A Nutritional Slam

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Well, I hope your Thursday is off to a better start than mine! I normally try to stay pretty positive on the blog, but I received a very upsetting email today. I had contacted someone regarding a volunteer opportunity and in response, I received this email:

Hey Megan,

It’s [Name Withheld], on the committee of [Name Withheld] NYC. I clicked on your blog and read all the things you ate on Tues.  I’m sorry to say from a nutritionist’s point of view, you consumed way too many simple carbs. In fact that kind of eating sets you up for high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and brings you closer to type 2 diabetes. I am a holistic and clinical nutritionist and work with over 200 patients now of which 92% eat that way and I’m sorry to say are all in the category of type 2 DM or pre-DM simply due to the overload of simple carbs.

If you’d like more in-depth info on better nutrition, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you wellness always,
[Name Withheld] Holistic & Clinical Nutritionist

I understand that this person was just trying to be helpful (I think?), but there are a few reasons why I think the email was out of line:

  • My dietary choices were torn apart when I simply wanted to volunteer my time for a good cause!
  • The email author made blanket assumptions about my eating habits and warned me that I was at risk for diabetes and high triglycerides without knowing anything about my health or background.
  • The author of the email is a nutritionist and wellness counselor, not a Registered Dietician. Although a nutritionist can certainly be well-informed, any one can call themselves a “nutritionist”. On the other hand, to become a Registered Dietician you have to go through many years of school, complete an internship, and pass a national exam. I have no way of knowing what credentials this person has simply because they put “nutritionist” after their name.

I was pretty riled up after I read this email and perhaps I should have brushed it off and forgotten about it. But I write a food and running blog and I felt like this email was a personal attack on me and everything I stand for. What kind of “healthy living blogger” would I be if I was demonstrating behaviors that were leading directly to diabetes and bad cholesterol levels? After some time to cool down and think things through, I decided I needed to address the email and the issue on the blog.

I know that I don’t have the perfect diet (does anyone??), I probably eat too many cookies and maybe not enough protein. But I’m a busy 25-year-old trying to juggle a full-time office job, part-time writing gigs, a blog, a passion for running, cycling, and yoga, and a social life.  The purpose of my blog is to show people what a healthy balance can look like (and to provide running inspiration!). To me, this means that while I did have dried fruit, a few pieces of candy, and a pb& j cookie on Tuesday (simple sugars!), I also consumed greek yogurt, whole grain cereal, whole wheat bread, hummus, part skim mozzarella, lentils, arugula, apples, sweet potatoes, and peanut butter.  Additionally, I exercise quite a bit (40+ miles of running last week plus spin and yoga classes), so I need those simple carbs for quick burning energy.

The amount of calories, carbs, protein, fat, sugar, and exercise in my life might not work for you.  It would be impossible for me to say: “If you eat exactly what I do, you’ll have lots of energy, be in great health, want to run 40 miles a week, etc. etc.” I’ve said it before – I am not a registered dietician or an expert of any sort. I’m just a girl who likes to run and eat good food!

What I’ve been doing for the past 25 years seems to have been working for me – I recently had blood work done and everything came out A-OK (with the exception of some borderline low iron levels). I don’t have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or bad cholesterol. I’m at a healthy weight for my height and frame and I have enough energy to do the things I love to do. And if I eat a little too much sugar, so what? I’m only human.

I’m not going to dwell on this incident, I’m pretty sure it was a misunderstanding. However, I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss the criticism that often comes along with how we eat. Whether it’s a well-meaning family member pushing another piece of pie because you’re “too skinny” or a friend who suggests you cut back on the nachos at happy hour, people are always going to comment on what you’re eating. Eating is something we all do 3+ times per day and it’s obviously a topic we like to think about, write about, talk about – how else can you explain the enormous popularity of foodie and fitness blogs?

 But when does this interest become too personal? And who is qualified to make dietary suggestions?

Has anyone ever criticized your diet?  How did you respond?


65 Responses

  1. Hey megan! i’ve been reading your blog for a few months and this is my first comment. i firstly want to say that i love this blog–i love how rounded your diet is and how you get that it’s ok to indulge sometimes, especially with how much you exercise! i think the person who sent that email is um…for lack of a better term, a moron. i find that reading your blog keeps me sane about the choices that i make!! keep up the good work and healthy eating, and don’t let this kind of crud bring you down!

