Spin Out Your Stress

My week went by fast, but I am so ready for the weekend!

After Thursday night’s 10 mile run, I decided it would be best to sleep in a little on Friday and plan for a p.m. gym visit. My day started off simply: coffee, Nature’s Path instant oatmeal (made with skim), and a banana.

oatmeal with banana

Lunch was a leftovers re-mix: lentils, 1/2 sweet potato, melted mozzarella cheese, and hot sauce. I heated up everything for 2 minutes and then mixed in a big handful of arugula. All of the flavors melded together quite nicely :-)

arugula, sweet potato, lentils

I managed to fit in a brisk 15 minute walk at lunchtime….I sat at my desk for 10+ hours yesterday and I could NOT do that again today. I needed some sunshine!

Afternoon snackeroos were decaf cappuccino and another honest foods baked granola bar. I love the ingredient list on these bars: oats, almond butter, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, etc. So good! I can’t wait to try all of the flavors. The variety I had yesterday was pretty good – it had a decidedly almond flavor.

honest foods

I was feeling kind of brain-fried when I finally left work, so I wasn’t in the best of spirits when I arrived at the gym. I thought about packing it in and going home, but I know that I always feel better after a sweaty workout so I stuck it out. I warmed up on the elliptical for 10 minutes and then took a 45 minute cycling class. This instructor was nowhere near as fun as the guy who teaches my Tuesday a.m. class., but all-in-all it was a good workout and I felt better afterward.

I stopped at Whole Foods on my way home and decided that I needed a little snack from the salad bar – a small container of spinach salad with lemon pepper tofu.

whole foods salad

And then when I got home, I heated up some lentils with hot sauce (that’s the last of the lentils, I promise!) and a veggie burger with hummus on a whole wheat sandwich thin. And there wasn’t a simple carbohydrate in sight ;-)

lentils and veggie burger

I experienced some internet problems that caused me to freak out put a damper on my to-do list, so I decided to unwind with a book + early bedtime. But before I hit the sheets, I needed a snack: Oikos plain greek yogurt with a Tbs almond butter and 1/2 crushed Kashi granola bar.


Things are looking up today – the internet issues are solved, I’m about to head out the door for a run, and I have a fun afternoon + evening planned with one of my best friends from high school. Happy Weekend!

What if you’re a runner, but can’t tolerate pasta? No worries, there are other options.

Question: Are you a pasta lover? Or do you prefer to get your carbs in other ways? I don’t really like pasta, but thankfully I DO love potatoes, bread, and oatmeal. Yay, carbs!


Welcome to the Speakeasy

What a weekend! Prepare yourself for a monster recap :-)

Saturday started off with the usual cup of 1/2 decaf and a banana. Perfect prep for a long run with my beantown running buddy.

Quick breakfast

Hannah and I ran a lovely 9 miles through Central Park and I was pleasantly surprised at how good my IT band/hamstring felt (must have been the day off from running on Friday). As soon as we finished I had to shower and hustle out the door for a meeting downtown.

I grabbed an apple and a vanilla Chobani for the subway ride. I got some weird looks for taking photos of the food in my lap…


I had a morning meeting with some folks from Nike – a shoe designer and some marketing reps. A small group of NYC runners met with the Nike team to discuss training shoe design – and I snagged a free pair of racing flats! These babies won’t go on the market until January, so I was psyched to get a sneak peek.

Nike Prototypes

My stomach started growling mid way through the group meeting (hello, 9 miles), so I snacked on a clif z bar and some raisins.


And then I met up with Ms. Hannah and a blog reader (Hi Rachel!) for a tall skim decaf 1 pump pumpkin spice latte. It was even better (and more high maintenance) than usual.


Hannah and I procured some very essential Halloween accessories and then walked across town. We were in need of a mini-meal and the Whole Foods salad bar seemed like a good option. I filled a small take-out container with lots of veggie goodness. I don’t remember exactly what I put in there, but it was a mix of beans, beets, brussels sprouts, and other roasted veggies.

whole foods salad bar

The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for Halloween night!

