so I wanted to be well fueled.

Chili Popcorn

And Tuesday morning was, indeed, an early one. I’m really loving the 7:15am cycling classes at my gym – I always feel so accomplished for the rest of the day!

I started off with some coffee (half decaf, half regular) and a few prunes. Yes, it’s a bold move, but I have a stomach of steele!


Spin class was fun, today we did a lot of out-of-the-saddle hill climbs. I like those! However, my cycling shorts are nearing HAZ-MAT status. I need to wash them ASAP. Laundry tonight!

I finished up my a.m. workout with 3 miles on the treadmill. Today’s run was very, very promising. For the last 10 months or so, I haven’t really been able to run on the treadmill because it seemed to excacerbate my hamstring injury. Yesterday’s 4-miler and today’s 3-miler felt (almost) perfect! I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m doing all this doubling: spin class + running, elliptical + running, etc. Answer: I’ve found that by mixing cross-training and running, I’m able to get in high-volume training without aggravating my hamstring and IT band. Now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m trying to be very careful not to re-injure myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to near 100% running mileage, but until then, show me the spin bike!

Next up on my racing agenda: The 8-mile Run for the Diamonds on Thanksgiving Day

Breakfast was a lot more prunes, blueberry chobani greek yogurt (those 14 grams of protein were appreciated!) and a banana walnut vita top. I’d never had this particular flavor before and I really liked the little walnut pieces. Vita tops have pretty stellar nutritional stats, but sometimes the chocolate varieties taste a little…well, dry. I think the regular muffin flavors are better.


 And a decaf cappuccino because my office is freezing.


Around 12:30pm I put my jacket on to go for a walk (it’s 63 degrees and sunny!) and then I realized instead I needed to eat something right.this.second. Ok, stomach. You win. I heated up some leftover pumpkin macaroni and cheese (I swear you cannot taste the vegetable in this).

pumpkin mac and cheese

With a honey crisp apple and some straight-outta-the-box Kashi honey sunshine to fill me up.

honeycrisp apple

Ok, lunch time is over, back to work. Or in search of a diet coke. One of the two.

But tonight, I might make chili. Yay! Does anyone have advice for adding beer to chili? Do I just dump it in while it’s cooking? I have some Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest that I would like to use…

In the News:

My fav pay-what-you-can yoga studio gets some love. Last week someone gave homemade lentil soup as their donation!

Pumpkin 101: The Best Picks for Carving and Cooking!

Digitally distorted models, should they come with warning labels? BTW, Ralph Lauren. I think your ads are creepy.


8 Responses

  1. I was intrigued by your doubling – thanks for explaining! I just thought you were super hardcore. I know you are probably working out the same amount of time as if you ran double what you are doing…but don’t you feel super tired after a spin class?? I don’t know if I could run after one of those.

    I love your “stash” of honey sunshine. Very wise…
    and oh man, caramel apple walnut pie sounds divine. I just remembered there’s homemade apple pie in my fridge too…why have I not devoured it?!

  2. Hi Megan!

    So good to hear your hamstring is doing better. I love spin classes too.

    I recently added some beer to a bean recipe… and just poured half of it in (and drank the other half hehe..) it turned out great! I couldn’t really taste it.. but I think it gave it an extra “oomph”.

    I need to try the pumpkin macroni and cheese! ahh fall cooking. so amazing :)

  3. I love your vintage correlle dish and bowl!

  4. I think pumpkin in mac and cheese is a fantastic idea to lighten it up and make it really earthy.
    I run first thing, and while it can feel like a pain to get up, I just love knowing the rest of the day that’s one less thing on my to-do list

  5. Re beer in chili, add early on (i.e., when you’d add broth/water), especially if it’s a meat chili; I always use Negro Modelo. Darker beers are tastier in stews/chilis.

  6. Ahhh that pie looks delish! Have never added beer to chili, so sorry..no advice there!

  7. Cross training is essential in staying uninjured, plus it makes you stronger and spices up life a little! I love mixing running with yoga, and the occasional bike ride. Nice blog.

  8. Hey there- I have made chili with beer before…haha guess I am not the healthiest of your readers! Anyways, its super easy. We poured in one beer half way through the stewwing process and stir it in. I have only ever used guiness but it added a lot of flavor- I would definitely recommend. Let me know how it comes out!

    P.S. I made the pumpkin molases cookies this weekend- so moist and delicious- love it!

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