  2. Once, several years ago, I met my older sister and two brothers for dinner and ordered a just a green papaya salad as I’d had a huge lunch. She looked me up and down and said “that looks like about all you should be eating.” I was mortified and so furious. In the interest of family sanity, I ignored the comment and spent dinner reminding myself that it’s not the first time she had made judgemental comments about me.

  3. That email is insane. One day of eating does not change anything. Even if it did, the tone of the email is so insulting. What’s with people?!

  4. Ummmm, after reading that self-righteous and ignorant email, I became incensed! I say this without bias (because I do love your blog), but that person had positively no clue what they were talking about as you very specifically pointed out in your blog rebuttal. They totally took a few entries from your blog, and general diet completely out of context.

    It is generally ideal that most runners should receive 50% of their daily nutrition from carbs , most exercise physiologists/nutritionists/sport’s doctors who know a knee from an elbow will agree. Of course, complex is more ideal, but simple is also helpful (hello, Shotbloks, gummy bears on long runs!). My dad took up running when he was diagnosed with Diabetes, and if it weren’t for that and eating a balanced diet filled with all kinds of carbs (he always keeps candy nearby when faced with low-blood sugar) he probably wouldn’t be alive today.

    So, in summation, poo on that “wellness” retard. I’m sorry to hear that you’re honorable intentions were met with such idiocy.

  5. Do NOT make excuses for this person. They totally aren’t worth it. Your blog is amazing and I love to read how you fuel yourself.

    Did this person say they have their own blog? Perhaps this not was competitive in nature?

  6. Please don’t give her email a second thought!! You know what works for you and you’ve never purported to know better than anyone else what works for them. I adore your blog and think you’re pretty awesome too, and don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself.

    As far as my specific gripes go, how did this “nutritionist” come to the conclusion that you eat too many simple carbs? You’re a superstar runner! You need that energy!

    And the fact that you are responsible and get your annual exams to make sure everything below the surface is in check should be applauded.

    Last, why does this person think it’s okay to attack your diet when you were asking to volunteer? A: you were offering free help, B: you didn’t ask for a dietary analysis. Personally, I think this person is probably desperately looking for clients and hoping you’ll be just another sucker. There’s a particular program in NYC that produces a lot of these “nutritionists” who are probably panicking about finding clients.

    Once more, you ROCK!

  7. I haven’t suffered too much with people criticizing my diet but I do get the pie pushed at me sometimes because “there’s nothing of you”. I find it insulting since I eat plenty of exactly what I want in balance and didn’t ever ASK for those people’s opinions on my diet. But my response tends to be more along the lines of “thanks but I’m okay”. No point in huffing and puffing over what is essentially their problem.

    How completely weird that this person responded to a request to offer your time to volunteer with a critique of your eating habits. Smack down! Totally inappropriate.

  8. WOW! I’m shocked by this email. That was totally inappropriate. The first thing, is she knows NOTHING about your background, before I give any advice to clients I ask questions for about 45-60 minutes to get a better idea of them as a person, medical history, family history, etc. To me this is very strange. And it’s OK to eat some simple carbohydrates, as you mentioned it’s all the balance. Ugh. I love how you mentioned anyone can call themselves a “nutritionist.”

    Try not to get down on the email. In my opinion you are a healthy eater, without doing a complete analysis of your diet. You exercise a lot and allow for treats which is part of “normal eating.” Of course there’s always room for improvement – but were you asking her?

  9. Megan- I have never commented before- but this is one of my favorite blogs. I Agee with the above poster that you shouldn’t even feel the need to defend yourself to the ignorant assumptions being made.

    I hope you will continue living the way you do and stay unaffected by this person. You are a role model as an athlete and runner. I love your balanced approach to eating – and the fact that you are not afraid to live life and enjoy good foood and treats- but balance them out with delicious and healthy choices. Sometimes it’s hard to read the blogs where people never have a piece if candy!
    Keep writing, keep running and keep eating yummy food!

  10. Omg, I’m shocked by that email. How dare she judge you by looking at ONE day on your blog. Unbelievable.

    I HATE unsolicited advice. All you wanted to know about was a volunteer opportunity, she had no right to write that.