A princess, a marathon runner, and a flapper.

Except Alma’s ensemble was for real – she ran the marathon this weekend!


We ventured to the E. Village (dodging a 7 foot tall hamster wheel costume on our way…) and met a few friends at a place called Quantum Leap. The restaurant is famous for their veggie burgers, so I made Hannah stand under the sign (in the rain). What a good sport :-)

Quantum Leap

Our dining companions were Mario and Luigi.

Mario and Luigi

Quantum Leap

Along with a pumpkin ale, I enjoyed the “fire rock burger”. My juicy veggie burger patty was topped with jalapenos, onions, mushrooms, tomato, and chipotle mayo. The burger also came with soy bacon, but I took that off because I think it kind of has a weird texture.

Pumpkin Ale

Plus a side salad and the BEST garlic fries ever.

Quantum Leap

We were all pretty full after devouring our burgs so we ordered another round of drinks and lingered at the restaurant for awhile. In true prohibition style, I ordered a diet coke and slipped in some of my own Jack Daniels.

And then it was time for more Halloween celebrations. The village was absolutely crazy last night – the weather was beautiful and the costumed crowds were out in full force. A bunch of us found our way to Mud Coffee – coffee shop by day, bar by night. I really liked that we were able to hang out and talk without having to shout. It was a very chill atmosphere and the scene reminded me of a speakeasy – a perfect pairing for my flapper costume and smuggled whiskey.

Maddog and Jonah




Mud Coffee

Hannah and I got home pretty late and after chugging some water and nibbling on some (un-pictured) pumpkin cookies, I crawled into bed. It was a very fun night, but it definitely involved a later bedtime than I’m used to!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my weekend recap…Marathon spectating, a GIANT red velvet cupcake, and quite possibly the best yoga class ever.

Happy Hour on the Hudson River

Happy Saturday! It’s beautiful and sunny here in New York and I can’t wait to go out and enjoy it :-) But first, a recap of Friday! After my morning coffee, I ran for about 25 minutes and then came back and stretched. The legs were feeling so-so. Sometimes I’m not sure if I need more time off or if I just need to run more. Since April, I’ve basically only run one day a week!

Anyway, after my run I snacked on 1/2 banana – the other half was sliced into my lunch sandwich!

Quick breakfast

Breakfast # 2 was a Fage 2% yogurt with PB2 mixed in. It was protein packed for sure! I also managed to get powdered PB2 EVERYWHERE. Oh my.

Fage and PB2

Lunch began with a bowl of super-sweet cherries. I got these from Whole Foods and they were the most flavorful bunch I’ve had all summer!


I enjoyed an almond butter and banana sandwich on hemp bread while reading my newest issue of Cook’s Illustrated. I’ve had this sandwich combo for lunch 3 x this week – trying to save a little $$!


The warm sunny made my almond butter and banana ooey-gooey and delish!

Almond Butter and Banana

Beautiful summer day in the city.


Afternoon snack was a coconut cream pie lara bar and prunes x 4. I like dried fruit!

lara bar


I could not wait for the clock to hit 5:30pm! Finally, the weekend could begin! I bounded out of my office building and started walking west. Nate and I had plans to have happy hour/dinner over looking the Hudson River. I walked for about 40 minutes or so until I arrived at the Pier i cafe. This place is part outdoor bar, part outdoor cafe. Nate and I found a table for two and promptly ordered up some food and drink.

I started off with a Sam Adams Summer Ale



And Nate paced himself with a diet coke –


Even though I had a portabello burger last night, the veggie burger looked so good that I just HAD to get it :-) Unlike frozen, pre-formed patties, the veggie burgers at this place were definitely homemade and hand-formed. My veg burger was topped with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, and situated on a grilled bun. This burger was stacked so high that I could barely open my mouth wide enough to take a bite! Alongside, I had some seasoned fries – the fresh parsley made them extra special. I ate about 75% of this meal – I skipped the top half of the bun and split some fries with Nate. By the time we finished I was full, but not over-stuffed.

