Autumn Miles

Despite Saturday’s rain and wind, I managed to fit in quite a few fun activities. I started the weekend early with some coffee and a 4.5 mile run mostly around the reservoir in Central Park. I was a little sleepy for the first 20 minutes, but I felt much better after that. I returned home to try out the new pineapple Chobani greek yogurt flavor! I enjoyed it with a sliced banana and 1/2 Clif mojo bar (the other half was eaten quite awhile ago…).



Then Alma and I grabbed our yoga mats and headed downtown for 60 minutes of vinyasa flow. I was really challenged during the lunge asanas (especially crescent moon, yikes), but I felt sooo much looser and relaxed after class. I enjoy running much more than other activities (yoga, spinning etc.) so it’s always a struggle to find motivation to cross-train. However, I know how important stretching and strengthening are to my running, so that gives the activities a defined purpose. Plus, I’ve found that the more I do an activity (like cycling!), the more I enjoy it.

After class, Alma and I treated ourselves to pumpkin spice lattes! I ordered a no-whip decaf skim latte with 2 pumps of pumpkin spice syrup. My order was so high maintenance that the barista accidentally made me the iced version. Hot or iced, I enjoy all of the overpriced beverages Starbucks has to offer :-)


When I got back from yoga class, I was h-u-n-g-r-y! I plated up some sliced apple with almond butter and a slice of whole wheat toast with (more!) almond butter and pumpkin butter. And then awhile later I dug into a multi-bran vitatop with pumpkin butter.

Almond butter

vitatop with pumpkin butter

An friend from college was visiting the city this weekend and I agreed to run a few miles with him that afternoon (um, yes, that would be run #2 for the day). We ran for about 3.5 miles at 8 minute pace. After this morning’s run and then the hour-long yoga class, my legs were feeling pretty dead. I made sure to snack on some tasty treats to refuel.

peanut butter lara bar & spiced almonds:

Pictures 025

and then a Sam Adams Octoberfest beer!


After a few hours of being lazy, it was time for dinner! We braved the winds and rain and ventured to a restaurant called Turkuaz on the Upper West Side. I’ve been wanting to try this place for awhile and it didn’t disappoint. The interior was really cool – the main dining room reminded me of a tent in Middle East. The space was cavernous (by Manhattan standards anyway) and the ceilings and walls were draped in canvas fabric.


Dinner started with some warm flatbread while Alex sampled a Turkish beer.


For my entree, I actually selected something with chicken! Now if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may remember my 30-day Vegetarian Challenge. At the end of the month I announced that while I wouldn’t prepare or consume meat at home, I might partake at certain restaurants or on special occasions (Thanksgiving). Lately I’ve been putting in some serious time at the gym/on the roads, so I felt like I could use the extra protein and heme iron.

Anyway, back to the entree: I ordered a chicken kabob dish that contained roasted tomatoes, char grilled peppers, yogurt sauce, and toasted bread cubes. It was so delicious! I would definitely go back to Turkuaz and order this again.

Turkish food

The rest of my evening was pretty low key. Alma and I opened a bottle of red wine that we had leftover from our housewarming party and I enjoyed some dark chocolates along with a few small pours of vino. Antioxidants!

red wine

I was having trouble sleeping on Saturday night (mosquito attacks), so around 3am I headed to the kitchen for a small (un-pictured, sorry!) bowl of cereal. The carbs + milk helped me drift of to sleep – finally!

After my late bedtime, I didn’t wake up until after 9:30am on Sunday. It was kind of awesome – I never sleep that late anymore!

spiced pumpkin pie clif bar

After the requisite coffee and 1/2 clif bar (new pumpkin pie flavor!), I headed out the door for a long-ish run. I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel after my high volume week of training, but I was pleasantly surprised. The weather was absolutely gorgeous  – 60 degrees and sunny. I’m sure that helped make my run so good! I ended up running 12 miles in 1:46:37 (a bit under 9:00 per mile pace) and I felt strong throughout. My IT band started aching a bit after 5 or 6 miles, but it wasn’t too bad. After the run I downed some water and a banana and jumped in the shower. Thank goodness our hot water was working again (ughhh…so many problems with the boiler in this apartment building).


Around 2:30pm, I headed to brunch with my friend. At this point I had been awake for 5 hours and had run 12 miles, but had only ingested about 250 calories. I started feeling pretty yucky. On the subway I had 1/2 of an un-pictured fruit and oat bar (free sample from the HLS!) and that made me feel a teeny bit better.

Pictures 033

Once we arrived at our brunch locale, I immediately ordered a big glass of OJ to get my blood sugar back up. Once the food arrived, I was ready to dig-in! I ordered the goat cheese and spinach egg white omelette that was accompanied by country potatoes (with lots of ketchup, of course) and a slice of sour dough toast.