    As far as I’m concerned your diet looks good and balanced! What a b*tch!!!

  11. I just wanted to say that you most likely do get enough protein. I’m in a nutrition class right now and my teacher always states that we actually get more protein than needed. Even though I have read that you have limited the meat eating, you still get all the protein from other sources that you consume. Especially from the carbs and legumes. This lady obviously doesn’t realize that runners, or even those of any high endurance activity need different foods and amounts. :)

  12. I am shocked and horrified by the e-mail you received. For anyone to say anything regarding your diet is ridiculous, as you lead a very active and healthy lifestyle. Sure you may have had a cookie that day, but does this person not eat cookies? The most important thing is that you make a concentrated effort to eat healthy, and that will pay off in the long run.

    I cannot believe that this is a response to an offer to volunteer, which did not even concern your diet! I feel like if the rest of the committee knew how this person had responded to a volunteer e-mail, something would be done.


  13. Are you sure that isn’t a scam email? “Wellness counseling” is basically snake oil for the insecure masses, so don’t give it too much thought.

  14. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and you, like everyone, have days where your nutrition varies. Overall your diet is healthy and balanced and it’s something I strive for. Last night I had a fitness assessment with a trainer at my gym and while my form and strength was pretty good, my body fat was higher than I thought and not in the fitness category. I need to lose 10-11 pounds to get there. That was hard for me to hear because I feel like I’ve been working hard, but it’s given me more motivation to tweak my diet and commit to more intense workouts.

  15. Very glad you did this post! Rock on. They’ll miss your positivity and good attitude at their volunteering events.

  16. Wow, I am (almost) at a loss of words right now. I am a Registered Dietitian and am absolutely horrified that anyone claiming to be a nutritionist (which is BS in itself) would attack you like that. For one thing, an RD would not make assumptions based upon one day–especially without knowing what your normal eating behaviors are like. Secondly, I work with plenty of diabetics, and you do not fit the profile… you are quite active, need carbohydrates for fuel, and enjoy treats in moderation. You aren’t consuming a large amount of junk food and most of your carb sources are complex, not refined. And the number one reason this is out of line and unprofessional is that you did not ask for them to analyze your diet and therefore was completely out of line. I would never approach a random person and tell them what is wrong with what they are eating. I mean really, even dietitians don’t eat the perfect balance of carb, protein, and fat each day. She needs to get off her high horse and only offer advice when advice is sought.

    I won’t even get into how she is NOT QUALIFIED to work with diabetics without being an RD. Only RDs should be providing medical nutrition therapy because, as you mentioned, we are the ones who have gone through the extensive classes, internship, and passed the national registration exam. A nutritionist may not even have a bachelor’s in the field.

    If you are interested in nutrition as a career, please find an RD to shadow or volunteer with and avoid people like this. They set a horrible example for the profession.

  17. Megan,

    This is my first comment ever on a blog, but I felt I had to respond. This email is ridiculous. You personally have inspired me to exercise more and to relax about the food choices I make. I think you are a very healthy role model!

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the supportive comments! I felt like crying after I read the email this morning…I really do try to set a good example and that “nutritionist” made me feel like I wasn’t doing a good job.

    I might try to replace some of my sweets (cupcakes, candy, etc) with more “whole foods”, but in general I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing because it works for me :-)

  19. That’s unbelievable! You are amazingly active and I don’t think your diet would put you at risk for those conditions, although I am not a doctor or a RD. You seem to me to have a healthy, moderate attitude and I love reading your blog. Try not to let it get you down. I know a comment like that would hit me like a ton of bricks…

  20. Hey Meg! I’m sorry that lady was so mean to you about your eating habits. You are doing a fantastic job with your blog and I am very proud of you!

    -lil sis

  21. I have to agree that that person was completely out of line. I enjoy reading your blog and have actually tried a few foods you suggested for running fuel with great success. Everyone’s body is different and no one is perfect and I think that person really needs to understand that.

  22. oh megan…you gotta brush that off. not only was that e-mail out of line, but it was especially out of line seeing as you were volunteering your time. nobody knows what is best for you except YOU!

    you are active, fit and healthy. don’t let other people bring you down. you are an excellent role model, and i am lucky to read your blog and learn from you everyday!!!!