Veggie Burger and Beer

Veggie Burger

Nate ordered a really yummy (and healthy!) looking Southwest chicken wrap. Accompanied by a salad. I was very proud of his healthy choice :-)

Southwest Chicken


After dinner, Nate ordered a Victory Pilsner beer. I tried a few sips, but it was a tad too bitter for my taste.


We chillaxed and enjoyed the weather for a few hours, then checked out the view from Pier 70. That’s the GW Bridge in the distance!

GW Bridge

By the time we got home it was after midnight (and nearly 5 hours since we ate dinner), so a little ice cream was in order. A sweet ending to a fun Friday!

ice cream cone

Fire House

Thursday morning was an earlyyy one – alarm went off at 6:25am. I stumbled out of bed and groggily made my way to the subway platform (stopping for at the coffee cart first , of course!). I had a doctor’s appointment at 8am, so there was no time to waste. All went well with my appointment and I actually made it to the office 30 minutes early. As I got caught up on emails, breakfast was eaten: 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, and Heritage Grains flakes.


Work. Work. Work. Trying to be productive. Anyone else notice that there motivation dwindles as the weekend draws closer?? At lunchtime I  braved the very cloudy skies to return some library books. The library is about a 15 minute walk from my office building – it felt good to stretch my legs! Let me just say – The New York Public Library is the best deal ever!! I’m a pretty quick reader, so it doesn’t make too much sense for me to spend $15 on a book I’ll finish in a week or so. Hooray for free books!

I returned the following:

Next Up: Wally Lamb’s The Hour I First Believed

Lunch was my usual cafeteria salad:


  • romaine, carrots, onions, mushrooms
  • ~1/3 cup Pinto & Black Bean Salad
  • Feta cheese
  • whole grain croutons
  • 1 Tbs balsamic vinaigrette
  • Spoonful of pesto pasta salad (with fresh mozzarella!)
  • Some leftover roasted beets

After some meetings I decided to break out my peanut butter cookie lara bar. How can dates + peanuts + salt taste so amazing?!! I love that these count as a whole serving of fruit. This photo is prettier than the one I took (thanks  for the photo larabar.com!)


I made it through the rest of the afternoon and then headed to my gym for a spinning class.

I warmed up with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then made my way over the the cycling studio. To avoid bothering my hamstring, I kept the resistance low and focused on a fast cadence (turnover). I finished up with some ab work and foam rolling. After pedaling my heart out, I was very ready for din-din. A refreshing shower and a short subway ride later, Nate and I landed at the Fire House Tavern on the Upper West Side. I love this place! I came here with my mom, sister, Nate, and Hannah after running my first marathon – NYC Marathon 2008!


Check out the cool firehouse-themed decor:


Nate had requested Friday off of work, so he started the weekend early and enjoyed a Geary’s Pale Ale. I had a few sips – I liked it! I was worried it would be too bitter (like an IPA), but it was very smooth.

Geary's Pale Ale

Taking a sip




For my entree, I ordered the veggie burger platter. I love the veggie burgers at Firehouse! I could see actual pieces of edamame, carrots, and peas in my burger. To make it a little healthier, I ate my burger without the top of the bun (white bread = empty carbs) and used ketchup/hot sauce instead of cheese or mayo. I also gave my coleslaw to Nate (he’s a bigger fan of it than I am). I made quite a few healthy swaps, but I still ate all of my waffle  fries. Love them!

veggie burger

Close up of my plate – topped with iceburg lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a pickle.

up close

When we got back to my place, I broke out the extra special treat I snagged from the cafeteria at work: a piece of Reese’s peanut butter cup pie! Thank goodness I have someone to share desserts with – this was very rich. But OMG delicious!

Reese's pb cup pie

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Happy Friday!!