It was just what I needed – I felt 100% better after eating! Post-long run brunches are fun, but I think I just need to skip the  shower next time. Food should come first in my book :-)

Oh! And the restaurant featured this amazing sandwich as one of their specials: french toast sandwich with ricotta and nutella filling, covered with strawberry jam and honey. OMG. This sounded so good. If I wasn’t craving salt and protein (eggs + potatoes!), I think I would have ordered this sammie.

Brunch Specials

I wanted to enjoy the Autumn weather for the rest of the afternoon, so after running some errands, I popped into a Starbucks and ordered a decaf skim misto with 2 pumps of pumpkin spice syrup. FYI: Mistos are 1/2 milk, 1/2 coffee and are about $2 cheaper than lattes! But I think they taste pretty similar.  I enjoyed my warm drink while walking around my neighborhood.


Once I was back at my apartment I basically crashed. Late bedtime + 12 mile run = sleepy Megan. I was able to enjoy a little nap and it was awesome. I wish I could do this more often!

My stomach felt a little off all day, but around 8pm, I knew I needed to eat something. I toasted up a slice of whole wheat bread and topped it with almond butter and 1/2 banana. I rounded out dinner with some veggie chili and ate it with a generous dash of hot sauce and a dollop of greek yogurt. Perfecto!


Veggie Chili

The rest of my Sunday was very chill – Gossip Girl watching, tea sipping, vita brownie (with almond butter!) snacking, and preparing for the week ahead.

vita brownie

Fingers-crossed, I think the  hamstring/IT band injury might be almost 100% better…

Last night I tallied up exercise totals for the week: 46 miles of running, 2 x 45 minute spinning classes, 50 minutes elliptical cross-training, and a 60 minute yoga class. Holy cow, I had no idea that I’d been that busy this week! My legs are a little bit sore from the increase in mileage, but this is the most positive (and pain free) week of training that I’ve had since last fall. Hooray!

Check out these healthy, Halloween cookies (they’re kind of like personal apple pies!).

Question: What’s your favorite thing to eat when you go out to brunch? Sweet (waffles and french toast) or savory (omelettes)?


15 Responses

  1. I normally never order pancakes or waffles when i’m out for breakfast, but lately i’ve been craving these, so i think i might just go out soon! :)

    looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  2. Have you ever been to Turkish Kitchen? That place is amazing. I think it’s on 13th.

    That’s funny that Starbucks made your latte iced instead of hot. I have really complicated orders there sometimes too. :-)

  3. I LOVE eating delicious omelettes at brunch because I can never make them as good as the restaurant at home, no matter how hard I try!

  4. I’m amazed by a two-run day! I think my legs would have protested quite furiously!

    Definitely savoury! I’m pretty picky about pancakes–I think I had too many bad ones at summer camp as a child. They kind of ruined pancakes for me.

    And the hash browns are how I judge/rate a breakfast/brunch. They must be:
    (a) recognizable as a potato (not previously frozen)
    (b) shredded (ideally)
    (c) well done (read: crispy) and
    (d) well seasoned

    H =)

  5. French Toast is always a surefire hit as far as brunch goes, but if I’m feeling fancy, I love a small, gourmet quiche.

    Kudos on Saturday’s run, that’s dedication! I couldn’t bring myself to deal with the nasty weather, ran on Sunday instead.

  6. That french toast sounds AMAZING.
    Oh, and great choice on the mojo dipped in my opinion

  7. i bet that brew is tasty! i love seasonal beers. the chicken kabobs looked right up my ally. mmmm. favorite brunch item for me is eggs benedict or french toast!

  8. ummm you are a crazy exercising machine lady! i am glad you have no pain though – that is absolutely AMAZING!

    ummm your weekend looked epic. from runs to eats to everything, FABULOUS. i need to find that pumpkin pie clif bar, and stat!

  9. I’ve always walked past Regional, but I’ve never actually been there, it looks great! You should try Community Food and Juice on 114th and Broadway, it’s really good for brunch:)

  10. Wow, 2 runs in a day!!! I’m not sure if I’ve ever done that. You are quire the running machine ;)

  11. when i go out to brunch, i almost always go for sweet – pancakes or waffles are my favorite.

    i can’t believe you’re doing two-a-days and how far you’ve come since this spring and summer – yay!!!!

  12. What about a brunch that is salty-(&)-sweet?! Got to integrate some syrup and some peanut butter for maximum satisfaction. Nutella and strawberries… peanut butter and honey… I could go on and on. Keep your eyes peeled today… there may be a box of books waiting for you, one of which is on the very topic of Salty&Sweet (I think I put it in there).

  13. Just found you guys on True/Slant. As an avid runner and triathlete, I’d like to see round-ups of running news, new races, trends in training, and gear reviews. Also, “culture of running” commentary.

    I blog about food and health at, if you’re interested in taking a peek there sometime. Happy running!

  14. Mmm, sweet + salty is definitely a great combo. Sometimes I like to put maple syrup on my eggs…Weird? Probably.

    Thanks for all the great restaurant recommendations! I really want to try Community Food & Juice…

  15. wow. you eat a lot of sugar.

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