  23. It seems this person was desperately looking for a new client!! They certainly won’t have much success if they are mindlessly attacking people…(especially those who want to volunteer for them!!)

    I think usually when people criticize others’ eating habits, it comes from their own concerns or insecurities and is more a reflection of them than you. Despite knowing this, I still get riled up when people comment on what I’m eating!! I know I just have to let it go though.

    Anyway, you are seriously an inspiration and I love reading your blog for recipes and fitness/running advice :)

  24. I wholeheartedly agree with everoyne else. This person has no right to judge your eating, a) b/c she is not a dietitian, b) because one day does not give her enough to go on, and c) that’s not why you contacted her! I’m especially uspet that she didn’t even pretend to address your volunteer request. I say be glad you didn’t end up volunteering with this self-righteous person. You are better off without her/him in your life.

  25. meg, you are a rock star. and that’s all there is to it. forget her.

  26. Girl, low blow. I bet she’s jealous. She obviously didn’t read much of your blog. For your speed and mileage, you could probably eat a horse and be fine. I still love you!!

  27. Psht, don’t give that email a second thought. We’re all here to blog for what we believe in, and there is nothing wrong with food, especially since you eat so much better than most of America and are an awesome exerciser. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  28. That was waaaay out of line. Unspeakable. If I were you I’d write back. I wouldn’t know what to say, but I’d say something!

  29. Wow I would hate for this woman to comment on what I ate on Tuesday! If you are headed towards diabetes and high cholesterol I must be headed for…immediate death or something!

  30. I agree with Darien, from my outside perspective it sounds like they are just desperate for a new client!! Especially since they cite all their current “patients” to make them sound professional. It’s not a really personal email at all. And full of ridiculous claims…I doubt they even read your blog. Plus I eat wayyyy more sugar than that on an average day, evidently i’m headed straight to the grave!

  31. Megan, this sort of misinformation is exactly why I want to go to nutrition school. Being a nutritionist, dietitian, healthy food advocate, whatever, shouldn’t be about telling people what they are doing wrong; it’s all about supporting people to make healthier food choices– living in BALANCE. How could someone possibly take issue with the healthy food choices that you advocate on your blog? As countless people before me have said to you, the amount of exercise that you include in your daily routine far exceeds the average person and, therefore, you need to consume a greater number of calories. But, addressing the specifics of this person’s argument is completely futile and is pandering to the bullcrap that this person sells his or her clients on a daily basis. Many people here have suggested a response directly to the sender of this stupid email, but I think notes should be sent to every one of this person’s clients– they are the ones that need to be warned. Keep up your great work.

  32. “The author of the email is a nutritionist and wellness counselor, not a Registered Dietician”. Enough said. RDs are trained to provide a lifestyle/nutrition assessment based on many factors, certaily not ONE DAY of an eating history. You are very active. I sometimes marvel in a positive way at how you DO allow yourself to have “treats” to balance out your extra calorie needs. I’m a runner too and am amazed some days at how hungry I get and how much food I need to satisfy that hunger. I’m also an RD and this email reflects a lack of understanding of basic pathophysiology of disease…again, another reason to seek out an RD for sound nutrition advice. And Megan, I APPLAUD YOU, for knowing the difference between a “nutritionist” and an RD and for promoting the RD as you do. You made that difference very clear in your response. I have read your blog for a while now and certainly don’t see any major issues. There is no such thing as a perfect diet. It truly has to be a balance and ALL FOODS CAN FIT!

  33. That’s ridiculous – and you said it well! It’s crazy when people think that everyone should eat “perfect” all of the time. And in my mind, “perfect” is eating a balance of EVERY FOOD – simple sugars included. I love when I go to a fellow nutrition major’s house, and they’re eating ice cream, oreos, and pizza. Thank you!!

  34. I am so sorry to hear that you received such a response. You certainly seem like a healthy individual, and as you pointed out, not all diets work for everyone. It seems to work for you, and that’s what matters. As a vegetarian, my diet gets attacked. But I have great blood pressure, good iron levels, and my doctor is impressed with my health. I do not need others to tell me that meat is a necessary part of my diet. Maybe some people do need meat, but I lead a very healthy lifestyle without it.

