Surviving the Treadmill

If you’re worried about running through snow, sleet, and icy darkness this winter,  you might want to consider taking your workout indoors. Check out my newest article on True/Slant for tips on treadmill running!

Happy Friday! I’ll be back with a longer post later tonight :-)


7 Responses

  1. That was a great, helpful article. Last year, my running suffered due to having to resort to a treadmill in the colder months. Even though I have a thicker skin now when it comes to running in slightly adverse weather, it’ll be nice to have those tips in mind when the running outdoors is a non-starter. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful article. read every word. I know NYC gets just as cold if not colder then it does in MI so i know the treadmill has to sometime or another become my friend. i need to try out some of these tips asap! Thanks!

  3. Treadmill is the way to go in the winter!!!

  4. Great article on True/Slant – congrats on that column, I can’t think of two bloggers I would rather read. Yay!

    Thank goodness for some treadmill encouragement – when it gets to be 20 below here, I’m not sure jetting off outside will be an option!

  5. Good advice. I train for shorter races (1k and under) so fortunately most of my workouts only take 30-40 minutes. I do almost all of them on the treadmill, and the key for me is keeping my mind occupied. I do a lot of interval stuff, so I’m constantly adjusting speeds and/or elevation. I wear a heart rate monitor on my long runs and adjust my pace every 400m to try to keep my pulse steady. I also record my performances and constantly challenge myself to improve. I was always a sprinter and hated “running”, but this has helped change me. I can’t yet say that I love running, but I have been able to stick with it for a couple of years now.

  6. Great read! That’s awesome you write for True/Slant!…Do you mind how I ask how you got that gig??…I would LOVE to write and am looking for any type of lead, advice I can get! Thanks!

  7. That was a great article. I recently started to run again after many years of no exercise. I started out running outside during summer months, but found it harder to do so in colder conditions as winter approached. I’ve joined a gym and enjoy using the treadmill as it keeps me more focussed than when I ran outside. I find changing up the speed and listening to a good motivational beat on my ipod really helpful. I also push myself by different means, for example I imagine that I am dancing to some really upbeat music instead of running, this really makes it easier to get through the burn you feel during the first few minutes, Try it out!

    Also, look up the following website for some more good advice on health, etc

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