Indian Summer

The recent weather in NYC has been unbelievably sunny and warm (remind me of this in a few months…). After the usual 1/2 decaf coffee yesterday morning, I set off to Central Park for a sunny, Autumnal 4 mile run. Considering Sunday’s 12 miler, my legs felt surprisingly OK. Yay! I made sure to stretch and foam roll afterwards – I want to keep them feelin’ good.

Breakfast was plain Oikos greek yogurt with PB2 and a chopped apple mixed in. And then I crumbled an Honest Foods granola plank on top. The maple nut flavor was really good! It had a consistency similar to Kashi Go Lean Crunch – very crunchy. The granola plank was rather caloric, but packed with nutrition – (380 cals, 12 grams protein, 6 grams fiber, 600 mg omega 3’s). It kept me full until after 2pm!

Oikos and granola plank

Honest Foods Granola Plank

Lunch was from the salad bar. It was Monday – I needed something exciting!

  • arugula, shredded carrots, red onion, mushrooms
  • roasted acorn squash
  • wild rice stuffing
  • bit of potato salad
  • pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, feta cheese
  • Tbs balsamic vinaigrette


And then the afternoon snackeroos – decaf cappuccino and chocolate vita muffin


vita top

Around 4pm, the work really started to pile up and I knew it was going to be a late night in the office. Luckily, I had prepared and brought along a whole arsenal of healthy snacks for the week. When I’ve been sitting at my desk for hours on end and my stress levels are high, it’s so tempting to reach for candy (we have M&M dispensors in the pantry!), so that’s why I plan ahead. I know I’ll feel much better if I have a piece of fruit or something with a little protein & fiber.

Around 8pm, I broke into the almonds and they helped me power through the rest of my work.

Healthy Snacks

I took a car home from the office (that’s one benefit of overtime!), but since I never drive anymore (subway and walking only for this lady) I actually got a little car sick. It was kind of funny in retrospect…

I had a coke zero to settle my stomach and some leftover pumpkin risotto with spinach and a dollop of greek yogurt for a late din-din.

pumpkin risotto

Dessert was a white chocolate pumpkin cookie while I worked on some exciting blog updates – to be announced SOON! And then I attempted to get some zzzzz’s….

Pictures 005

Unfortunately I was too wired (coke zero, damn you) to fall asleep easily and I tossed and turned for quite a bit.  At some point I realized I was hungry and in need of a snack. I stumbled to the kitchen and munched on a clif bar. That seemed to do the trick – I was finally able to get to sleep! Lessons learned: don’t drink caffeine after 9pm and always have a snack at the ready!

clif bar

If you’re tense or angry, you’re more likely to get injured. Read this Runner’s World article on how to run safely under stress.

Check out this NY Times article about a woman who walks up to 43 miles per day!

What healthy snacks do you keep at your desk? Fruit, nuts, and vita muffins are my go-to choices!


16 Responses

  1. Hey Megan – I keep some Healthy Pop popcorn in my desk at all times! I especially like the Kettle Korn popcorn. I’m so jealous of your Central Park run yesterday – I’m trying to convince my hubby to run with me after work since I’m too nervous to run alone when it’s that dark.

    P.S. – I’m excited about our potential nyc mini blogger-fest (that’s what I’m calling it) and may have been so excited I mentioned it in my post today. :-)

  2. I love you end of the post questions! So interactive.

    Alrighty, I only eat at the desk as I get somewhat persecuted for my eating habits but what I love to have on hand is veggies and hummus, apples, bananas and in the winter, GRAPEFUIT!

  3. edit *your end of the post questions. hehe

  4. I always plan for an afternoon snack and it ususally consists of greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit. That combination seems to get me through the rest of the work day.

  5. I generally keep granola/energy bars with me for snacks while out of the house. They keep for a long time, are extremely portable, and don’t make a mess. Fruits also work pretty well, but are more fragile.

  6. Thankfully, my “workplace” is my dorm so I have all the comforts of home!
    Your eats look awesome, between the granola plank to the vitatops to the homemade cookies.

  7. If there’s food in plain sight at my desk, I’ll eat it. I find keeping it in drawers or in our kitchen is a good way to keep it off my mind. I usually eat fruit, granola, granola bars, yogurt. That sort of thing.Unfortunately, we often have ridiculously delicious stuff to eat in our kitchen. One time, when I was still working at a relatively conservative financial consulting firm, I ate an entire deliciously-ripe mango at my desk and dripped it all over the rug. That might’ve been a highlight. What are these Vita Muffins?

  8. Good luck with the rest of your crazy week, Megs. Just keep thinking of the overtime check.
    I had a great time on Saturday. Thanks for waiting in line with me.
    See you at Thanksgiving!

  9. I usually bring a few pieces of fruit to work each day and eat whatever I need to keep me satisfied. That, and a small bag of almonds.

    Regarding the first comment about microwaveable popcorn, be careful! Apparently a study was done recently (and discussed in the November issue of Prevention) that found the chemicals in the plastic-y lining of the popcorn bag release carcinogenic chemicals when heated and those chemicals seep into the popcorn. Companies are planning to reduce and eventually eliminate these chemicals, but not until 2015. I think I’ll be sticking to stove top popcorn in a saucepan until then!

  10. Glad to see you’re still allowing yourself some treats after last week’s diatribe from the “nutritionist”…yay treats when you’re taking good care of yourself, staying active and eating healthy!

  11. Thanks for the stress-related Runner’s World link. Very enlightening, especially since I treat running as an escape from stress.

    I’m really loving the ingredients involved in your fall-inspired lunch salad. The wild rice stuffing sounds incredible, but mixed with other fixin’s and greens…yum.

  12. Hey – just wanted to follow-up on the popcorn issue. I did read a bunch of articles on the potentially harmful chemicals in microwavable popcorn last year. Most of the articles started that problems occurred when people consumed the popcorn on a daily basis or fairly frequently. I keep it in my desk at all times, but only eat it about once every three to four weeks. I am keeping watch for follow-up info and will have to check out the Prevention piece. Thanks!

  13. the M&M machine is the WORST!!! i try to keep almonds, trail mix, dried fruit or pretzels at my desk so if i do need to munch, at least its on something healthy!

  14. Just finished off the pumpkin cookies you gave me … so good.

  15. That is a killer work day! I like to keep a pot of greek yogurt in my work fridge, some cinnamon, and a little stash of homemade muesli. I can measure them each out depending on my hunger and it never fails to hit the spot!

  16. Almonds, cereal,bars, apples and carrots.

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