    Definitely don’t let that email get to you! You are a good role model in the blogging community.

  35. Megan,

    I read your blog every single day and you have inspired me to make healthier eating choices.

    As a runner myself, your exercise routine also pushes me to work out when I am exhausted (I’m a teacher and a grad student).

    So SCREW that email! You are wonderful and an inspiration to all of us runners who are trying to juggle busy lives and healthy eating!!!

  36. I love your blog. The woman was trying to drum up business if you ask me. She probably is looking for new clients at every corner, and thought she’d see if she could sucker you into joining her current clients. Volunteer some where else were weirdos are so abundant!

  37. I completely agree with Mika above. The first thing I thought was that she wants new business. It was a completely unsolicited and unnecessary email. And unsolicited comments like that are usual so inapropriate. I get made fun of at work all the time for my diet (because I eat things other than fast food and am not obese)…don’t let her bother you. From all I’ve read on your blog, I think you eat a wonderfully balanced and healthy diet.

  38. This is incensing! at your activity level you absolutely NEED those carbs to function!!! Please don’t take her words to heart AT ALL! You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways- your running feats and “everything in moderation” approach to food are so amazing. Personally my entire life I have been downright scrawny and disapproving family members have pushed food at me and made comments about my apperance (which are quite insulting in my opinion) to the extent that holiday meals and other food-focused events are burdensome rather than joyous. I completely understand how upsetting critiscism of your diet can be. Don’t let something as ridiculous as this email bog you down! Love your blog!

  39. wow! are you sure someone isn’t playing a practical joke on you? i think you should post her contact info and we could all send her samples of our diets. lol!! i love your blog!! CARBS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Megan, you are such an inspiration and I am appalled that this person wrote you such an email. First of all, I am amazed at all of the things you do to make a living, and then you throw in all this exercise and meal planning and thinking of new healthy foods and I’m just in awe. This person is not only ridiculous but completely inappropriate. I think you need to contact the organization she works for and let them know what she is up to when responding to requests from VOLUNTEERS! It’s absolutely crazy. I can bet that organization would not be pleased with her response. Please keep up being the amazing person that you are and doing all of the amazing things you do! You rock!

  41. Hi,

    I read your blog loyally. I run 40+ miles a week and my diet is almost identical. Keep doing what you do! You are awesome and that evil commenter can S*** IT.

  42. I definitely think you eat fine! I ate chips and Luna bars all day. Food guilt which makes me think bad thoughts so I just eat anything. It’s vicious. Energy vampires as Caitlin calls them… They just suck the life out of you. My mom is one and constantly asks if I REEEALLY need that. That organization doesn’t deserve you!

  43. That’s pretty out of line! If I have something negative to say about a blog or anything else I read, I always try to get some background info and back up my reasearch so it’s not a blanket assumption like (–) did.

    Also, someone totally made an insensitive comment to me a month or so back about my obsession with sour cream. Yes, I LOVE it, and sometimes obsess about it. But realistically, the less than once a month I indulge, is NOT going to kill me, nor is it the cause of my weight (very slightly pudgy). Especially since I don’t indulge in other fat-traps like high-fat dairy, candy, sugars, refined carbs, or lots of meat. I eat a VERY healthy diet, despite my occasional love of sour cream and the comment just made me SO MAD.

  44. Like many people who read this post, I also became enraged!!! How dare her judge you on one day of blogging? If you were following the Runner’s World Diet (50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein), you would be right on! Plus, compared to the average U.S. population, you are working out way more!! You totally need those carbs more than “normal” people do who work out a lot less!

    When I was training for a triathlon at my old engineering job, I got called into the president’s office, and asked if I was eating enough. The office barely had seen me eat, and because I’m a natural 125 lbs, they were worried. I’m 5’5″. Please. And keep in mind that they all ate like crap and were at least 30 lbs overweight. I got so offended! Half of my office desk drawers were devoted to FOOD!!! No one ever saw me eat because I shared an office with no one, and it was in the back of the building. I was lucky to see anyone for a day! That was one moment that someone has criticized me about me food intake. :)

  45. I just started reading your blog, which has been an inspiration to me for many reasons! I am a runner (the half-marathon type, not quite as accomplished as you) and have slacked on my training/miles since starting graduate school. It is inspiring to read your daily struggles, motivations, etc. and makes me want to push it to get back into my pre-grad school running shape because it just feels so good (and you have reminded me of that).

    In response to that e-mail, it is so out of line that he/she would respond that way. You are clearly health-conscious and have a balanced life. The only reason you should ever consider changing anything is if your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure or cholesterol. I feel like I can relate because I have struggled with diet, exercise, weight, and so on. When training for my first half-marathon I actually gained weight (not a lot, obviously, just showed on the scale), but when I went to the doctor for a check-up, I was healthier than I was before training – just an example that one aspect (or one day of what you eat) tells you nothing about your overall health.

    I have never had any training about nutrition, but I am health-conscious and seeing what you eat, I’d say you are pretty darn healthy. You eat such a balanced diet and allow yourself to have treats – something that is so hard for women to do in a balanced way. Do you think that “nutritionist” eats perfectly every single day of his/her life? Is that even possible for anyone to do?

    I am so inspired by you. . . and I also really appreciate your recipes! What a great way to share. Thanks so much!

  46. 1. Wow, so what you should do is contact someone above her at this org and let them know how she responded to your email because as a staff member that is totally out of line with her responsibilities.
    2. You shouldn’t change your habits based on anything she said – I can’t imagine someone would bash your diet, even if you do make time for dessert every so often.
    Also, maybe she thinks lentils & sweet potatoes are some kind of candy?

  47. First of all was this person a registered dietitian or a “nutritionist”. I am an RD and let me say that someone can’t possibly look at one day and try to “diagnose” someone with a potential chronic disease. First of all you are a runner and are tracking many more miles than this person’s sedentary patients. Anyone that knows anything about sports nutrition knows there is a time and place for simple CHO’s. This is probably a blessing in disguise that you did not get to work with this person. If you were in NC you could volunteer for me anytime and I RECOMMEND my patients including athletes visit your blog!!

  48. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but never comment-but this just rubbed me the wrong way. How can someone advise or comment on anyone’s health or nutrition based on so little information? It seems so out of line, she doesn’t know your medical history, or your lifestyle. I hate when people feel the need to comment on others eating habits, while I understand that you kind of put yourself out there with this blog-in the email you sent you were not asking for advice, just to volunteer!

  49. Hi Megan,

    I have a nutrition blog (hungryforbalance.wordpress.com) and worry about people picking appart what I eat as well. No one is perfect and there is no single diet that will fit everyone’s unique needs. Keep running, writing and eating simple carbs :-) I think you’re blog is great!

  50. […] promise!) and a veggie burger with hummus on a whole wheat sandwich thin. And there wasn’t a simple carbohydrate in sight […]

  51. I can’t believe you got that email!! You are much stronger than I…that’s why I don’t detail everything I eat…it would be embarrassing – and this ‘person’ would have tore me apart !! I eat way too much – I just had a full dinner when I wasn’t even hungry – tofu/sweet potatoe(s)/veggie stir-fry, with yogurt/honey/fruit, couple of white rolls with PB/Jam…chococolate…copious amounts…I sit here now unable to move off the couch…oi yikes :( …I am hard enough on my self without having some ‘person’ tell me that I’m a screw-up.
    Keep eating girl – to me you eat super healthy – and life’s too short to be obsessed with the food or types of carbs you eat.

  52. what a joke. that e-mail is so uninformed and ridiculous. I actually feel my blood boiling on behalf of you. and how ironic! I guarantee you are in healthier shape than that e-mailer. I mean did they even take the time to LOOK at your blog and see you are a hard core runner? and how dare they judge you based on ONE DAY of eating, with one little cookie?

    AHHHHHHH. infuriating!

  53. Jenn, I’ve definitely had nights where I ate wayyy too much, felt yucky, and thought “why did i just do that??”. You are not alone in how you’re feeling and you’re right – we are already hard enough on ourselves, the judgement of others is unnecessary!

  54. I have been following you for months….and this is my first comment…you are so inspiring and…quite funny I must say :)

    This “nutritionist” lady is way off base! Forget the haters!

    You rock!

  55. thanks Lauren :-)

    have a good Monday!

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